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Game Thread Pokemon Delta Emerald Mafia - BMGf Crossover - Endgame - 5/10/2017

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Sep 1, 2017
idk, skyla feels like a bit of a stretch since she's not from gen 3 but I can try her.
Thing is though that some characters don't fit with delta emerald at all. Lookers only appearance was an amnesiac in a random place. And Annabel may be from gen 3 but she didn't appear in the delta episode. Heck she didn't appear in ORAS at all. And hoopa was downloadable event only. The only relation it has is the random legendaries in ORAS. Those are explained as Hoopas doing.

And red and Blue were definitely not in any hoenn games.

All in all I think the hosts took quite a few creative liberties.


Standing Out
Sep 4, 2017
Above the Crowd
So, is there anyone besides Jamie and Bok who are active but not cleared?

CheffOfGames inactive
Eevee inactive
fin inactive
libk inactive
darth inactive
ok so who to goon replace
I'm just saying that I'm Cheff. I subbed in for him a couple days ago.

hm are they bows though or hair fluffs?
Pretty sure they're hair fluffs.

btw @Zexy @SoaringDylan think you could update the OP?


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Sep 4, 2017
Above the Crowd
@SoaringDylan @Zexy I hate to do this in a game so rampant with inactivity, but I'm gonna need a sub. I'll be able to keep going for about another day, but after that I'm gonna be 100% unavailable for close to a week.

Sorry to do this to you guys, I vastly underestimated how long this game would take.


Outside the Fun Room
Jul 12, 2017
  1. funnier6
  2. @EMIYA Shirou
  3. Storm
  4. @CheffOfGames
  5. Pendio
  6. A Link In Time
  7. Mellow Ezlo
  8. @Jamie
  9. Domozilla777
  10. @Minish_Link
  11. @AussieEevee
  12. @musicfan
  13. Feenie
  14. @Midorikawa
  15. @Bok of the Wild
  16. @Floppolio
  17. Space
  18. YIGAhim
  19. @Finn Bálor
  20. @Libk
  21. Lone_Garurumon
  22. @DarthWolf
  23. Lilac
  24. Rainami
  25. Kuro
Day 6 recap

Final vote count:

Flop - 3 (Emiya, midorikawa, Bok)
Jamie - 1 (Musicfan)

Flop was lynched, they were...
Dear [Floppolio], You are Winona.

You've been the Gym Leader of Fortree City since the days of ORAS and still keep the position. However, because of your interest in all Pokemon that might fly, you decided to side with Anabel and Team Soaring. Fortree City, having such a connection to the sky, is a focal point in Team Soaring's activities, as your fellow member Aarune and his Secret Base HQ are located there too.

Because of your Flying-type Pokemon, you can follow other people and see what they are doing. As a result, you are the Monitor. Once per night you may select a player; if they have an investigative role, you will get the copy of the result they will receive that night.

You are allied with Mafia and win when all those who oppose you have been defeated while at least one of your members is alive, or nothing can prevent this from happening.

It is now Night 6. The night will end in 24 hours. (-20 minutes)

We can't at least know if we got mafia?
I'm sorry, but the recap was delayed due to personal matters, therefore I could not show you anything earlier.
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