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Game Thread Pokemon Delta Emerald Mafia - BMGf Crossover - Endgame - 5/10/2017

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To give you a quick answer LG, even if music and midori come on and vote Jamie then it's a tie again and the same thing happens where I would switch my vote to midori since im technically fine with either lynch and i want a lynch to happen. Once midori had 3 votes on her there was pretty much no stopping her lynch. Also I want to go to bed instead of starying up for an hour waiting. Anyways, this is it for tonight. Goodnight.


Anabel, soon-to-be main character :)
Aug 20, 2017
  1. @Lone_Garurumon
  2. @Jamie
  3. @Minish_Link
  4. @Midorikawa
  5. @musicfan
  6. @Spider-Bok
  7. @Finn Bálor
Midorikawa IV (Lone_Garurumon, Jamie, Minish_Link, Spider-Bok)

Midorikawa was lynched:
Dear [AussieEevee], You are Shelly.

Admin of Team Aqua, after Archie disbanded your team you have gone into hiding, but after the recent rumors of a new team, Team Soaring, forming in Hoenn. You've decided to come out of hiding and have attempted to contact Brendan, the one who stopped you and your team, to warn him of this threat. Without any success.

You may take over Archie if he cannot lead the team. Due to this, you'll have to take your own actions, you are the 1x Backup Bus Driver. After Archie dies, you may use his power once more.

You are allied with Town and win when all those who oppose you have been defeated.

Finn Balor was modkilled:
Dear [Finn Balor], You are Brawly.

Leader of the Dewford Gym, trainer of Fighting Pokemon. You are one of the first gym leaders most people challenge.
Besides surfing, one of your favorite pass times is training with your Fighting Pokemon.

Because of this, you are the 1x Gladiator. Once in the game, you can use this power to target one player, the next day phase you will publicly announce that you are challenging said player, making it only possible for either of you to be voted for.

You are allied with Town and win when all those who oppose you have been defeated.

It is now Night, it will last 24 hours.


Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...
Feb 23, 2014
Final foolproof plan (I got permission from Bok to do this for him)

What's your favourite Dragon-type Pokemon and why are they better than donkeys?

Over time I've decided, Dragonite isn't really my favourite. My favourite has to be

Dragon from Shrek

With base stats over 1000, it's by far the strongest Pokemon in the game.

It's strongest move, with a Power of 500, "**** Donkey and make babies with him because they are in love", destroys any opposing Pokemon in one hit, especially the ****tiest Pokemon of all, Bok of the whatever the ****

Thanks for letting me post, this, Bok! What's your favourite?


Outside the Fun Room
Jul 12, 2017
Night 9 recap.

Lone_Garurumon was killed, he was...
Dear [DarthWolf] [Lone_Garurumon], You are Steven.

As the old Champion of the Hoenn League, and the son of the president of the Devon Corporation.
You are one of the most influential members of society in the Hoenn region.

Because of this, you are the Double Voter. Your lynch vote always counts as 2.

You are allied with Town and win when all those who oppose you have been defeated.

With 4 players left... Mafia has reached parity.

Mafia Victory.

Zachie Jamie - Aarune - 2x Commuter
Bok of the Wild - Zinnia - Oracle
Musicfan - Blue - Mason
Minish_Link - Wally - 2x Vigilante

For a full list of all host related posts and all role PMs, please see this (Dodging Mod Queue: quicktopic com/52/H/aF2CnmsJSkrQ6?m1=-1&mN=-1) quick topic.

Thanks everyone for playing!

Host thoughts and the like coming soon in the next post :)


As this post ended up in the moderation queue, I'll just edit my next post below so it appears at the same time:


Well, this was one hell of a ride. 9 days is one of the, if not the, longest mafia games I've hosted.

First of all I need to get two things out of the way:
  • Thanks everyone from Bulbagarden & ZD-i for participating, it was a blast hosting and I hope y'all had fun.
  • I'm sorry for my poor hosting, I'll go into more details about this below.

As I said above, I hope everyone had fun for as much as they could, the game got treated pretty badly in terms of inactivity, and this is mostly on our side.
On Bulba we had 4 games started/starting-up next to this one. Our people having to spread out over this many games, and so our hosts (I was co-hosting 2.5/4 at BMG, while Zexy had his own 2 games to worry about).
Because of this I wasn't able to host this game to my full potential, I'd have loved to provide more in the form of flavor & regular vote count updates (and on time recaps :Z)
Excuses out of the way, I still had a blast hosting this game, even though it wasn't as I would've liked the game to be.
Our game problem over on BMG has been fixed, we now have some new queue rules to limit the amount of ongoing games.

So, now it is you guys your turn, to come over to ours and host one of your games,
I've already gotten information on it and the game is called: Occarina of Time Mafia.
It's scheduled to open signups over on there sometime after the 8th.

The guys hosting it will be posting an announcement themselves about this here on ZD-i, I hope to see as many people as possible there, as one thing I've learned from hosting here, is that we have quite a different view on how mafia should be played, I learned a lot about your play styles and I'd love to see how you all do in a ZD-i styled game! :)

Oh and PS: I'll be back, with a better schedule, and an even better game. Just stay prepared, for when it happens ^^;

See you soon!


Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...
Feb 23, 2014
SoaringDylan I'm so proud you were able to overcome your cocaine addiction and alcohol abuse. I'm so proud to be part of the scum team that helped rehabilitate you.

Anyways, good game, it was nice to play with some new faces here and I enjoyed playing with a lot of you. I know there was some disagreement over different play styles and activity was a problem at times but overall I would say it was a successful crossover and I had a lot of fun.

As for me, this was my first time playing scum and I thought I did a fairly good job. The riddle about Jamie was fake and we made it up when he was likely going to die so that I could use the argument "why would I get a riddle about my scum buddy" and hopefully be cleared. I guess people are going to look at me differently for now on since I feel like I'm often written off as town. Either way, after Jamies game I'm going to be stepping away from mafia for a bit as I need a break from it.

Good game to you all and I hope some of you guys stick around and return when the next crossover happens.


Forum Volunteer
Jun 7, 2017
the past
Most of my reactions to things are in spec chat, everyone should read it I’m sure my idiocy was hilarious :D (especially Mez messing with my head for days)

This was definitely an adventure, if only I wasn’t blind and deaf I could’ve caught some scum and made smarter night actions, but I got to meet some cool bulba people and roll town so I’m happy. XP

I look forward to seeing you all in the Zelda crossover, I plan to redeem myself. :)


Anabel, soon-to-be main character :)
Aug 20, 2017
I'd like to thank:
>everyone who played this game. Hope you enjoyed it. We sure did, it was a blast seeing it unfold :)
>Special shoutout to those who subbed back in (especially Lone_Garurumon lol), you helped us avoid a good amount of modkills; in the end, however, we believed it'd be way too unfair for mafia to just excuse all this town inactivity and let Finn Balor die since the sub requests for their slot came in too late anyway.
>the ZD-i staff who helped us organize the event and gave us queue space here, and unmoderated Dylan's posts whenever he'd put links in :P
>Special shoutout to Zachie who's also staff in Bulba, glad for your help on both accounts. Even after subbing out from your scum slot you helped enough.
>DekuNut, who was a co-host for us, didn't do much later on but was a great help earlier.
>the other Bulba staff who helped us organize the event from our side
>Special shoutout to Elementar who took over for me during my family-related absence early in the game's development.
>And last but most certainly not least, the great SoaringDylan, the heart and soul of this game; the original concept was his, most of the setup, most of the game's execution; it couldn't have been done without him. WE make the best team :P

I would like to apologise to all our players for the delays and inactivity over this game; most of it happened because the game's timing coincided with some other major special events in TWR, as August-September tends to be the busiest period for us. I was hosting my 2 biggest games ever player-wise, 21p in TWR and 24p here, at the same time, with Dylan as the main co-host for both; so we agreed to let him focus more on this while I'd focus more on the Bulba one. And the playerbase on our end was spread over several games too, which contributed to the inactivity here... and made us reconsider our stance on our queue system entirely. It might've had some ups and downs but it was an experience we've learned from.

We've now fixed those issues as our new queue system is live, as Dylan said, and we'd love to see you come over for Ocarina of Time Mafia in TWR. See you there soon :D
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