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Pokéscum Mafia: The First Generation

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The game is on!
I know it is only day one and all, but I do not think we should Muk about with these shameful puns anymore. :right:

It seems almost as if someone has used Pun Spore over this whole thread...


Collecting Dust
Sep 27, 2010
Imma double slap everyone who decided to Rydon this pun band wagon! But I have to admit, they're so funny I've been Koffing my guts up laughing!
Anyway, I've been Seaking through the spam to look for any legitimate reason to lynch, but alas, none. There's a lot of Trubbish to sift through, but I guess I'll have to Spheal with it. I'll check back this Eeveening and see what's transpired.

I'm not sorry
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