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Pokémon Games That You Disliked?


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
The title is pretty self explanatory.

For me, I've compiled a list of the following games:

1.) Pokémon Ranch
I'm honestly not sure if you could even call this a Pokémon game, but more of a Storage System. All you ever do is transport your Pokémon from previously saved data on Diamond and Pearl, and deposit them onto a lush ranch. Your Mii, and of course the ranch's caretaker, Hayley, overlook and care for the Pokémon residing on the ranch. Although there are different levels to obtain, and even trades to make, there really isn't much to do. Your Pokémon may look cute and adorable, but there's nothing more to it than that. This game is more likely to collect dust on your shelf than being constantly played.

2.) Pokémon Battle Revolution
Don't get me wrong, this game can most definitely be fun (especially for honing your battle skills), but can get rather tedious. Unlike your average generation installments, this game is strictly battling. You battle to become the best, vanquishing Colosseum leaders one-by-one. I like the concepts of customizable trainers, Colosseum arenas, and ect. What I didn't like was battling one after another consecutively. To sum this up as quick as I can: this game did not cut it for me.

3.) Learning with Pokémon: Typing Adventure
Considering I haven't played this game yet, my response to released information is rather bias. I think this game is adorable, but who seriously wants to go on a Typing Adventure? As much as I love Pokémon, even I wouldn't waste my money on this. This may be perceived as a "fun-filled" way to learn how to type, but I just don't see it selling (I believe this game has yet to be released in my country, not to mention several others). Sources say that you type a Pokémon's name to collect and earn points, and by typing their names correctly the player should be able to catch said Pokémon. That's a cute way to work things out, but how will it attract buyers?

So now I ask you. Is there a Pokémon game of which you disliked? Do you like a Pokémon game, but something about it failed to meet your expectations?
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links assistant in combat
Aug 22, 2012
in korki forest
I only have 5 pokemon games emerald being my fav (i'm playing it right as I type) but when I heard about black I was excited but over all I was disappointed with the game so I dislike black


birb overlord
Sep 16, 2011
I was a little disappointed with Soul Silver. I found it short and extremely easy.


Is FINALLY out of school!
Mar 16, 2012
Foeba, my town in Animal Crossing
I didn't like most of the spin-off games as much as the main series, but Pokemon Trozei I really dislike. At least Learning With Pokemon was good for learning how to type, but Trozei was just a bejeweled-styled puzzle game. If I wanted a puzzle game, I would of downloaded an app for that, or even play at the arcade here.


poog tnalp yknuhc
Jul 11, 2012
I was disappointed with the 5th generation games.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun playing them for a bit but after a while I started to realize how plain and boring he plot was.
It reminded me of 4th gen's plot but not as hot as 4th gen's.
There were interesting things for sure like the Dream World and what not. But that still doesn't excuse it from being a not so good game.

And the first Pokemon Ranger game for the DS.

It was fun at first going through it catching all the pokemon then choosing the ones you need releasing the ones you don't.
All up until you catch Rayquaza and finish the game.
After the game there isn't much for you to do at all except catch the Regi's.
Even if you make a new game to play through it again it just wouldn't feel the same as it did when you first played it.
This is what really made me dislike it.
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Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
I don't care for most of the side games, at all. I get that they have their specific audiences and all, but I only play the main Pokemon games. I tried Mystery Dungeon once, didn't like the style of the game. My sister has PokePark, and while it's really cute to see Pikachu run around and play with the other Pokemon there's just not a lot else to do so it gets boring real quick. Most of the other sidegames I have no working knowledge of or really care to play. Pokemon Conquest had my interest for a while before it released but then suddenly I just lost interest in it, don't know why.

The only one I've enjoyed was Staium, and even then only for short periods of time.

No, I'm just gonna stick to the mainline games. Rather than learning about how friendship is important and that we all need to get along and all that other sentimental crap, I want to train up my monsters so I can beat the living s**t out of other people.
Dec 5, 2012
This is an old one but Hey You Pikachu! on the n64 he never listened and always wanted to play that dumb which pokemon is which game and always got it wrong! It should have been like Hey You Yell at Pikachu for an hour and then never play this game again. I don't think I've ever sworn more at a game.


Fallen Knight
Sep 1, 2008
As a kid growing up in the 90s I grew up with the original games. Those games really defined my childhood in a way. They taught me to socialize with classmates to get the best Pokémon from my friends. Well, I would do that, only if the link-port on my Gameboy wasn't broken. :<

Anyway, the last Pokémon that I really enjoyed was the third generation. Anything after that felt sort of unnecessary to me. I did buy the first games for the DS which I'm pretty sure are generation 4, but they couldn't draw me in like the previous games did. They ended up boring me around halfway through. Perhaps I was just a bit tired of the concept, who knows? All I know for sure is that when I look at the new Pokémon they sort of feel alien. There's something about the first two generations that I don't feel about the later ones. Call me old fashioned, but I can only really remember Pokémon names from the first two generations as well. x)

So yeah, I didn't like much after the 3rd generations, but I don't really dislike them either.

The only Pokémon game I ended up disliking would have to be that Pikachu game for the Gamecube. I forgot the title, but you'd have to watch TV with Pikachu. The fact that you could finish the game really quickly disappointed me. Then again, I probably wasn't part of the target audience in the first place. :P I did like the little anime in there, though! That was really fun to watch... once.
Jun 14, 2011
Overall I'm gonna have to say Pokémon Channel (which was the game Akiranon was referring to :P). Sure I liked the game, but once you complete the main part of the game there isn't much you can do afterwards and eventually it just gets boring.

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