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Places You Would Love to Travel.

Dec 22, 2011
i would mainly love to go to Greece and Egypt, but i would like to see the whole world as well as the rest of Australia(where i live).
Apr 4, 2012
Japan-I love their games and animes and the language
Australia-always wanted to go since i was 4
Italy- love the food and culture

silly places
the leaf village- want to be a kick *** ninja
hyrule-want to become a hero of legend be like the link in my signature
pallet town-want to start a pokemon adventure
Mar 9, 2012
Nice to see people wanting to come to Australia. Trust me, it's awesome. I, myself, haven't even ever gone to the outback. :dry:

I've never been overseas before, but would really like to go to Jamaica someday. I don't know why, I just do.

WHAT!? RUBBISH! Food is awesome here! Try to find something decent, would ya?

You're supposed to eat Vegemite with butter, people know that. Right?
Haha well other than a Pizza place I actually recall being pretty good somewhere in Darwin which was where we were most of the places we ate weren't that good. I also remember being blown away by the pricing at McDonalds! I remember a double cheeseburger which is usually a dollar in America being 3 or 4 there. (no wonder our country is so fat lol) Good times though I had a lot of fun there and would love to go back someday.


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Apr 3, 2012
Mount Silver, Johto
Italy, of course. Most places in Europe, actually, especially Norway and Sweden, cause I love the cold, and Wales, because I'm obsessed with dragons and I want to suck up as much draconic lore as I can. South Korea, because I do Taekwondo. And I'd love to go to Alaska again, that was such a great place..


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1. The Hague, Netherlands- I have a best friend and great sister there!
2. Rome, Italy- After learning about the Borgia family I would love to see how they lived and see part of the vactican.
3. London, England- Doctor who convention is in Britain... Need to go!!!!!
4. Ireland- My name is pure irish wanna go ASAP!
5. Scotland- Love their history!
6. Spain- why not?
7. Altantia Geogria! I will love to go back...
Apr 8, 2012
I'd love to go somewhere in the USA, just to see if it's really as great as my rich 'friends' say it is.
Apr 6, 2012
Where do I want to go... I love travelling, there are a lot of options and usually I take everything I can get ;)

-Ireland. I heard it's a beautiful place, with much green. Which city doesn't matter, but probably something bigger like Dublin.
-New York. It's a cliché, who wouldn't want to go there when one is living outside of the US?
-Paris. The Louvre is calling me :D
-London. Been there, want to be there again and again and again...
-Venice. It's a city built on water, hello?! Best case would of course be the Carnival of Venice.
-Lisbon. More art museums and they have those pudding things I love. Not to forget it's actually warm there.
-Tokyo. Asia is fascinating, the culture is so different from everything I know. And there are a lot of mangas that I won't understand :D

But generally speaking, I would love to go any place in the US and Britain. :)

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