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Zelda Art Pirate to Princess, Hero to Warrior


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Yes! The long waited sequel is here! Here's the link to the first one, Tetra, the Unknown Princess, one of my first fan fics that didn't fail:lol:

So enjoy! And you can still sign up, but I can't find the thread, so just PM me if you wanna sign up to be in it!

Pirate to Princess, Hero to Warrior​

Chapter 1

.......“AHHH!” I screamed as I woke up.
.......“What’s wrong Tetra?” Someone pounded at my cabin door
.......“NOTHING!” I called back. The dream really creeped me out. My best friend, Pandora (or Panda for short) had a knife in her hand and tried to kill me and my boyfriend, Link. Link and I ran around to try and tire her out, but she eventually caught up and cut us up and fed on our blood. I was pretty sure it was a dream because Panda was not a vampire.
.......I got up and went outside. It was hazy morning and I could see everyone was at work.
.......“How much longer?” I asked Gonzo
.......“In about 15 minutes, we should be there.” Gonzo assured. Gonzo was my second in command. He was hard headed, but he was a good with the steering. Ever since Senza game up the life of pirating for his wife, Gonzo was the only one fit enough to take the job. And Nudge… uh… I shouldn’t go into the details.
.......For the first time in 4 years, I will be reunited with my best friend.
.......About 4 years ago, my best friend found a new land and wanted me to join her. She was also pregnant at the time, so I also get to meet her 4 year old twins, Link and Tetra. Yup, they were both named after me and my boyfriend.
.......The 15 minutes were almost unbearable! I was itching to see my best friend at last, but Link did entertain me with some of his sword moves.
.......“LAND HOOOOOOOOOOO!” Zuko screamed. We saw a little village up ahead of us. And I saw about 1o pirates waving at us, and welcoming us into the kingdom. As soon as we landed, I hugged Panda as hard as I could. And I saw two little blond kids tugging on her shirt.
.......“Awww, is this Tetra?” I asked while shaking the girl’s hand
.......“Yup! She even looks like you!” Panda exclaimed.
.......“Are you Tetra?” Little Tetra asked. She had the same exact blue eyes that sparkled every time I was hopeful.
.......“Yes, and when you grow up, you’re going to be the best she-pirate in the whole entire world! “ I cooed. Panda bent over and picked her son up.
.......“I’m Link! I’m going to be a hero someday! Just like the other Link!” He squealed and squirmed in her arms.
.......“I’m sure you are!” I exclaimed. Link came over and swung one of his arms over my shoulders.
.......“Hi Link!” Link said enthusiastically, “Since you have the name Link, you’re going to be a hero!”
.......“Yeah! Link, can you teach me sword moves?” Little Link asked
.......“Is that okay with your mom?” Link asked. I had a bad feeling little Link was going to get hurt.
.......“Oh, it’s fine. He wants to become the captain of the guards. So, he could use some training from the current captain of the guards.”
.......“I’m the captain of the guards?” Link said alarmed
.......“You are now!” Panda winked. “Oh and Tetra, since you came, I’m going now.”
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Apr 16, 2010
Very good, only a few accidental spelling mistakes, never read the first story, but oh well. And nice job ending the chapter.


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Relatively long update.

Chapter 2

.......“Wha… WHAT?” Link and I were uber confused.
.......“I realized in the 4 years I’ve been here is that I’m not cut out to be the ruler. You can go ahead a claim this land for yourself. I don’t care.” Panda replied, “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have any dinner~!”
.......Panda led me to the a table filled with every food you could imagine- Chicken, potatoes, rice, beans, berries, bread, noodles, every food was there!
.......“Are you sure, Panda?” I asked while gorging myself with rice, “And what about Little Link’s training?”
.......“I’m sure. Just pretend I never seen you in this very moment. And I’ll visit from time to time.” Panda replied. I noticed she didn’t eat anything. She got up, grabbed her stuff, signaled to her pirates to leave, and boarded the ship. I waved like crazy to her and Panda waved back. I’ll miss her a ton.
.......“Its okay, Tetra. She’ll write.” I looked into Link’s eyes. They looked promising, so I decided to believe him… for now.
.......“Ah, child, you must be Tetra.” A voice said behind me. I turned around and saw an old woman who had an updo and on some kind of wheelchair thing. “I am Anjean. Ms. Pandora told me about you. Such a shame she didn’t like it here…”
.......“I was destined to be a ruler, so here I am!” I exclaimed
.......“My, you could have mistaken you for sisters, if it weren’t for the difference between your hair, child.” Anjean commented. I smiled. I liked this woman already.
.......“The spirits told me that Ms. Pandora and you were arriving.”
.......“The spirits?” I said confused
.......“The spirits are the makers of this blessed land. And I am the guardian.” Anjean replied.
.......“What do we do now?” I asked
.......“We shall wait for the arrival of other people. The old world- the islands, the isles, everything shall be drowned in another downpour, the spirits of good told me. We need to send someone to warn them.” Anjean explained.
.......“That’s going to be my job!” Link chimed
.......“Are you sure, child, I was expecting one of your pirates to, Ms. Tetra.”
.......“It’s fine! I can handle traveling myself!” Link claimed. I signaled him to cut it out and stay here with me.
.......“Child, you are the as brave and courageous as the spirit of good, but you need something proper to eat and good rest before you depart.” Anjean said.
.......“Okay, but I’ll leave first thing in the morning!” Link exclaimed.
.......“But why did Panda leave?” I asked
.......“She is very hard headed. She’ll be back before the downpour.” Anjean replied. I then veered Link off with me to talk in private with him.
.......“Link, are you crazy? What happened to you?!” I demanded
.......“I know this is my quest, I know I have to do this!” Link cried in defense
.......“But what about us?” I showed him a necklace he gave me a year before. It was small silver chain with a silver locket that had both of our pictures together. He grabbed the necklace.
.......“We’ll always be together, Tetra! I might be away for years, but we can send letters. We can do anything to be together every single moment because the love we share is so strong.” Link replied and kissed me. I shoved him away.
.......“But what about me? I need someone to keep me company!” I moaned
.......“I will, child. I shall visit you ever day and keep you company. Besides, Malladus does not need to be attended, for he is calm now.” Anjean butted in.
.......“Who’s Malladus?” Link and I asked at the same time.
.......“The demon train. You see, our land is built on the spirit tracks. They carry the flow of energy from the temples and Malladus used to terrorize the land and the spirit of good built this tower.” Anjean pointed to a large tower in the distance, “As a lock and the tracks as the chains.”
.......“Anjean, where are we anyway?” I asked
.......“Adoba Village. We should go to the castle, now. It’s getting late.” Anjean pointed at the sky. It had a pinkish color. Like it was embarrassed or mad.
.......“But how will we get there?” Link asked
.......“We’ll use the spirit’s train!” Anjean lead us near the tracks and I saw a beautiful train that looked a little beat up.
.......“HEY EVERYONE! COME OVER HERE!” I screamed at my pirates. They all followed.
.......“I’m afraid I’m too old to operate a train. Link, will you be a sweet heart and try to operate the train for me, please?” The old woman asked kindly.
.......“Uh… sure!” Link got on the train and started to fiddle with the controls. He went backward, forward, and blew a whistle.
.......“It’s relatively easy, but I’m afraid I’ll do something to the train that will cause it to break down…”
.......We all got into the passenger car, and waited for Link to drive us to the castle.
.......When we got to the castle, it was already dark. Fireflies were lighting up the path way to the castle. Somehow, the castle looked kind of like Hyrule Castle… kind of…
.......We entered the castle. It was huge. Anjean led me to my quarters and then left me in my quarters to lead Link to his bedroom.
.......I noticed the painting above my carefully carved desk. It was the same painting that was in Hyrule Castle of my ancestors!
.......“Child.” Someone said softy. I turned around and saw it was Anjean. “May I lead you to your room?”
.......“Yes… please…” I followed her through the empty castle and she led me to the top of the highest staircase.
.......“Top staircase, naturally.” She commented. I smirked at her comment. There was a nice comfy bed, with warm wool blankets. A small lantern lit a carved desk. There was a warm fireplace. I felt the heat blazing, making me sweat.
.......“I shall leave you now. You should go to sleep, you have long days ahead of you, dear.” I changed from my dirty pirate clothes, into a silk, slightly frilly, but overall comfy nightgown, relived that Anjean provided clothing.
.......She was right, I thought. I am tired…
.......And then I fell asleep, unaware of what the troubles I was about to be a part of.
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The tree hugger of Hyrule
Short chapter!

Chapter 3

.......In the morning, I woke up to the chirping of the birds, and Link’s sweet voice.
.......“Tetra…” He said. “Aren’t you going to see me off today?”
.......“Yeah, yeah…” I murmured. Ironic enough, I used to push him to wake up early…
.......I got dressed, but I was soo mad that Anjean replaced my ratty old pirate clothes with girly, flouncy dresses. I finally decided to wear this simple dark olive dress, which was the only thing in my new wardrobe that I didn’t throw up in the sight of.
.......“You look cute…” Link commented. He was dressed in his usual green tunic.
....... “Yeah, yeah.” I mumbled, still sulking about my pirate clothes. I never knew I cared about those clothes so much!
....... “So, are we all set?” Anjean asked, as we entered the foyer. All of my pirates were there, too, and in their regular clothes!
....... “No, apparently, you decided to throw away my pirate clothes! I loved those so much! And I got pink princess dresses in return!” I complained.
....... “Well, there were ratty and stuff, but I did not take them.” Anjean denied. “I’m sure those dresses were there when the spirits made this castle, when Ms. Pandora came.”
....... “Alright, I can abide that, but I need better clothes soon!”
.......“Sure, as soon as I can get my hands on some fabric, I can try and make something for you.” Anjean said, as if she was my grandmother. As if.
....... “Look, I wanna get to the islands as soon as possible, so can we go?” Link butted in.
....... “Fine…” I said, incredibly pissed that I won’t see Link in a long time. I mean, what if he fell in love with some island girl? What if she’s prettier than me?
....... “Alright. Let’s go.” Anjean agreed. We got into the train car, while Link drove us to Aboba village, where we left our ship.
....... “Link…” My voice trailed off, as I wanted to give him a goodbye kiss, “Will you promise me that you won’t fall in love with an island girl, or something?”
....... “Of course, Tetra, I love you.” He said. His eyes looked like he really meant it. I leaned forward and gave him the long waited good bye kiss.
....... “I love you.” I said, pulling away, even though I didn’t want to. “I’ll wait, and wish on every star, you’ll appear on the horizon and save me from drowning in the misery without you.”
....... “I’ll miss you.” He replied, un-poetically, in all ways. He boarded the ship, alone, brave, and hurt. I waved to him goodbye, as he took off into the sea.
....... “I love you…” I whispered, hoping he’d hear.
....... Anjean and I left. I boarded the train car, and she drove back to the castle. I was crying. And he was gone.


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I am so sorry for neglecting this! I haven't been able to write since yesterday, though. (But it's pretty long:)) And this chapter is in Link's point of view, enjoy!;)

Chapter 4

.......I wasn’t exactly sad to leave Tetra. Well, at first I was, but she acted a little clingy, so I just wanted to get away from life, ya know… travel the world. See things I’ll never see again, ect, ect.
.......I really didn’t keep track of how many days I was at sea, but when I saw an island in the horizon, I knew I just had to stop there.
.......When I landed, I immediately kissed the sand… well… let’s just say that I get sea sick easily…
.......“Um… what are you doing here?” Someone asked, probably curious why this weird boy was kissing the sand. I looked up and I saw it was a girl, about my age. She looked like Tetra, only with brown hair, instead of the familiar blonde.
.......“Um… I’m a pirate?!” I replied, really unaware of what I just said.
.......“EEEP! PIRATES!” She screamed, trying to warn her island of a pirate invading.
.......“Nooooooooo!” I screamed at myself, punching myself in the stomach for saying that.
.......“Why are you punching yourself in the stomach?” She asked, suddenly forgetting I told her that I was a pirate.
.......“Ok, well, where’s the inn?” I asked, ignoring her question.
.......“I work there! I can take you there!” She smiled and took my hand and led me to the inn.
....... I checked myself in, and she took me up to my room.
.......“So where are you from?” She asked.
.......“Outset Island.” I replied, saying my birth island. Technically, I still live there, riiight?
.......“Oh, that’s really far from here!” She commented. “What’s your name?”
.......“Link.” I replied.
.......“Ooh! After the Hero of Time!” She squealed.
.......“What’s yours?” I asked, trying to pester her back.
.......“Sarie.” She replied. Somehow, that name seems awfully familiar…
.......Something buzzed in my back pocket. “Link!” It said.
.......I took it out, and smiled. It was the old gossip stone that she and I used during our adventures apart, when we were trying to save the Great Sea.. But how did it get into my back pocket?
.......“Hi Tetra!” I said, trying to establish to Sarie that I was taken.
....... “Hi Link! Where are you right now?” Tetra asked.
.......“Um…” I looked up to Sarie, “What’s this island called?”
.......“Ouran Island.” She replied, “I’m going to go now, if you need my help, I’m at the front desk…”
.......“I’m on Ouran Island!” I chimed.
.......“Pfft, I could travel farther than that in the time you’ve been gone.” Tetra said bluntly.
.......“Whatever.” I said, trying not to care that Tetra was pissed at me. “So what have you been doing while I’m gone?”
....... “Oh, well, Niko moved out to Adoba Village to keep watch for you, and Anjean is trying to get the spirits to construct villages.”
....... “Ok, I better go now…” I said, remembering that I needed to get supplies from the market.
....... “Bye Link! I’ll call you again in a few days!” She said, a little disappointed I only provided her with a ten second conversation.
.......“Byeeeee!” I replied, putting the gossip stone back in my back pocket. I walked over to the market to get myself some supplies.
.......“Hey Link~” Someone said, super cheery and enthusiastic. I turned around and it was Sarie.
.......“Oh heeeey…” I said, trying to get her off my case.
.......“So what have youuuuu been doing?” She asked.
....... “Um… I just got here… and I’m here to get some supplies for my trip.” I replied, trying to escape.
....... “Want me to help you?” She asked kindly.
.......“Nah, I’m good.” I refused. I looked around and saw a nice dress that looked about Tetra’s size. I went up to the clerk, “How much for that dress?”
.......“300 rupees. It’s designer.” The clerk replied. I reached into my back pocket to get some rupees out, but Sarie smacked my hand.
.......“That’s fake.” She said.
.......“How can you tell?” I asked.
.......“Uh, I saw that same exact design somewhere else, and the tag is a piece of paper, nawt sewed on.” She said. I observed the dress even more.
....... “Hm, you’re right.” I said, “Ok, fine, will you help me find something for my girlfriend?”
....... “Sure!” Sarie exclaimed, “I’m on break anyway.”
....... We began shopping together. She picked out a really nice bandana that was pretty inexpensive. I also got some of supplies. Overall, I had a really nice time, I mean, it beats steering a pirate ship, right?
.......“Well, I better get going…” I said, noticing it was almost dark.
.......“K, see ya Link!” She waved, going towards the north side of the market. I figured she came from a family who sold goods. I went back to my room, and slept.
.......I swear, I could not sleep! The blankets were very itchy and mosquitoes kept on biting me!
.......There was a sudden knock on my door.
.......“Link, you there?” It sounded like Sarie.
.......“Yeah.” I replied hoarsely. A figure came in, it really was Sarie.
.......“I can’t keep it in any longer!” She said, “I love you Link! Even though I’ve only known you for a day, I love you!”
.......I was stunned. She was a really nice person, but I couldn’t see her as my girlfriend. She was just a friend.
.......“Sarie, I have a girlfriend.” I replied, trying to make her understand.
.......“But she isn’t here!” She said. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I tried to escape, but she kept on forcing her kiss.
.......“LINK!” Something buzzed in the back of my pocket. Oh ****...
.......I pulled it out and it, of course, was Tetra, half a sleep.
.......“Link you ****ing cheater! I knew I shouldn’t’ve trusted you with that *****! We’re over! We’re through! I hope you die in the middle of the ocean!” She gushed, trying to say hurtful words. Each word she said put a bullet through my heart.
.......I told Sarie she should leave. She looked like she accomplished something, but I was too heartbroken to think.
.......And I cried. Hard. And heartbroken.


The tree hugger of Hyrule
Wow this is an amazing sequel! :D keep it going!
Thanks, I'll try, if I have the will power, the time, and no other ideas.

Poor Link! D:

So many relationships are hurt from misunderstandings.

That made me cry. :kawaii:
I know, but I wanted something that will set up the scene for a later chapter, so I decided to break them up for now.

Amazing but yet very heartbreaking. I love this story! I even once did a story during this time period.
And I think I remember that. Good times, good times...

OMG that's soooo sad Panda!! :kawaii:
Look, calm down. A true ZeLink is writing this, so you're in good hands for a happy ending. =D

You really are an amazing writer!!
Thank you, but I'm far off from being a New York Times best seller^^

Alright, I'm trying to work out a comfortable writing schedule, so forgive me if updates are all over the place. Enjoy, and this chapter is in Tetra's point of view.

Chapter 5

.......The days were blurry and sightless without Link. He loved someone else, and wasn’t fully committed to me, so I broke up with him, when he showed a sign of not loving me from afar.
.......I did not sleep that night, regretting we parted. He would still be here, if I didn’t let him go. We would still be lovers, and we would still be together.
.......In the morning, Anjean came to collect me to make some laws for Hyrule. I told her that I broke up with Link, but she didn’t react. She just said, “Love will prevail. He will be at your knees begging for forgiveness. And you are to forgive him.”
.......I didn’t comment on that. I just signed my name, without bothering to read the laws. Apparently, because of that, I approved Castle guard uniforms to be green tunics, like Link’s.
.......A month passed since I broke up with Link, and it was getting warm. I decided to take a trip to a new village, called Papuchia Village and just relax.
.......When I got there by a charted train, accompanied by Anjean, there were already some villagers there fishing.
.......“Hello.” I said, timidly.
.......“Hello, you must be Princess Zelda!” One of the villagers welcomed. She was a fat lady, with brown curly hair and haunting eyes, “Link told us about you and convinced us to settle here!”
.......“Oh…” I said, trying to avoid the topic of Link. Hey, how many actually people talk about their ex-boyfriends to a complete stranger?
.......“Yes, but I love how you’re running this kingdom, I can just tell that you’ll be a great ruler!” She said.
.......“Uh huh, with the help with the citizens!” I gave her an eerie, fake smile. “I hope that you are doing well with your new life!”
.......“Yup! I love the air here and there’s a lot of fish!” She gushed.
.......“Well it’s nice meeting you, but I would like to relax for a bit, since this is my vacation.” I dismissed. I walked right up to the sand. The rich tan sand caked over my bare feet, and the warm salty air was relieving. I kicked the sand a bit. I miss my pirating days…
....... “Um… hello?” A voice said from behind. I turned around and saw it was a handsome boy, about my age, with jet black hair and kind green eyes. “You’re Princess Tetra, right?”
.......“Yes, I am.” I said, trying to compose myself from kicking the sand.
.......“Ah, I’m a new citizen here, and I was itching to meet you.” The boy admitted.
.......“Oh, thank you, but I would like to go on with my vacation, thank you very much.” I brushed him off politely.
.......“Oh, I’m sorry…” He turned around and began to walk away.
.......“Wait!” I blurted, “Sorry… I…” I tried to make up an excuse, “... I was kidding!”
.......He turned around again, “Oh, thank you Princess Tetra. I really wanted to ask you if you wanted to experience Papuchia Village food, would you like to stay for dinner?”
....... “Sure!” I exclaimed, not to be rude. “I’m here for the rest of the day, so I have time!”
....... He smiled at me, “Thank you, it will be great to have a princess over for dinner.”
....... “Oh, I’m not a princess!” I cried, “I’m just a pirate, rotting in the sea, who happened” I put air quotes on happened, “to find New Hyrule.”
....... “Oh… okay.” He continued to smile at me, “I met Link, he’s a really nice guy, by the way.”
....... “Oh…” I said, not wanting to talk about Link. I mean, what’s so great about him? Sure he helped me discover New Hyrule and saved me from Ganondorf, (Don’t get me into an explanation about how evil he is!) but he always gets dragged into those things! He never did anything for himself, which is a tiny part of the reason why I broke up with him!
.......“What, you two broke up or something?” He asked teasingly, but I think he just wanted to pry.
.......“Actually yeah.” I replied with a straight face.
....... “Oh… did he cheat on you? He doesn’t seem like the guy to actually cheat on you…” He asked out of curiosity.
....... “Yeah, he was making out with a girl and I butted in, so yeah…” I said.
....... “Wait… he was in Ouran Island and I think he left for Outset…” He said, confuzzled on why I knew that he cheated on me.
.......“Here.” I pulled out my pirate’s charm. Even though I was mad at Link, I kept it with me always, just in case that Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, my ancestor, was somehow is still alive and contacted me.
....... We only saw black. “That’s Link’s back pocket. That’s where he keeps his pirate charm.”
....... “Oh… cool…” He said, uninterested in my woes about Link.
....... “Well, I should get on with my vacation…” I said, trying get to relief the tension.
....... “Well, ok! Oh, by the way, my name’s Chase.” He said, leaving me behind. “See ya later! My house is the one by bridge, so bye!”
.......And then he left me alone. He was a little annoying, but okay overall.
.......I looked back out at the ocean, and remembered the days where the only thing I needed was a voice, lips, and the wind to guide me.
.......And then, I realized a few things.
.......One, I was not cut out for life as a ruler.
.......Two, Link was still underneath the shadows of everything that reminded me of the sea.
.......And three, I was not over Link.
Very well-written so far, Panda. I was into it until my eyes fell upon the word "Ganondorf", and then my heart fluttered... -.- But, yay! You found use in the name I provided for you! :clap: I am waiting for your next chapter, by the way--but don't rush yourself; never rush your work... such good writing so far should not be rushed. ^^

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