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General Art Photography, Anyone?

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
So, I figured photography/editing would be considered art, so this is my thread! Here are a couple of photos taken/edited by yours truly. Critique if you wish!

madi eye1.jpg

^ This one happens to be a stock! I simply edited this one.


^ I love this one. Colors <3


^ I was bored one day.


^ These flowers are adorable. :)
Jan 1, 2011
These are not that bad! I like them. I can't take pictures and then edit them to look better, I am just not capible of doing that. I would love to see more. <3


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
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Angel of Darkness
Of course photography is art! Many people think it is easy to take a pic but everybody can take pics BUT to take the perfect pic is something different ;) Like a pic with expressions or details or small things which can make a pic look more impressive.
The cloud one is amazing!! I love skies and clouds but this pic is stunning beautiful!

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