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Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

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Jul 18, 2010
Liverpool, UK
darknuts! they're pretty much the pinnacle of zelda enemy, usually one of the tougher enemies in the games, making them no push over like some other enemies in the series! they look awesome and when you beat them you get a genuine sense of accomplishment! they were sorely missed in skyward sword......


pokemon master of hyrule
Dec 22, 2011
westville, new jersey
my favs are the dead hands in oot and garo robes from mm, "to die without leaving a corpse that is the way of the garo" one of my fav qoutes


my favorite zelda enemy are phantisms or phantoms from phantom hour glasses&spirt tracks,,, i have allways liked the differnt ones and that you can possess/kill them in both games......


Lizalfos are my favorite. They are in many Zelda games, and are fun and exiting to fight. I love the different ways to fight them in each game. They make excellent mini bosses, especially when there is more than one. The different looks and battle styles. Lizalfos are just awesome.
Dec 23, 2011
My favorite Zelda enemy thus far is the Aerofol, from twilight princess.

Firste reason is that they look amazing, everytime I see them again I think it is a miniboss. Most likely because it WAS a miniboss, but ok.

Second reason is that you can defeat it with just your sword, but you need to use your (double) clawshot as well. I think that's a great addition for the game, since you can defeat almost all enemy's with just some sword slashes or a well timed bomb. On the ground, you have to time really well in order to keep him on the ground. I like playin' them and I always try to keep them on the ground as long as possible.

Last reason is that they're even cooler when combined with other enemies, like darknuts or another aerofol. i do believe you encounter the that way in the cave of ordeals. You have to exactly know where all the enemies are, so u don't get hit by an aerofol when you're fighting a darknut or something. Again: You have to time really well, because jumping out of the way is too hard most of the times.

To sum up: -great "look-'n-feel"
-can't be defeated with only a sword
-good to combine
-they're one of the hardest enemies, whivh is great, because the game is way to easy in my opinion.

Feb 22, 2011
My favourite enemies...

Deku Scrub and Deku Baba are awesome, but it has to be BEAMOS for me.

Even though they made me rip my hair out in Skyward Sword ... o.o


My favorite enemy has to be Armored Trains from Spirit Tracks because whenever i saw one i was like "CRAP" since they will hunt you down. I also like them because of how they look and since they are a enemy that appears on the tracks only. ArmoredTrain_Large.png

Iron Awsome

Definetly Iron Knuckle and Dark Nut. I say them both because they're pretty much the same thing. If I have to pick one it would be the Dark Nut. I just love that classic swordfighting. I like the enemies that you have to kill with items too but I wish there were more enimies like the Dark Nut. I think my favorite variation of the Dark Nut is the ones from TP and WW. Plus you gotta admit, they look pretty cool too.



Honestly, Lord Ghirahim is my favorite enemy because, not only is he evil, he's a total loon. Also, he was different from Gannondorf, he didn't think of himself as a god, I don't even think he knew what the triforce was, he was only trying to revive his master, and he wasn't hungry for power. So in the end, the reason I like Lord Ghirahim is because he's different. ^^


Darknuts from The Legend of Zelda. I never seem to guess which direction they are heading and no matter how many times I encounter them they always present a challenge.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Smash Realm
My favorite enemy is the Octorok. It has been in almost every Zelda game, and one of the most iconic enemies in the series. Its simple yet cute design makes it very memorable for any Zelda fan. That and for the fact that they are very easy to defeat.:)
Dec 19, 2011
my favorite enemy would be the iron knuckle or darknut but only the wind waker darknut because i love wind waker's battle system so much that every darknut I face makes me get pumped and the same thing with the iron knuckle because i like enemies that take a lot to kill


My favorite enemy is the Lizalfos especially from Skyward Sword, they were tough, could block, and in skyward sword their constant taunting made you want to kill them even more.
Nov 15, 2011
My Favorite enemy was the Quadro Baba in Skyward Sword. I mean it was a golden deku baba and you have to kill him in the direction of the way his mouth opens. It was quite a challenge at the beginning of the game since the goddess sword didnt take as much damage as the master sword. But that enemy was quite challenging but fun.

Trying to keep up with my Zelda Collection, HOPE I Win!!!!!!
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