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Petition for English Translation of Hyrule Historia

Are you interested in alternate translations for Hyrule Historia?

  • Yes, I am interested and would buy it.

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  • Yes, i am interested, but would not like to buy it at this time/

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  • No, I am not interested, but I would buy the original.

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  • No, I am not interested nor would I buy the original

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Like a sir.
Apr 21, 2012
Since last year's LOZ 25th anniversary, Nintendo has given us The Goddess Tour, a new and improved Four swords, OOT 3d for the 3ds, the critically acclaimed Skyward Sword, and much more. Amongst these was a publication you may or may not heard of called Hyrule Historia.

For those who don't know, Hyrule Historia is the equivalent of an offical ZELDA PRIMER. Everything from prototype art to an official Zelda Timeline(!)was released inside Hyrule Historia. It also explained in great detail things like the split timeline, a controversial "Failed Timeline", the chronological order of EVERY GAME, and much more! It is arguably the most important Zelda publication so far.

However, to the detriment of fans everywhere, Hyrule Historia is only available in JAPANESE. This means that fans in places like Sweden, Canada, China, the USA, and elsewhere are denied a wealth of information that's been sought since the series started! With Amazon and other import sites sold out, the only access we have to this information is through fan translations which are getting harder and harder to come by.

So in response to this, I am proposing:

A Petition for the Localization of Hyrule Historia

With such a high demand abroad, Nintendo would be stupid to not acknowledge this oppurtunity. Of course, this petition will also be for all alternate translations, so no need to worry.

In order to put this into action, I'd like to see at least 100 votes in favor of alternate translations. Anyone who wants to sign may simply say so. Ideally, I'd like to have at least 5000 signatures, so please spread the word. If you have a friend or relative interested in signing up, you may use their real name as following: (First or full name) from (Enter city or province, state, and country). If it looks like we can't reach our goal, I'll send in what I can. However, the more signatures the better, and if we succed in surpassing 5000, that will only help.

List of people signed through ZD
Lord Cathaseigh
Krissy from Jacksonville, FL, USA
David from Jackonville, FL, USA
Dylan[ from Jacksonville, FL, USA

EDIT: . You may sign here as well:http://www.change.org/petitions/nintendo-publish-hyrule-historia-in-english-and-other-major-languages Credit goes to AwesomeTingle for the website. This will be shared over multiple forums if it gains ground, so please don't sign more than once.
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The incomparable legend
Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
*signed* I would love for this to be translated to english, but unfortunately I doubt it will happen, or it would have already.


Like a sir.
Apr 21, 2012
Update: Changed the name of the petition to "A Petition for the Localization of Hyrule Historia"

Thanks for the support so far! I'm sorry for the lack of an update, we've had some issues with internet connection recently. Right now we're at 15 votes in favor, so if anyone has not voted, please do! Thank you for your time!


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Ever since I heard about Hyrule Historia, I just knew I had to get my hands on it, whether It's in Japanese or English. I hope they make the translations for the U.S. I'm joining the petition of an English version of Hyrule Historia! :)

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