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People Want "Mature" Zelda, We Already Have One!


TwentyThree is Number One
Jul 23, 2011
That depends...
People keep nagging about this and it's starting to annoy me.

"What about a Zelda game thats Mature. They're all so kiddy-ish" :cooky:

We already have a mature Zelda game, but NOT in the sense that it's full of blood, cursing, and nudity. Has anyone here played Majora's Mask? If you have, then you have probably been in Clocktown during the "Final Hours".
Roaming the deserted streets of a once bustling city, people telling you to run as far away as you can, Anju and
Kafei waiting to die together. All while listening to that eerie "end of the world music". The first time I did that,
which was three days ago (i'm only 14 and only started playing Zelda a year or two ago), I really felt bad for those 64-bit people. It made me actually feel that the world was going to end. :cry:

Now if thats not Mature enough for you, I don't know what is?
What do you guys think. Do you want a "Ninja Gaiden Sigma-ish" or do you think it is mature enough in it's own
right? Please post you're comments below.

Oh by the way, this is my first thread posted and my first day on the Zdungeon website. Im a new member.


The Quiet Man
I'll start by saying this: Welcome to the Dungeon! Hope you're enjoying it so far! :) (Just a bit f advice, though, if you want to meet everybody, you'd probably rather start a welcome thread here instead. If you want, that is)

So, what could I say? I agree with you, Majora's Mask is a very dark game. But it defies what many people think of as "mature".

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is an interesting comparison to make. I think many people have a different idea of what the word means, some people consider, say, Disney movies, to be for kids, even though they have some deep thoughts going on. Others consider games with blood and language mature even though they have no mature thought behind them to speak of. I guess the word's meaning has quite a few layers to it, if you see it that way, because they are all true to a certain degree, in my opinion.

And just for the record, I don't think that kind of approach would work for Zelda. It already has an approach to maturity that has worked pretty well over the years.


Bringer of Dragons
Jun 12, 2011
On the back of my trusted dragon
i say anyone who would want a ronchy nudity filled slaughter machine video game should go out and see the real thing on the front lines of battle, then see if they want a 'mature' game. killing and topless women are anything but mature. People that want a mature zelda you make me sick. The technology in videogames is so amazing why squander it on recreating something you can experience in the real world? Why not make something truly amazing?

(P.S. by mature i mean rated M)
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Jul 6, 2011
I'd have to agree and disagree.
I agree with what you said about MM being mature.
What I disagree about is your def of mature. Mature could be a wide variety of things and calling anything "mature" might be childish in someone elses eyes.


Feb 25, 2010
I wouldn't mind it. It would be a nice fresh change of pace, and it would get more money for nintendo.


Sage of Gaming
I think Legend of Zelda is fine the way it is, and it is fun for someone of any age.

If Nintendo ever created a more "Mature" Zelda game, they would lose alot of sales due to younger people not buying it. Or, younger people would buy it anyway and it would be a terrible experience for them or their parents would see it as inappropriate and not let them play LoZ any more.

I am very curious what exactly people think "Mature" themes would add to the series, they wouldn't add depth, they wouldn't add comedic value, they wouldn't make the gameplay any better, all it would do is alienate the younger audience and possibly the (much less abundant) senior audience too. I seriously see no point in it what so ever.

Also I'm pretty sure Majora's Mask is the first game ever to feature: an all powerful demon ruining people's lives in many horrible ways, and still remaining family friendly:). Who could ask for more?
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Jul 14, 2010
I agree totally. The people who think the game should be violent to the point little kids can't play is ridiculous why make such a drastic change to the way the whole series is seen because you get people who only want it darker because they are getting older. If they where back in there early teens they wouldn't want it to change.

Cel-Shaded Deku

Ha ha, charade you are!
Jul 24, 2010
Rapin' your churches, burnin' your women!
I get annoyed when people say they want Zelda to be something totally different than it is and made it succesful, such as the topic of this thread: Zelda = (mostly) for all ages. No, I want Zelda = M rating (generally what they mean by mature). I've even seen people want Zelda to become more like Animal Crossing! Yes, small changes need to be made to keep the series alive but not a total U-turn, especially this far into the series' life time. I wouldn't mind a T-rated game every now and then but M-rated is big no no.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
In this case, mature is just an opinion. Whether you want game that's literally rated M, or a game that has a serious nature about it, the thought is up to you. The word 'mature' usually refers to seriousness and not in a childish manor. Many people relate the word today to the ESRB rating or to adult matters. So in your case, your right about Majora's Mask being a mature game, but another side of this question was that people literally want an M rated Zelda. So, you answered on half of a two-part question, the other side still a mystery to many because of their expectations.

PK Love Omega

PK Flash's Good Twin
Jul 28, 2011
In a forest
I think TP should be the most violent. And off topic, I would hate a future Zelda. Guns, high tech armour, no Epona... no thanks


Call me Micky
Jul 19, 2011
The Middle of Nowhere
I agree with what you said about MM; in those last six hours I was so nervous my heart was pounding. I'd also say TP was a somewhat mature, just because there was such realistic graphics and I felt the game was a little dark. It was rated T, which I think was appropriate, but that's about as far as I think Zelda should go. Having an M rated game would be...well frankly, just horrible. I think Zelda has a far more "mature" storyline than half of those other M-rated games.

Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
Like I said before, are you thinking of mature as 'serious' or are you thinking of a Zelda literally rated 'M' for Mature?

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