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Parodies of Zelda, Funny or Not?

Feb 5, 2011
Some time ago, I asked if making fun of Zelda annoys everyone on this site. Furthermore, in a topic about "true Zelda fans", I pointed out making a few slight jokes that don't insult the series overall is a sign of being a fan.

I say that since just because I am a fan of Zelda, doesn't mean I don't poke fun at some stuff. Pointy ears, Tingle, evolution turned fish people into birds even though a flooded world would be more appropriate for them to live in, weird animation and such.

As such, I genuinely laugh at some parodies on Zelda. Like Dorkly Bits: A Link to the Past with the Portal Gun, Zelda: Heart of the Hero, or Robot Chicken's sketch which gives Link and Zelda personalities similar to the cartoon but deconstructs them to make Link more of a pathetic loser and Zelda far more ungrateful. (Unlike the cartoon, it's actually funny)

I'm wondering, do you guys actually laugh when one makes a parody of Zelda or do you just look away feeling like they insulted what you love?


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Oct 2, 2011
So far I haven't found a parody of Zelda that I haven't liked on some level. But also keep in mind, a large portion of the Zelda parodies out there are also made by Zelda fans, so personally, I always find the jokes to be in good taste.

So yes, I laugh at Zelda parodies. :3
Aug 7, 2008
Any good parody has to have comedy based on references to the original source material. Therefore to truly appreciate most good parody, you have to be familiar with the thing being parodied. A lot of good Zelda parodies are steeped in references that only a Zelda fan would notice. My personal favorites include "A Link to the Future" since I am also a Back to the Future fan, and the Legend of Neil series. In fact, if you've not seen Legend of Neil, watch it now. It is based around the original LoZ.


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Sep 19, 2011
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A lot of them I've seen are kinda funny, but not that great. Adamwestslapdog's abridged series is pretty hilarious though, if you haven't already seen it, I would highly reccomend watching it, although it takes him FOREVER to upload new episodes.

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Aug 15, 2011
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I've seen some really good parodies, and some really bad ones. Most of them make me laugh because of the Zelda references and how they do it is pretty good. Parodies of the horrible TV show are always good XD

there's a four swords one that gets me every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s85VfbfVz8 "well, excuuuuse me prin-" "YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE!" XD


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Jun 27, 2011
McKinney, Texas
This is my opinion. Some of the parodies are funny and I believe that they are nice to have around. But there are also parodies that are either: Crude, have excessive cursing, bad themes, and just make the series look very bad; I avoid these ones.


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Apr 20, 2011
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Xanauzumaki's abridged series are so funny ! Everybody should watch them ! I love Zelda parodies ! I think it's more fun to make fun of something you love rather then something you hate


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Sep 28, 2011
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They're funny. They're not laughing AT US they're laughing WITH US! XD

Lol, College Humor: Link's Distractions. 'Nuff said.

there's a four swords one that gets me every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s85VfbfVz8 "well, excuuuuse me prin-" "YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE!" XD

OMG that one? Lol, that's from $oopah Nin10doh on Newgrounds. That video is hilarious. Then theres the sequal which has a Majora's Mask parody. It's called Nin10doh: To the 64th Power.
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adamwestslapdogs OoT/MM Abriged is the best Zelda Parody.Period.Link has sooooooooo many catchphrases and Navi/Tatl are just ridiculous! The best character though,is in the MM Arc.The Happy Mask Salesman,although he really only has one joke,is just hysterical.His P***s jokes are just funny as anything and the way adamwestslapdog built this character is just amazing.Ganondorf needs some credit too,as Link makes fun of him by saying Hes Captain Falcon,but ginger. This is the best.Without a doubt


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Feb 8, 2011
I love a few of Scott Falco's parodies. They're very pointless and cheesy, but pretty funny.



Nov 12, 2010
I've always genuinely enjoyed Zelda parodies, even if they aren't very funny. I enjoy poking fun at the things I enjoy; I get irritated when someone openly insults something I like, but I'm fine with them making a joke about something. I don't think Nintendo made Tingle and his lines with a straight face, I think they opened up possibilities for parodies with this. Parodies are rarely meant to insult, unless they have Link going around acting like an idiot. There's such thing as being funny, and just acting like a fool when you make a parody.

The thing I've enjoyed about parodies is that normally it's made by a Zelda fan. Due to this, the joke's are on a higher level than just "Heehee, I have a sock on my head and act like it's a hat." There's a level of sophistication when it comes to fan-made parodies, as opposed to a Zelda Hater who just wants to make a parody actually making fun of the series. Most parodies are made to show a funnier side to Zelda, not an insulting side.

I'm not sure what exactly what you mean when you say:

DuelMark said:
Furthermore, in a topic about "true Zelda fans", I pointed out making a few slight jokes that don't insult the series overall is a sign of being a fan.

It's very possible to be a fan of Zelda and not enjoy the parodies. Look at Erebea:

Erebea said:
I cannot recall a time in which I genuinely laughed at a Zelda parody or joke. They are just not funny at all to me, to be honest. I've seen many parodies which I either reacted to with an awkward face or poker face. Then again, I don't find traditional jokes and parodies funny at all. I know it's me but... surely some of these just aren't funny.

He doesn't enjoy them, but he's a Zelda fan. If he wasn't, then he wouldn't be on this site, would he? We are all entitled to our opinions. We're allowed to dislike parodies because we're all different. It's all just our opinion, we can like them, dislike them, or somewhere in between, but in the end, we're still Zelda fans through and through.

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