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Parallel Universe!


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Aug 16, 2019
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I read an article stating the possibility of the existence of multiverse

In a nut shell a place in space called "The cold spot" has been found.
The temperature in the cold spot was found to be lower than the rest of the Universe. The cold spot might have been formed due to collision of two Universes.
Who knows? There might be another Giri living in another universe! :right:
Nov 26, 2017
I wonder if this article was generated by AI. "Collision with a Parallel Universe" is a grammatically correct, but semantically meaningless statement. It is akin to "A dry drop of solid water fell on the ceiling floor". Even if such a nonsense were possible, why is a "cold spot" indicative of such? Seems like a massive leap to take...
Jul 14, 2019
I haven't read much of the article, I'll give it a full read over later. However I'm usually dubious of articles like this. Generally I avoid any scientific articles like this as they're highly speculative. "Here's this scientific event followed by a pretty unscientific analysis of what it might mean".

That being said, I do enjoy reading up about thoughts on alternate universes and extra dimensions. I don't know a fantastic amount about it but string theory is a wonderfully interesting hypothesis of reality and here's some great TED talks out there about it if youre interested in looking into it.

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