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Other Forums You Are a Part Of

May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
I'd like to see how many people here take part in posting on other forums. They don't have to just be Zelda forums, but all forums included. This does not include things like Myspace or Facebook, which aren't forums. But, places like this, only elsewhere. I'll start it off.

For a long time, I had been a member of Mortal Kombat Online and was very active in all their forums. Once Midway got bought out, and no new DLC came out for MK vs DC Universe, the world of MK kinda died, and so did that place. In the midst of all of that, I joined these forums as well, liked them better, and started spending a lot of time here. So, I still go and check out MK Online every now and then, but I really don't like how their forum is set up or whoever hosts their forum, and there's really never hardly anyone on.

Recently (as in the last few days) I went to another MK site called Mortal Kombat Blackout, and realized I had actually registered a name on there close to a year ago, but hadn't made any posts. I started posting there within the last couple of days, and I gotta say its quite a relief being able to post on a relatively active MK forum again. Their forums are set up very nicely too, complete with a currency system that gives you koins whenever you make a post, which you can then take and spend in a virtual shop to buy all kinds of MK related items. Some items even give you special privelages on the board itself. So needless to say, that automatically boosts activity amongst people to post in order to stock up because the virtual items are not infinite. They do run out apparently.

I also have a name registered on another Zelda site, but I can't remember which one it was. I don't even know why I have a name registered there because I never posted there, and only found out that I had a name on it a couple weeks ago. I also have a name registered on a Resident Evil forum, but after a few posts, I lost interest and really never go there anymore either.

That about wraps it up for me.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Oddly enough, this is the only forum I take an active role in.

I very rarely post at Raving Toy Maniac, which is about action figures and collectibles. I used to post there a LOT, but since it's a non-registering forum, people tend to post very snide and joke answers to legitimate questions under false names. It's frustrating to ask a question there to be greeted upon your return with a joke answer and no legitimate ones to speak of. There were also too many cliques forming where you couldn't talk to said people since you weren't one of them.

I tried to post on some Star Wars forums before, but the amount of people who frequent them make posting there casually impossible. I posted a comment about a Clone Wars episode when the discussion was at about 5 pages of responses. I then came back 2 days later to check on replies and found an additional 100+ pages of further replies. That's ridiculous. I'm not reading that many pages to get what people are talking about.

So, really, ZD is it for me. I have accoutns at maybe 2 other Zelda sites, but I found them to be too immature and never ended up actually posting. I came here because I found the community to be very friendly and easy to talk to. There's no cliques, and everyone seems to be treated equally. Responses will be given to people regardless of status or "alliances". I find this actually quite impressive given most people here seem to be younger than most forums I've been to and left. I guess maturity doesn't always come with age! :)


Sage of Tales
I am currently a part of the North Castle forums.

I'm also registered at the largely dead Trinut, a Trigun forum. In fact, I'm one of the fanfic and fanart mods there, but I've never had any actual power (everything has to go through the Admins). It doesn't get much action these days, because the whole Trigun fandom is largely dead. I go back there on occasion to take a look around. I think its' the last active Trigun forum left.

Years and years ago, back when I was into Pokemon, I met my fiance' on TRHQ Next (Team Rocket Headquarters). The forum's changed admin hands several times and it is currently under his care, and he has been restoring it. However, I do not feel fit to go back there, as I want everyone to forget/I do not wish to be reminded of how stupid I used to be. *Sweat.*
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Heh, well, I've been a part of about 2 major forums before I joined this one. I've been apart of smaller forums for about a week, but I never went further than that.

When I first started using the internet often, I found out about the now released Star Trek 11. That was about a year and a half ago. So I joined the movie site's forums under the name 1THGfan, and was among my own Star Trek nerd kind for about 2 months. Surprisingly, I just kind of drifted away from it. It might have been because it was so massive and I just didn't feel like I contributed anything at all. Plus, all my posts were one sentence spam, and I'm sure other members were happy when I decided not to participate.

So I took a very short break from the forums thing for a while, but I soon returned to the internet just a few weeks after I had quit the Star Trek Movie site. About that time, I got an issue of the biased Game Informer that featured the cover story of the upcoming MMORPG Star Trek Online (STO). I was mad excited, so I looked up the site and joined the medium sized forums they had there. But, I soon found out it was full of jerks, who went out of their way to bash opinions and make others feel bad. I stuck with it as long as I could, but after I got personally attacked by the moderator, I knew it was time to quit that junk.

I had lost most of my forum noobness by that time, so I really knew what I wanted in a forum community: A rather small community, where I could contribute, and yet a nice community, where they're wasn't any elitist jerks. Lo and behold, I discovered the Zelda Dungeon forums. This forum, at the time, wasn't that big, and after spending just a single night in the SB, I knew the guys here were nice.

I've stuck with it for about 9 months now, and I couldn't be happier.
May 25, 2008
In my house
Oh let's see.

I first started off at Zelda Community, after first coming here and registered an account, then never came back. After Zelda Community kind of died upon itself, I went to Zelda Temple, which I'm still barely at today, and kind of drifted from site to site for a little bit. A few months later I came back here, and stayed. I think my first post in the shoutbox was "Sigh, I still have another 9 pages of posts to read", which is still true even right now. And that's what I'm basically at right now. ZD, ZT, and a few sites I can't really say.

And yes Vergo, I remember the night you came, back when the forum was small the shoutbox was good. :)
Apr 10, 2009
I've been in forums through many years, so I have had quite different experiences, some sweet and some bitter, through different places. I first joined hyrule.com.ar's boards (now extint) back in Nov 2001. That was the first time ever, and well, I was the typical newbie. I didn't even understood what was SPAM and what was or not allowed, even so I dearly remember and treasure my memories from those forums. After they went down, I took refuge in Ganon's Tower, and I've been recreating my account everytime is needed, but I have never really been active there.

Out of that, I could share the list of dead forums I was so muh attached to, but I guess you rather to know what forums I am part of right now. XD

Boards I go to right now:
* ROCZUZ.TK - They are my own boards, and by the way, accepting (more like wanting and in need of) new members.
* Destination Zelda Forums - I just registered but well, Zelda Dimension is an important part of my past, it is actually where KokiriKid let out his feelings for me the first time and furthermore, where I made some of my online friends. So I am really excited about this place! I can ensure you I'll be pendant of it.
* I am in other proboards and minor forums, as well as in ZeldaGamers and ZeldaUniverse, but I admit I haven't been as active as I wish I could. I guess you noticed here as well. =\


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
I have gone to many through the years. Several music ones, a book one, and now, recently a photography forum. I consider ZD and the photography one to be my two homes now :)


Zelda On Paper
Aug 5, 2009
In my very own world
i have been posting on many forums such as: (i don,t remember the names too clearly)

1: rockstars forums (a place where i can know different ways to learn how to play a guitar and all the rock instruments, they talk about rock music "country, metal, alt etc."
2: tony hawk,s followers (skating forums, skate tricks, contest on your street "they are also informers from skating contests activities", games of tony hawk and all the history of the skating)
3: super mario bros. forums, tak about all the mario series and all his adventures
4: sonic forums (i can,t say too much about it, the title describes itself)
5: guitar hero and rock band (i don,t remember the name it was like: rock games forever or something like that)
6: Zelda elements interactive (i have no describsions to it)
7: yoshi art forums (yeah im an artist, i submit my yoshi fan art there)
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Aug 26, 2009
ganons tower, but its sucks, they have more games in the arcade, but you have to post at least 20 times, and almost nobodies there to post with

Twili Kid

Many pointless questions
Jun 20, 2009
This is the only fourm I post at. I used to post at a fourm community for some RPGs I played, I quit the game for awhile and when I came back I left the fourms alone for some reason and haven't posted on them since.

I went to the Serebii.net fourms, but after 1 post I got shoved away by all those insulting posts which never answered my questions. I felt it was to hard to keep posting there.

I came here and for the past 2 months I've stayed


The One
Sep 3, 2009
I'm an admin on ZAST.

Check it out
I'm still called Neo on there.
I'm also a member of Zelda Universe with the same username. I don't like ZU much, anymore, though. Everyone's become such pricks since Cody became the webministrator.
I remember the good old days of '04, back when Lars owned it and ran it well.

Now that failure, Jewson, owns it.


Gamer since age 2
Jan 18, 2009
in my house
Well. I'm not really a member at any non-zelda forums. I used to be active at this one pokemon forum.
I'm active on zelda sites like Zelda Dungeon(of course), Portal to Hyrule, and Zelda-Temple. Wow. I really thought I'm active on a lot of other forums, but oh well.
Sep 13, 2009
My first forum ever was Zelda Universe. It has a huge community, lots of sections to roam, Clans to participate in, and is an overall blast. However, its quality has decreased a lot over the past few years. You have lots of newbies posting worthless and/or duplicate topics, moderators who ignore stuff, and harsh members. It's a good forum, but it could be a lot better. Part of what I like about this forum, ZD, is that the controls, layout, and everything reminds me of ZU a lot, but it has a better community.

Another forum I joined for a friend, but never really visit anymore, is the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Domain. It's a forum about Brawl, basically. Rather small community, last I checked, plenty of sections, and some nice members. One thing I never liked about it is the tension between that place and one of the advertising forums (can't remember the name). The admin of SSBBD would make an announcement topic to declare how bad one of the members (I think it was the admin) on that forum. Really. What's funny is that this admin is the same guy who asked me to join the forum in the first place, after I was his adopter and friend on ZU.

And another one I joined for a real life friend of mine, FunPiece. Really small community, and I run out of things to talk about quickly. I have no friends that actually bother replying to my PMs, either. So I don't really bother anymore.

The last one I joined had been referenced to on FunPiece, called Arlong Park. Another One Piece forum, only with a bigger community. However, most topics there don't interest me much either, and therefore, I only ever seem to frequent Zelda forums anymore.

I'm also a member of Gaia, if that counts. It technically contains a forum, I guess.


The One
Sep 3, 2009
My first forum ever was Zelda Universe. It has a huge community, lots of sections to roam, Clans to participate in, and is an overall blast. However, its quality has decreased a lot over the past few years. You have lots of newbies posting worthless and/or duplicate topics, moderators who ignore stuff, and harsh members. It's a good forum, but it could be a lot better. Part of what I like about this forum, ZD, is that the controls, layout, and everything reminds me of ZU a lot, but it has a better community.

Copy paste my story pretty much.

I think a lot of people here came from ZU. You have to admit that it's quite awesome to be able to hold intelligent discussion, no?

I do remember playing Runescape for awhile...they had a forum which you could post in, and I tried using it to get a clan together, but the stupid staff kept deleting my posts for no reason. I posted with thought and informed people of a time to gather and the level requirements to join. I didn't go "Lolzomg guys we r goin 2 get 2gether a clan so we cn be teh most awesomest guys evr u know it!!!!!!!!!!11111"

Runescape consumed my life for quite awhile...


I had pretty much the same experiences at Zelda Universe as the above, I joined in 2003 but after Lars left the quality went down and fast, I remember when spam and flaming was actually dealt with by the staff :O. These days I only post once in a while in the NFL threads.

I'm also a member at legendofzelda.com it's still my favorite site and I'm pretty much here visiting until loz.com forums are back online. With the exception of a few members I've had a pleasant time here.

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