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Ordinary Things That Drive You Insane


Sep 21, 2013
The Expansion
I see what you mean but on a related note, I hate when someone you know dies and people say 'I'm sorry'. I mean, did you murder that person? No? Then what on earth are you saying sorry for? But then there's no acceptable alternative either so I see your point.

I think people should be able to understand that when you say "sorry" in those kinds of circumstances, you're simply stating your sympathy and not trying to apologize for something you did.

Topic - Really directed lights bother me. Like, on my brother's desk, he has this one lamp that just illuminates the short area nearby, and for some reason I can't stand that. I'd much rather have turned on a source of light that illuminates the entire room. Not entirely sure why I'm so bothered by something that trivial, though.


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Oct 8, 2011
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Beauts said:
I see what you mean but on a related note, I hate when someone you know dies and people say 'I'm sorry'. I mean, did you murder that person? No? Then what on earth are you saying sorry for? But then there's no acceptable alternative either so I see your point.

The phrase "I'm sorry" has more than one meaning in modern English. It can mean "I apologize for wronging you" or it can also mean "I sympathize with your plight." "I'm sorry" in the sense I'm referring to means "I lament that this difficult ordeal is happening to you." It's a way to express empathy.
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Feb 23, 2011
Ah. Pet peeves, eh?

Staring annoys the heck out of me. I don't care what particular kind of stare it is. In my opinion, all stares are the same: annoying.

I hate it when people get irrational when things don't go their way or whatever. I mean, it's bound to happen because you're angry and your mind's kind of off, but wow. Some of the most wise, calm, and collected people lose it all whenever they get even the slightest bit angry over something as simple as that.

I hate it when people don't clean up after themselves. I've always said that if I ever applied for another job in the future, I'll be sure to put "part-time maid/mom" on there, because I spend half of my time cleaning up after grown *** men and women at work. How hard is it to clean up your work station? Ugh. I tend to forget that not everyone was raised like me. Sigh.

I hate it when people have loud, annoying ringtones. Why on Earth would anyone have Metallica set as their text notification in the first place? And for Pete's sake, have the decency to set your phone to vibrate when you're in the library, church, or other such places. Not everyone wants to hear Justin Beaver's newest song playing whenever you get a text. Argh.

I hate it when people insert the asterisk AFTER the corrected word in a chat or whatever. While it isn't grammatically incorrect or improper to do so, I just can't seem to put up with it. It just seems wrong or something. Putting the asterisk BEFORE the corrected word says "look! here's the word I corrected!," which makes sense because the English language is read from left to right, meaning that the asterisk is essentially the first thing you should see. Weird analogy: I like to compare putting the asterisk after the corrected word to placing a caution sign after a dangerous spill. A person will have slipped by the time they noticed the sign that was supposed to alert them where the spill was. /rant

I dislike clueless people sometimes. Everyone gets clueless every once in a while—myself included—but sometimes there is no excuse for it. I couldn't even count the number of times a customer at work asked me where the bananas were. This wouldn't be that big of a deal IF THE BANANA TABLE WASN'T THE LARGEST DISPLAY IN MY STORE'S SMALL PRODUCE SECTION. Another thing I hate is when they go "Oh, you seem to be out of potatoes or w/e." Heck, I bet we are. I mean, it is 10 PM on a Sunday, which is the busiest day of the week. They seem to assume that we have an infinite supply of everything in the backroom, unaware that there's a truck that comes every day to deliver our stuff.

I hate it when people walk really slowly in front of me. A condition such as old age, a broken/sprained ankle, etc. are exceptions. What's worse is when people don't pay attention to what's in front of them. I've come to realize this as a peril to grocery shopping, as customers are so busy browsing the shelves and such that they don't pay attention to the employee wheeling a huge L-cart of produce out to the sales floor. And don't even get me started on text-walkers.

People wanting a change to something just because. A good example is the idea to remove the censor on swearing on the forums. I don't mind swearing, but just because I don't mind it doesn't mean that everyone else will. I understand that the majority, the bulk of which are youth, are not too keen on swearing. And even if I may not agree with the parents' decision to bar their kids from being exposed to it, I respect their ideals. Besides, 80% of the internet is swearing, what's one somewhat family-friendly forum going to hurt?

It kind of annoys me when people put their name on the bottom of something they've typed—be it a post, blog, or w/e—when their name already appears somewhere else on the page such as their username. Like, okay I get it, your name's Blah Blah.

– On that note, it really annoys me whenever someone misspells a person's name when it's right there on the page for them to copy from.​

Lastly, do not under any circumstances touch my stuff without asking. I hate it when people do that. If someone wants to borrow or use something of mine, just ask. I'm like the most unselfish person ever, and there are very few personal things I hold dear enough not to let anyone borrow or use them.
Sep 23, 2013
United States
-People using internet slang outside of the internet. It makes me shake my head in disbelief.
-Parents not keeping their kids quiet while out in public.
-Dogs constantly barking.
-My family not answering the phone.


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Apr 28, 2013
This thread is just so lovely, all this ranting...

- Long nails. Nope nope nope nope. Sure, they look pretty, but ugh, imagine the stuff that collects underneath.
- People who talk super slowly. This is just... agonizing. Also, mumbling sucks, even though I do it too.
- People who talk really fast.
- Slow drivers/walkers
- When you're on the bus, and someone asks to sit next to you even though there's still seats available. Just go to the back of the bus, if you're not elderly!
- When people pour the milk before the cereal. I don't even...
- When people open the chip bag upside down. NO!
- The fact it's so hard to get mustard out of it's bottle
- When people bite into cheese strings. You're supposed to peel it gdi
- Really?
- People who take selfies in public. Watching them make faces after faces is super annoying.
- I cannot stand people who crack puns, this should be punishable by death

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Feb 11, 2012
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People who walk slow. Also people who, in the hallways at school, decide that walking up the stairs on the left side is much faster because there are no people there. Yeah, there are no people there. Because you're supposed to walk on the right!
Feb 23, 2011
I hate it when someone [wakes up and] causes a huge, noisy ruckus late at night or early in the morning, wakes me up, and then goes [comfortably back] to sleep moments later while I just sit there unable to go back to sleep. What's even more annoying is when somebody wakes me up to ask me a stupid question, knowing full well that I have a hard time going back to bed when they do that, and then they go back to bed themselves. What's more annoying still is when, after that, they ask you why you're so crabby and agitated, or they say, "You look tired." Gee, YOU THINK? Worst of all is, all the noise seems to stop AFTER I've woken up and can't go back to sleep. *agitated sigh*


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Jan 31, 2010
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CHEWING THAT DAMN GUM WITH YOUR MOUTH WIDE OPEN. That makes me gag and eat my nails out of anger. Sometimes I see sporters having their mouth wide open and chewing gum. I silently hope they will choke in it. It's so damn annoying and make me want to slap them.

Screaming and yelling for no reason. There are a bunch of kids here who are screaming and yelling loud every goddamn time. And even with the heat I had to close my window to be able to hear the other person on the phone because of those monkeys yelling and screaming like crazy!!

People who talk to you and continously leave or do other things or whatever or make up the weirdest excuses because they're too afraid to be honest. I have a friend who is almost 36 and told me she could no longer talk to me that much because her parents want her to go to bed around 11pm. And if she won't listen she would have to do two hours work at home or her laptop would be taken from her. EXCUSE ME??? ARE YOU AN ADULT OR A BABY AGE 3?? I told her that too and asked if her parents would still take her to kindergarten and if she still sucks her thumb. Her reply: sawwwy. Makes me vomit.

People not washing their hands after a visit to the toilets. I have to watch my own sister very closely because if I don't do this she would easily sit down without washing her hands and eat food and stuff. EWWWWW


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Feb 28, 2010
New York
When people can't keep their stuff organized in their room, or wherever they are. Seriously, it's not that difficult!

Yes, I admit it, I'm a clean freak.


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