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Opinion on Bird Flying?


Apr 22, 2011
I would like to know how many of you guys like the idea of having your own bird to fly around in the skies with..

I like the idea.. :)
There are new features that can be added and already have with this...
Mini games in the sky, Little floating islands with treasures, Sky dungeons, Dragons, sky combat etc.

And if we have our own bird, The question I ask myself is will the bird be able to fly under the clouds?
Or will Epona replace that.. If she even appears, If not are we gonna run around all the time?

Will this just be an unecessary feature in the game.. Say you can only fly to 10 little islands and that's it..? =\
Or will this be a gamechanger.. You have 50 different islands with secrets, caves maybe even a small city or some travelers? :yes:
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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I like the idea though nothing can replace Epona as my favorite steed :D
Nintenod said that there will be lots of islands we can visit in the sky, so we shouldn't run out of secrets. If we do, though, I will be heavily disappointed.
I hopew e can commit ourselves to combat, maybe not with the sword but with the bow? That would prove Link is both a Knight and an expert, right?
Feb 23, 2011
I like the idea of bird riding, as it is reported to be a lot similar to flight from Wii Sports Resort, which I found to be really cool. However, I can't go into detail on my opinion of flight in Skyward Sword just yet, since the game isn't out yet, so I have yet to try bird flying for myself. Also, I think that flight in SS may have a lot more to offer than what the demo presented.
Dec 24, 2010
I love it.
It seems to give the player a great sense of freedom, which really befits the sky theme. This will probably be my new favorite transportation in Zelda.
Sep 1, 2010
I like it a lot. I enjoy how they explained that you can travel between the worlds with the birds. My only fear, is that the motion controls might become a bother EVERY time you want to return to Skyloft, and vice-versa, so I hope they're not tacked on.


The game is on!
I really love it! In all overworlds throughout the Zelda series we have only seen either fields or ocean. To have a sky overworld will be utterly extraordinary! And I already looking forward to take a flight through that sky on Link's red bird. I have very high hopes for the flying controls!


Piper of Time
Aug 10, 2011
The Lost Woods
I love the idea of bird flying. I think it fits well with the series. I'm interested to explore the sky. As long as it doesn't turn out to have as little as Windwaker, I think I will really love it.
Apr 16, 2010
It looks very fun and intuitive. I'd like to see what Nintendo does with this. I really hope there is several sidequests that use this function of the game. I'd also like to see 1 or 2 temples in this area. But enough of what I'd like to see done with it.

The actual flying looks very fun. It reminds of a lot of and uses the same control scheme as flying the Twilit Kargarok in Twilight Princess. Except in TP where it was straightforward, now it's a sort of second overworld that can be explored thoroughly. The graphics for this area are great, it gives that look of when you look out the window of a plane. I'm really looking forward to playing the bird flying segments of the game.


I liked the King of Red Lions in WW and I am sure I will like this bird too.
Oct 21, 2010
I love the bird, and I personally think that the bird IS epona, at least, in a different form. (both are red, and are special in some way.)

Anyway, I think it will be amazing, I highly doubt there won't be much to explore, and even if there isn't, I think I'll still enjoy flying through the air. And since its confirmed to have sidequests like majoras mask, I think there will be a lot of sidequests to do with it, which hopefully isn't just finding stuff (I hate those finding sidequests, if you miss any, its just annoying trying to find that one you missed). And if there are items on some of the islands in the sky you need to use to upgrade your stuff, and its more then just heart containers, it would be even more fun to adventure and discover on those islands.


Jul 26, 2010
From what we’ve seen, I like the idea. I think it seems fun and interesting, and has great potential. It really depends how it is put into the game though. I think the game on Wii Sports Resort is great with the controls and everything, but how is it going to work it game? Will we have tons of races and obstacles when we are flying around? Or will it be as dull as traveling the Great Sea?

What I really want, is tons of activity to do in the sky, that is not just restricted to side quests and mini-games. As unlikely as it may seem, I am still bent on the idea of sky combat. I feel Nintendo would be creative enough to make that work, so why not? As restrictive as it was, we could still do some of that on Epona, and Twilight Princess I thought really expanded on Epona.

That poses another question, is this Epona’s replacement? I think this all depends on whether or not this bird can fly the skies of the land below, if not, Nintendo decided too bad for you and we have to walk a giant over world, or we get another Epona alternative, or Hyrule is pretty small. I would be disappointed if the bird was only to be used above the clouds, that would be such a waste.

What Nintendo did with Epona in Twilight Princess was amazing, I loved fighting the Bublin army, and getting Iila and Telma safely to their destination. That was really and awesome extension or horse back riding, we actually had more than one use for Epona. This is what I want with the bird, I want stuff that relates to the main story, not just side quests. Missions that directly relate to the story where we must use the bird.

The idea of being attacked while in the sky, possible not even direct combat, but say we had to dodge a flying ambush, just anything to spice up flying around, especially if we are going to be using the bird as our main body of transportation on both over worlds. I’m counting on Nintendo to really put travel on the bird more into the story than we have already seen. We know it is a big part of Skyloft culture, so hopefully, it get’s interesting and well thought out game play.

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