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OoX Connection to MM/OoT

Dec 12, 2010
I was watching the introduction to the Oracle games on Youtube yesterday and noticed something that I haven't seen suggested around the forums too much. (See the intro to Ages here).

Both of the intros are the same with different colour schemes; in them a young Link (looks like a child to me, much the same age as at the end of MM) is seen riding a horse. He then stops in front of a castle (presumably Hyrule Castle) and the video switches to him walking inside what I would guess is the Temple of Time (no proof but the Triforce is there so seems a reasonable bet) and then being warped either to the respective worlds of Ages and Seasons.

There are only three games where Link has a horse: OoT, MM and TP. However, the Link of TP is older than the one shown in the intro video to OoX, so it seems unlikely that the two games have the same Link. I would say that based purely on the introduction it is highly plausible that the Link of OoX is the same Link from OoT/MM, having somehow made it back to Hyrule on Epona.

We then have the Linked endings to the game as more evidence that OoX is connected to MM. Twinrova has a similar appearance to the incarnation in OoT (and MM, although that's a parallel world). Their mission to resurrect Ganon is where this theory falls down somewhat. He does not die at the end of OoT but is sealed away. The resurrection of Ganon suggests this game comes after TP (if indeed it falls on the Child Timeline), but everything else points to it being a direct sequel to MM.

(As a side note I'm fairly sure that Zelda and Link seem to have met before they reunite in OoX, but it's been awhile since I played the games and I couldn't find a video of their first meeting in the games on Youtube. If someone could verify this I'd say the theory is fairly solid. If they don't appear to have met before that probably renders it useless).

What do you reckon?
Dec 12, 2010
The state of the Triforce makes absolutely no sense for MM-OoX OR TP-OoX.

Could you please elaborate?

The OoX Link is actually the same Link from ALttP, both of which occur on the adult side of the timeline and have no connection to OoT or MM...

If you want to see the timeline I suggest you go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2g65jL3HDg

He doesn't fully explain the reasoning for why the Link is the same from ALttP to OoX. Could you perhaps explain your reasoning?


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Apr 14, 2010
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On the state of the Triforce: After OoT it is broken, MM and TP are following OoT, during OoX it is whole.
On ALttP/OoX/LA: After Link kills Ganon in AlttP the Triforce is whole and in LA he is swept into the dream of the Windfish while sailing. OoX is put in between these two by some theorists because of the state of the triforce and at the end of the linked game Link is sailing away on a boat that resembles the one in LA's opening.


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Nov 24, 2009
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After Majora's Mask, Link still has the Triforce of Courage (or if he doesn't, then the Triforce is still in the Sacred Realm). At the beginning of OoX, the Triforce is in Hyrule Castle.
Just so I know, do you think OoX happens before or after Ganondorf's execution attempt (TP backstory)?

Wow, does ocarinahero pay people to advertise his timeline? I see way too many people here who act like they're influenced by his 'confidence.'
Gohma, that is far from the official timeline. Don't assume it's fact just because he thinks it is.

OoX does fit nicely between LttP and LA if you ignore Zelda's introduction. There's supposedly a quote in a Japanese magazine stating that (at least early in development) OoX Link and LttP Link were the same, but no one's been able to find it.
Dec 12, 2010
I'd put OoX after Ganon's attempted execution. But I think given all the evidence I've read it seems a better fit to put OoX between LttP and LA. I still can't see where to put those three games though. or LoZ/AoL for that matter.

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