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OoT the bosses aint that bad

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Jun 22, 2016
I was recently playing the new Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword, and I got to the end of the Sandship to the boss (in which I haven’t got any further than the next silent realm; I’m all ready to jump into cuz I’m scared of the Guardians), Tentalus. He seems to be trying to guard his home and we sailed into it. This got me thinking about Ocarina of Time bosses how they may innocent and trying to defend themselves!

Queen Gohma is a big scorpion thing. She is not doing anything too bad; she is just hanging out .And then we come in and start shooting her in her eye. I think she just wants to be a good mum to her little babies with a safe home… which happens to be inside the Great Deku Tree… so I kind of think she is acting in self-defense or baby defense like a momma tiger or we’re luncheon, I mean – Hello! We just walked in on her dozing. This all just a terrible misunderstanding. As the Great Deku Tree says, Ganon cursed him. I think Ganon saw Gohma all pregnant-like and thought ‘I can use her for my own needs.’ And said to Queen Gohma “There’s a tree there for you and your babies to nest in” (in a manipulating way) and she’s all like “A home! Thanks Ganon!” So she moved in not knowing it’s the Great Deku Tree and makes a nice little home for her and babies and kills him by accident, and then we kill her by shooting and slashing her eye.

King Dodongo
King Dodongo is a big overgrown lizard that seems to be trapped in his boss room as there appears to be no way out apart from the blue light after he’s been beaten (unless you want to try and find a nice strong rope and pull him out of the tiny hole). Ganon has imprisoned Dodongo’s family in the Cavern by placing a seal at the entrance with a boulder so I think you’d get a bit annoyed if you and your family got trapped in a cave! Ganon has blocked the cave off so the Gorons can’t get food and the Dodongos can’t get out. But Ganon wants it that way so the Gorons will go ‘please help we’ll give you our stone!’ but Link (us, you, me, whatever) helps out of the goodness of his/my/our/whatever heart.

We meet Barinade in Lord Jabu-Jabu’s stomach after he accidently swallows Princess Ruto’s sapphire, which is also the Zora engagement ring, passed to Ruto by her deceased mother. Ruto, who we have been carrying about Lord Jabu-Jabu’s stomach, disappears when we meet the sub-boss - a Big Octo who we beat while getting a bit dizzy! We go to fight Barinade (who looks a bit like a pink snowman with tentacles holding the ceiling) leeching the life from Lord Jabu-Jabu. It’s like Barinade is a virus and we are the antibiotic sent to fight Barinade so Lord Jabu-Jabu can be fighting fit and healthy again!

Phantom Ganon
Phantom Ganon is made from the magic of Ganon to test Link and find out if it’s worth real Ganon hunting Link down and killing him but Ganon thinks “Nah I’ll not bother he’ll die before he rescues the Seven Sages.” Like Saria who is Link’s childhood friend and the Forest Sage. But of course Link goes and beats real Ganon with all the Seven Sages help later in the game.

A dragon type creature (I always thought ‘he’ was a ‘she!) that is ancient and hungry and under Ganon’s orders to eat the Gorons, they have beaten him before as mentioned by goron Link (or whatever you’ve called the main character but he is generally known as ‘Link’). Goron Link is the son of the fire sage Darunia, and so they are said to be descended from a legendary hero who beat Volvagia before with the Megaton Hammer. Darunia said that if Volvagia escapes then Volvagia would turn Hyrule into a ‘burning wasteland’. The Gorons try to put Volvagia off eating them by saying they’ll give him a stomach ache. I think there is a minion giving Volvagia the Gorons to eat, because I don’t think Ganon would be hanging around to make sure Volvagia eats the Gorons, and I don’t think Volvagia would fit through the doors to get to the cells. Maybe he just wants some milk for his sore throat and a throat sweet or two!

Morpha is the boss of the very confusing water temple, it is a pink blob that can control the water it resides in. It has frozen Zora’s Domain; the only free Zora is Link’s fiancée(?) - Princess Ruto, who was saved by Sheik. Then she went to investigate the source of the water weirdness at Lake Hylia where Link meets up with her again and she shows us one of three locations to alter the water level.

I think Bongo-Bongo was cursed after getting his head and hands cut off after committing some heinous crime, maybe he was a musical minded minstrel who stole the lens of truth and the mask of truth from a master Sheikah torturer and was banished to the bottom of the well but he liked the back of the graveyard more. Bongo went to the well to plan his revenge on the shadow temple’s sage Impa, who is also Princess Zelda’s nursemaid. We went to exorcise the poltergeist from the temple so he could move on to the afterlife and find a head and play some new tunes!

Twinrova (Koume & Kotake)
We go into the spirit temple as a child at first as we cannot access very much as an adult. After going through the confusing desert, following an invisible ghost, we learn the Requiem of Spirit. As the Child we meet Nabooru, spirit sage and second in command of the Gerudo, who asks Link to get the silver gauntlets that will help her in her rebelling against Ganon. After Link has got the gauntlets (that are too big for child Link) he witnesses Nabooru being kidnapped by Twinrova. Link returns to the temple as an adult and fights an iron knuckle who turns out to be a brainwashed Nabooru; he defeats her and goes to beat Twinrova. Kotake and Koume are twin witch sisters whose weakness is the others power, Kotake’s weakness is her sister’s flames and Koume doesn’t do well with Kotake’s ice. Twinrova are Ganon’s surrogate parents, we don’t know what happened to Ganon’s real parents (possibly Ganon killed them). Out of misguided love and wanting him to have what he wants and protecting Ganon, the sisters try to kill Link so Ganon can rule Hyrule with no contest. Their end-scene where they start arguing about their ages and get halos is funny ha ha! I don’t really understand why this happened shouldn’t they get little devil horns and tails?


Ok, I have to confess, I have never beaten Ganon in Ocarina of Time (but I never did in Twilight Princess or The Wind Waker either). I have got to his room and then I wimp out! He is the majorly evil guy because he kidnapped Zelda and made Hyrule all dry and dead-like, probably by firing the guards so the monsters could get in and roam without any interference. Link is the only one who can stop him with the Master Sword and the sages supposed help! Ganon has two forms the human looking guy who needs a wash (I mean green skin eww!) After you think you’ve finished him, the weird bull-man creature with two big swords bursts out of the wrecked castle. It’s a bit annoying to think you’ve killed him after all this but you haven’t, you’ve just sealed him away for now, which allows the makers to make more Legend of Zelda games for us to enjoy!


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Feb 18, 2010
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First three bosses were literal parasites created by the dorf to curse each of the races who wouldn't give him the spiritual stones, Volvagia is a predator of the gorons and is perhaps the least blameless of all the bosses, the adult bosses were created to be guardians to keep the seal on the sacred realm and all that funky jazz.
Phantom dorf, was summoned from the gap between dimensions as a test for link.
Volvagia was dead and resurrected to be a blight to gorons and kill them all.
Morpha literally drained lake hylia and froze the zoras solid, it was a manifest curse.
Bongo Bongo, is a dark entity with it's own story and was likely just manipulated.
Twinrova is the Dorf's mother course she'd help him, they have a cult goin in desert collossus.
As for Dorf himself, he murders countless people for his goals.


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Jul 6, 2011
I would have said Gohma and Barinade were curses upon the guardian spirits. Their very existence is for the purpose of causing suffering.

King Dodongo and all the other dodongos appeared suddenly and were likely also spawned as punishment to the Gorons. However rather than being demonic creatures they are a natural predator and I dont think they are necessarily servants of Ganon rather they are just doing what Dodongos do. They arent evil. That would be like suggesting a lion is evil because it ate the person who passed by. It's just a natural predator.

Phantom Ganon was a malicious spirit, summoned by Ganondorf and was in no way blameless for its evil.

Volvagia is as innocent as the dodongos as it is just another natural predator of Gorons which just happened to be revived by Ganon. You've got to eat your natural diet after all and Volvagia was just doing that.

Morpha appears to be completely malicious and not just a natural predator. It was probably one of Ganons creations and far from innocent.

Bongo Bongo was an evil spirit which was openly hostile. It didn't have good intentions at all.

Kotake and Koume are probably just as evil as Ganondorf himself. They raised him to be the man he was after all.

Ganondorf is definitely as bad as they come. He might have excellent foreign and domestic policies but he didn't do it out of his love of the people. He just wanted more power and to exert it over all his subjects.

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Oct 6, 2016
Have you ever read the OoT Manga?

Volvagia is the nicest thing ever!! It broke my heart that Link had to kill it ;-;


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Oct 27, 2014
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Have you ever read the OoT Manga?

Volvagia is the nicest thing ever!! It broke my heart that Link had to kill it ;-;

Ah yes, I remember this. It was one of the most nonsensical, blatant attempts to manipulate the audience's emotions that I have ever seen.


Oct 24, 2012
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Ah yes, I remember this. It was one of the most nonsensical, blatant attempts to manipulate the audience's emotions that I have ever seen.
Ugh. I couldn't believe I was reading that drek. The cringe still hasn't worn off.

Yeah, as others have already stated.

Ghoma is a parasite summoned by The Dorf to kill the Deku tree so he could seize the emerald. There is a case to be made for it acting only as it is inclined by nature, which is to leech off the life of another organism, produce spawn, and presumably defend its territory so it can continue doing so. Nature or not, a non-symbiotic parasitic relationship is not something any sane creature wants to live with...
... just ask my first GF :right:

King Dodongo is perhaps the only boss that dindunuffin. Since it appears as though Dodongo's Cavern is the Dodongo's natural habitat and the Gorons are exploiting and mining it. Which would make the Gorons invaders. Which would mean Link is only slaying the alpha of an admittedly hostile but apparently only territorial species and members of its kind... to save Hyrule and so the Gorons don't all starve to death, but still.

Barinade is a parasite like Ghoma. It may have even eventually killed Jabu Jabu if the big fish's absence in the future is any indication.

Phantom Ganon is a malicious demon or spirit which may or may not be complicit in doing Ganondorf's bidding or it may just be a mindless agent of chaos. The nature of whatever Phantom Ganon is or what motivates it is unknown. Whatever the case, it is clearly openly hostile.

Volvagia is perhaps the most deadly of the bosses. Not only is it the cultural enemy of the Gorons that almost brought the race to extinction in ages past, but Ganondorf resurrects it to do it again and darn near does so if Link hadn't come along.

Morpha is perhaps the most ambiguously known boss in the game. We hear nothing of it prior to encountering it. All we really know is that it is responsible for the receding waters of Lake Hylia. It is unlikely that it is also responsible for the unnatural ice encasing Zora's domain or if it is also responsible for the constant rain over Lake Hylia. What we do know is that it is some manner of creature or construct capable of manipulating hydraulic mass. Is it a being in alliance with Ganondorf or is it subjugated by Ganondorf or is it simply a tool doing what it was intended for?

Bongo Bongo is heavily alluded to be the man with one eye who could see the truth. What this person was or what he did in life is anyone's guess. He could have been a shiekah, perhaps a traitor to the royal family, and it is heavily implied that whatever fate befell him it was pretty gruesome. Now it appears to exist as a malevolent spirit. It clearly has hostile intent.

Twinrova are arguably most responsible for the events of Ocarina of Time. They raised Ganondorf, subjugate the Gerudo, and otherwise have clear malicious intent.
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