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Ocarina of Time OOT Temples Music= Creepy?


I'm back!!
I've seen many people saying some music of the temples is creepy.

I've read a lot of people saying the forest temple's music is creepy/eerie, though I don't feel scary or anything.

Also, some people say the shadow temple music is creepy... it just makes me feel alone, nothing more.

The only "weird" music, in my opinion, is the music from the fire temple (the chanting one).

Which is your opinion, guys?


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Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Honestly, I did find a couple of the themes a little creepy. I think the worst was actually the Forest Temple. It was hauntingly unsettling to me for some reason. It's possible that the vocals were just very unnatural, and were therefore creepy.

I don't know if that was the outright feel they were going for since even the supposedly soothing vocals of Epona's theme at the ranch were disturbingly digitally created. What I mean is, the vocals in the Forest Temple might not have set out to be that odd, but the limitations of the music capabilities at the time might've made it this way.

I honestly don't remember the other music pieces as well, but I do recall the shadow temple theme being creepy in a sense of being alone. So, in the way that it made you feel, it made me feel a bit creeped out. I think that's the case with any of those really low moaning, almost not music pieces that pop up in the Zelda games.

So, yes, there's some pieces I do find a bit creepy. They don't keep me awake at night with the lights on or anything, but they bother me enough to not have them on my iTunes OoT playlist! :)


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Oct 4, 2009
Talking about creepy music in OOT, I had a dream that I was entering the Shadow Temple and it went on forever and the music was creepy. And there were like a couple of hundred people in there and there were murderers coming in everywhere. There was no way to get out. I tried to backtrack but it was impossible...

Anyway, enough of my dream. Yeah, the Forest and Shadow temple is creepy and the Fire Temple was creepy with the chanting but I think that is it... You get used to it anyway...

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May 24, 2009
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The forest temple's music was outright creepy, not only that but on my first try of the temple, it took days to beat forcing me to listen to the horrid music, when I had finnaly completed the dungeon I was SO thankful that I would never hear that music again.


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Sep 3, 2009
Personally, I found the creepiest music to be that of the Forest Temple. The Shadow Temple/Bottom of the Well music wasn't as creepy, although it did make second on my list. The third would be Spirit Temple, and the rest weren't creepy at all.

I actually liked the Fire Temple music. I'm mad that they changed it, but I can still listen to it in its original form with my V1.0 OoT cartidge for the N64.

I wonder why they picked such a scary setting for the Forest Temple? It's more frightening than the Shadow Temple, to be honest. With the Shadow Temple, I know what's coming at every step of the way due to its linear design. The Forest Temple, however, features a hub area. This makes the outer rooms more of a puzzle, and that adds a factor of unknown to the mix. This is probably what makes the music so much more scary.


I'm back!!
Why do everyone find the forest temple music creepy?
Really, I like that music, and maybe, I felt a little strange because of the music the first time i played through the temple, nothing more.

It's weird...

Also, I wonder if anyone feels scared with the Ice Cavern music?
Apr 5, 2008
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I did find the temples music creepy, however awesome. More specifically the Fire Temple for some reason, I got done with the Spirit and Shadow Temples quickly, so I don't remember them much, but the Water Temple's music I thought fit perfectly with the theme.

The Fire Temple's music, I don't understand how it fits in with the "Volcanic Civilization" theme ... it fit more in the "Ancient Tribe Rain Dance Chant" theme, but was awesome nonetheless. By far my favorite dungeon theme from this game. Pretty creepy stuff. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it was changed due to Islamic references in the GC release, correct me if I'm wrong. I'll bet it's less creepy (and cool) in that case.

The Deku Tree, It fits perfectly, but I don't like it at all. It's just ... too creepy I guess. Along with Jabu-Jabu's belly. It fits perfectly with the theme, but I absolutely hate it, dunno why though.

Hmm ... thinking about this, I agree, the music is oddly creepy, however, in most cases, I love the music!


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Aug 3, 2009
I would say most of the dungeon music in OoT was pretty creepy. I'll give my opinions on some of them.

--The Deku Tree--
This music gives me a sence of loneliness. It seems to echo throughout the Deku Tree, making it feel empty and dead. It also inspires a sence of exlporation in me, like exploring an ancient, primitive, tomb.

--Dodongo's Cavern--
This music is pretty quiet, it sounds like it should - like a cave with creatures crawling around inside. I hear a weird screech ocasionally throughout the song, it makes me think there are more than a few things lurking around inside.

--Jabu Jabu's Belly--
Very eerie music, it seems that you can hear the whale groaning while you are inside. Like all good zelda music should, it matches the envoirnment well. It is a pretty creepy song, it never fails to make me just a little weirded out that you are inside a whale.

--Forest Temple--
I think this theme in particular stands out as one of the most eerie songs, if not the most eerie song in the game. This music seems to give the dungeon life, it seems as though the dungeon is alive, watching you. It also has an earthy sound, and much like the Deku Tree theme, manges to make you feel very alone. I know this sounds contradictory, but that is the impression I got.

--Fire Temple--
At the begining of this track you can hear the wind blowing. This made me think the dungeon was desolate and lonely. Along with the strange chanting, this makes for a mildly creepy song.

--Water Temple--
This track was strange, yet soothing, it seems like you can hear everything echoing in the water. It makes me think 'cavern' as much as Dodongo's Cavern theme did. It's eerie, but in a subtle way.

--Shadow Temple--
Suprisingly, I don't consider this the creepiest music, rather it seems more along the lines of disturbing than creepy. The strange wail that repeats throught the song, this is the only dungeon music track that didn't make me feel alone. I felt like there were long dead beings watching my progress, pleading for help that has come to late for them.

--Spirit Temple--
I didn't find this very strange at all. While it did inspire a sence of lonliness, it just wasn't creepy to me. It seems like you are treading on holy ground for the Gerudo people, a place which is of great importance to them. I wouldn't call this track very creepy, it does make me feel alone though.

All in all, the top three creepiest tracks in my opinion were the Forest Temple theme, the Water Temple theme, and the Deku Tree theme. With runners-up being the Shadow Temple and Jabu Jabu's Belly themes.

I would say that most of the dungeon music in OoT was creepy and strange, and after listening to them again I also feel that they were going for a sence of lonliness in the dungeons as well. I don't think that goes for the rest of the game as much though, I think they were trying to go with eerie and lonely just for the dungeons and mini-dungeons.

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Aug 19, 2009
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Here are the tunes for each temple so that way nobody has to look them up or anything for a refresher like I did.


Dang this one makes me feel kinda lonely.


Definatly not creepy.


Okay the place you're in when that music plays is creepier than the music itself. Although on the creepometer it's about a 7.


Hmmm.... seems kinda peaceful if you ask me. Like a sanctuary. Or a church.


Wow pretty lively if you ask me.


The chanting version.


The original version.

OMG I just noticed something! They remixed the music for the Fire Temple in OoT and used it in the Goron Mines in TP! Anyways the chanting version is really creepy like a magma redead would just pop up and try to eat your brains but the original version is just like a lonely cave.


Kinda pretty if you ask me.


Just what I'd expect from a water dungeon. But not creepy at all.


They reused the music from the Fire Temple in the Well. Same rating regardless of the location.


This one always sends chills down my spine. On the creepometer it's an 11.


Interesting to say the least but not creepy.


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Apr 14, 2008
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I've always found the Forest Temple music creepy. The others not so much, but this one just got to me for some reason.
Like some others have said, the Shadow Temple just doesn't seem that creepy to me.

Now when it comes to the original music of the Fire Temple, it just blows everything out of the water. It honestly used to give me nightmares, and I've never liked it. By far the creepiest piece in any Zelda game that I've played.


Forest temple is the creepiest for me as well. After playing it for two hours I was scared and slept with the light on. lol (I was 10 IIRC)
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The shadow temple.Look at the pictures on the wall who talk to you and listen to the music very creepy.
Nov 8, 2009
I'm a proud owner of Ocarina of Time v1.0, with the Islam symbols on the blocks and mirror shield and everything.
Anyway, Fire Temple wins hands down!
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It may be creepy, but it's still awesome!

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Jun 9, 2009
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I indeed think that most of the Temple music was creepy...

I remember that when I was like 8 or 9. I muted the TV for everything, that includes the Shadow Temple and the Bottom of the Well...

I recently listened to the Fire Temple chanting version music, and I didn't like it so much... I got used to the one without those chantings.
I did like the Spirit Temple music. sounded all that egyptian. I liked it a lot.
The Forest Temple one does sound creepy, but I like it after all. Sounds more like... mysterious.

The only ones that really creep me out are the Bottom of the Well and Shadow Temple oneso.o.

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