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Discussion in 'World of Zelda' started by Jarvio, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Jarvio


    Jesus christ.... OOT on the Wii U gamepad is ABYSMAL!

    It's those damn C buttons - they just don't work well at all. The amount of error is unreal. I was constantly getting out the wrong items, screwing up the ocarina songs etc. All because the direction would not press where I was pressing it! For example, push left and it hits up instead!

    Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me??

    I got to dodongos cavern, and I literally couldn't take any more.

    Since then I started again but with the wii classic controller (plugged into the wiimote), and it works SO MUCH BETTER.

    I am quite shocked how OOT on the Wii U got past the testing stages with those C buttons.

    (Yes I realise that you can assign buttons to C via a feature, but you cannot assign them to the d-pad - which defeats the whole object, because there's no other way to do it without it being horribly confusing).
  2. Kylo Ken

    Kylo Ken I will finish what Spyro started

    Playing OoT or MM on anything but a N64 controller or a 3ds should be a crime punishable by firing squad.
  3. Tibari

    Tibari Rinkuji

    You forgot GC Controller
  4. Jarvio


    Playing on the wii classic controller isn't so bad in all fairness. But maybe that's because I'm comparing it to the horrific wii u gamepad