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Ocarina of Time OoT Hidden Gossip Stone

Bob Majinki

Deku Director
Feb 15, 2009
If it overheard Kokiri talking about Link leaving, why didn't it overhear the Deku Tree saying Link is not actually Kokiri? I mean, it's right behind the tree and all.
Aug 26, 2009
Or maybe, lets put it this way. How big is this forest? We see trees covering almost all of hyrule field. So maybe its saying that if a Kokiri leaves Hyrule, he'll die.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Hmm...I've never noticed that particular Gossip Stone behind there. I always thought that there was only one in that area. o_O Goes to show that I don't go exploring in Zelda a whole lot. :xd:

Anyway personally I see the whole thing of "when a Kokiri leaves the forest, they'll die" just to be a story that the Deku Tree told them in order to prevent them from trying to leave the forest. He was trying to keep his charges in line and try not to let them get hurt by the outside world because they wouldn't be protected by him if they were to leave. Ganondorf would probably be the big reason why he told them this story.

All the talk about them leaving and growing up could be possible. It makes me think of Peter Pan. A lot of things in Zelda make reference to the story of Peter Pan, and can be argued that the creators had this story in mind when making a lot of the things throughout the games.

A few noticable things are:

Link's green tunic and hat looks very similar to the costume which Peter Pan wears.

Link has Navi the fairy in OoT. Peter has Tinkerbell in his stories. Plus, fairies have also always been apart of Zelda, as they have in Peter Pan.

Peter Pan is often shown chasing and having trouble out of his shadow. Link also has trouble out of Dark Link (originally called Shadow Link) in various Zelda titles.

Among all these things, I think it would make sense that if the creators did have Peter Pan in mind, the Kokiri living in the Kokiri Forest would be based on Lost Boys living in Neverland. Both the Kokiri and the Lost Boys do not age while in these places. But we have seen (for those who know the story of Peter Pan or have seen the movie Hook) that if a Lost Boy leaves Neverland, he will grow up.

Lost Boys can also die while in Neverland, as I'm sure if something were to come to the Kokiri Forest and kill a Kokiri child, they would die as well. Its more likely that the Deku Tree told them not to leave so that they would stay young, as if they did leave they would grow old and eventually die from old age, even if nothing were to attack them in the outside world.

Honestly DL01, I never thought of there being any similarities between OoT and Peter Pan. Nice catch! :)

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