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One Change


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
Oh PLOT change? OK...*facepalm*

Well...mainly I'd like to get rid of one of those gaping plotholes. Either Ganondorf's random love Hyrule despite previously wanting to destroy it or KORL telling Link how it's their destiny to save Hyrule and revive it...and then inexplicably destroying it.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
Actually...that bugged me in Wind Waker. If it had been a different person, I'd be thrilled...but this contradicts Ganondorf. If it were a different incarnation of Ganondorf, I'd understand...but this is the same bloodthirsty Ganondorf who wanted to destroy the land (they even say this in Wind Waker too) and suddenly loves Hyrule.
He didn't love Hyrule, he coveted its prosperity. If anything, he was bitterly jealous. He talked about how winds only brought his desert death while it provided Hyrule with prosperity, and he "coveted that wind". I always saw this as his initial motivation to do what he did in OoT, that WW gave us the explanation for his motives that OoT never expanded on.

I wouldn't change anything about WW's plot. In fact, WW had, in my opinion, one of the better plots in the series, and Ganondorf's character development played a big role in that. If anything, I just want to see a few more lines from Ganondorf, maybe remove his initial lack of interest in killing Link, because that was the only thing that seemed out of character for him.


Destroyer of Destruction
Sep 28, 2011
Probably in my room.
I don't think there's gonna be any plot changes, it's just a remake. If you're just asking a "What if?" scenario, then I'm afraid I can't answer you, as I have yet to play the game.
Apr 10, 2012
If anything, just make the game the way it was intended to be made before the tri force quest was added in and the 2 dungeons were deleted. Just make it feel more complete and I'll be fine.


It's me!
Mar 20, 2012
My idea of a plot twist is that a couple of triforce pieces would be held captive and give us more dungeons. Ice and a true water dungeon, maybe?

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