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Zelda Art Old Of Wolf and Man

Apr 16, 2010
Here's chapter 5. Another cliffhanger!:):

5: Hyrule Castle

We arrived at Hyrule Castle in a few minutes. The castle was even more beautiful from inside! Portraits of long gone royal family covered the walls. Shiny red carpet coated the floors like hair on a head. Marvelous marble staircases allowed for travel from one amazing floor to the next.

Master Link escorted us through the halls he had traversed in his youth. His nostalgia furthered the experience.

We finally arrived at the very top of Hyrule Castle, in Princess Zelda's quarters.

She was very beautiful. She had brownish-blonde hair and a flawless face. She was about 5'6" and wore a pink dress with diamonds in it. She was also 13.

"Welcome students if Link," Zelda said while sitting on her throne that was also made of diamonds. "Will those who are becoming knights today please step forward?"

The first to step forward was a 16 year-old boy named Zerudo. He had silver hair and blue eyes and was 6 feet tall. He was holding his head high.

Zelda gave him the inaugural armor and sword. He got blue armor and a long, thin sword.

The same thing happened with Stergiou, a 6'1" 15 year-old Goron. He had blue eyes the same color as the armor he received.

Then, the three highest ranked Hylian knights walked in to hand them their certificates.

The third highest was Colin's dad Sir Marcus. He was about 40 and looked just like Colin but with gray hair. He wore silver armor with the royal family's emblem on the front.

The next highest was Sir Vember. He was a 22 year-old knight that was a little under six foot and had dark brown hair. He had a stern look on his face.

The highest ranked was none other then King Hyrule himself. He looked much like Zelda but with grayish hair and a very masculine look.

"Holy ****! That's him," me and Colin gasped at each other at the same time.

Princess Zelda's nephew Elvon, son of the prince, *ame out too. He wore expensive armor and was a little under 5'10". He had light brown hair and green eyes and was only eleven years old. He carried his ocarina everywhere he went in his lonely life at the castle. Despite being rich, it was the only thing that brought him happiness. Elvon's dream was to get out of the castle.

Elvon played the "Song of Time" on his ocarina as the the knights and the king handed the knights their certificates. They bowed to the king and their fellow knights.

Us that weren't getting inaugurated left the quarters. I turned around and saw Zelda wink at me. Had she really just winked at me? I didn't believe it. Tingles went up my spine. I winked back.

Then I was forced to leave and just as we started walking down the steps, someone broke through the window. It was none other than the assassin Hawk Killer!


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Jul 27, 2010
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Awesome chapter. When I read Tingles went up my spine I immediately thought of Tingle lol. I also liked how Hawk killer appeared out of nowhere.
Good job on making a mysterious ending with my barging in. XD Your not going to make me a bad guy are you? Also, Tingles up your spine, that sounds like Tingle-bugs went into your body and live on your spine... How can you be the spitting image of both your grandfather and father if the two are not related? And is the Zelda from TP alive? You misspelled Crap and part was censored. How about using words like crap or darn next time.


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Feb 22, 2010
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Wow, this is a really good story. I have two questions, though. Will Shore appear again? And will he have a hero moment and play more of a part in the story?


Jun 19, 2010
I really like this chapter.It's my favorite one so far.I like how the Hawk Killer randomly comes out of nowhere.


great story so far. i hope to be involved in the fighting and battles and such. true my character is a blacksmith but she's useful in battles and such. it'd be kind of silly if her life trade was making swords, shields, and armor and didn't know how to use them. XD anyways, carry on. -subscribed-
Apr 16, 2010
Here's chapter 6. WARNING: May be so confusing that your brain explodes!

6: Inside the Fire

Before anyone could really see Hawk Killer, he through a bomb at everyone. We all ran out the only door. Hawk Killer shot a fire arrow at the carpet and the whole castle set on fire!

We ran down the stairs and ran from room to room until we hit outside.

Hawk Killer was waiting for us outside. "That was for your own good."

None of us could understand him, so mistook his words for something negative.

Hawk Killer was about 6'5" and had candy apple red hair. He wore an eagle-resembling mask, a black and blue robe, gloves and dark blue sandals.*

"So is this," Hawk Killer continued. He shot an arrow at Princess Zelda! I jumped in the way with my new Hylian shield and blocked it. The arrow ricocheted to the right.

Then, he shot another fire arrow at the grass around us.

We all ran out of the courtyard, but since I was last, I didn't make it and was surrounded by a circle of fire with Hawk Killer.

"No!" he said, but I couldn't understand him. "She was supposed to die! To stop him!"

I thought he was saying something disrespectful to me so I charged him with my sword from class. I swung at him several times, but all he did was evade the attacks.

Then, a giant red dragon stopped and say something in ancient Hylian! All I could understand was "Valoo" where had I heard that before?

Finally, Hawk Killer got on the dragon and he flew away straight at the sun!

That's right, Valoo!

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