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Oh Dear!

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Jul 16, 2011
The flying bird is one of the best mechanics in the series, ever.
The story is revealing to be one of the most unusual ever in the series.
Plus, gameplay wise this game is the most innovative since OoT, and that's a fact for everyone who is following the game.

All check.

If I had to bet my money, i'd say that it's probably going to get better scores than TP and WW, and be remembered as a better Zelda game as well.


Jul 1, 2011
Clock Town Laundry Pool
Seriously? Who the hell gave me rep and said "trollin and expecting people to get pissed" do you not understand the concept of opinions? I didnt expect people to get mad. I expeted most of these posters to be a little more mature about this.

You sir are an idiot, I dont know why you are even posting this negative post in the skyward sword section... this game is going to be great and they have not overused the story for this game, this game is said to be very different from the others and I myself am exciteds about flying on my cool red bird thank you very much.
I would appreciate not being called and idiot. you sir, are Flagged :)
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Sep 23, 2011
Ugh, flagging people? Really? If you are that sensitive then message boards are probably not the right place for you.

Anyway, took a few reads for me to understand exactly what you were saying, but I think I've got the jist. I can definately agree that the bird looks stupid. However, anyone who has played the game has stated that flying is fun so it does it's job well.

I can see where you are coming from with regards to the story, but we really have no evidence that suggests whether or not the story will be worth our time. So these claims are pretty much baseless.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that you just recently started looking into this game. You saw the bird, read a plot synopsis, and flipped out. That may not be accurate but that is the impression you are giving. Either way I highly suggest looking into this game some more. Mainly the gameplay and level design. I'm not just talking about motion plus swordplay either. We've had every indication that this will be the first fresh Zelda in awhile. Every item in the game can be upgraded multiple times by taking spoils to a scrap shop. Enemies are actually doing damage now and there are multiple ways to defeat them. The typical field-dungeon-new item-boss formula is being changed up. Hyrule is getting a complete overhaul so that there will be things to do everywhere and it will almost seem like one big dungeon in and of itself.

Seriously, go read about some of the new ideas and basic structure changes for this game. Then you can come back here and have a more educated discussion.


Hero of Time
Jan 30, 2011
you are entitled to your own opinion, but you come off as arrogant. Are you seriously one of those people that are like "LULZ OMG OCAR1NA OF T1ME IS TEH GREATEST GAME EVAR!!!!!"....Like get a grip, Skyward Sword is the most revolutionary Zelda game as of yet. But then again...the troll loves his food....


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Feb 14, 2010
Ok. He has his opinion. Do not insult him for it. Do not negative rep him for it. But, Kafei, don't insult them in turn. And come up with a specific example of WHY you feel this way and HOW you got that impression.
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