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Official Suggestions Thread


Jan 19, 2018
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Counting posts in some forums and not others does peeve me a bit, but on the other hand post counts don't really matter at all, so its close to a non-issue for me.

I do think mafia contributes to the community at least in the same way that forum games or things like the pokemon tournament or art/writing contests do. Its a social activity that people can bond through and its something that can attract people to the site or convince them to stay once they're here.


Staff member
I'm not entirely sold on the idea of including Forum Games, Roleplay, or Mafia forum posts within post count but in any case at the moment the ZD servers have been struggling and have ongoing recurring issues which are being investigated by the site staff so I don't want to push the load onto the servers that rebuilding post counts of all users would create at the moment. There is an add-on for showing post counts for each node but last time I installed it there were issues that it was causing so I had to disable it unfortunately.

I think a great way we could be further recognising those who are active on the Mafia section is through awards/medals which are also shown on your posts and in your profile. We have medals given for winning competitions, so why not for winning a game of Mafia? If those in the Mafia community are interested in this idea and we can get together some suggested designs for an award I'd be happy to look at implementing this.

I do think that Mafia users are just as valid being here as anyone else and people shouldn't be made to feel like they don't belong here because of their preference to participate in some specific section of the forum. If you're made to feel alienated by another user in this way you can report it to the staff or reach out to me directly.


Regarding the Life Advice forum, having read through the varying opinions here I am somewhat torn on the idea of putting a post restriction there. I don't think this is an issue that has occurred super frequently that we desperately need to take an action to block new users posting in there and unless the frequency picks up we can manage these things on a case by case basis. I'll explore the options for making it clearer to users the purpose of the forum before they start posting there.

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