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Official Suggestions Thread

ooh as avatars would be cool
didn't some members have it though
like Spirit
she had it prior to the ugrade to xf2. xf2 seems to have dropped this support (or theres some setting) because anyone who's tried uploading gif avatars since, they just do not work

i honestly think its something to do with the uploader, maybe that theres a cropper, that just automatically makes the images static, but i have no idea if there's a way to configure gifs to work


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A request I have is to search for words that are three or two letters long
View attachment 60876

Because of certain keywords I can’t get to old posts as quickly and have a harder time looking for and remembering the post

I’d like that
yea it really needs some fixes

funny enough if you search like
"the Wild" it will search for posts that contain 'the' and 'Wild', which might help you with what you're searching maybe

I think that's another issue that has to be fixed since "the Wild" should be a treated as a single term maybe, but it's a way to circumvent the too short/too common issue


May 14, 2022
Can we have a Mario Dungeon fansite (mario.zeldadungeon.net) or a Mario Dungeon Wiki? I made a thread asking about this though a mod referred me to ask about it here. The reason I say this is because the Mario franchise is closely related to Zelda.

I did a write-up here (Mases allowed it when I asked) and I think it could evolve into a Mario Dungeon

then there's also this article in which I added an origin section to


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Oct 14, 2007
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I don't think this is a good idea. In the past we've tried building some off-shoot websites. Pokemon Dungeon was a think for years. Darksiders Dungeon was fairly successful for a bit as well. There was a Pikmin Dungeon and talks of a Metroid Dungeon. We have a loosely affiliated Metroid website right now actually, with Omega Metroid https://omegametroid.com/

Nevertheless, the difficulty with all these, is the established communities/wikis that already exist. How much of a need is there for an alternative when another website offers almost everything you could ask for? Zelda Dungeon, as a whole, works, because we've been around forever and pre-date a lot of the alternatives. So we have carved out our need for existence and are firmly established. We rank well with searches and are well known for our interactive BotW Map, our Guides/Walkthroughs/Wiki, and our front page Editorial team. Along with our things we do, including our social media, YouTube content, Marathon, and even this forum.


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What you SHOULD do is make a ZD app. Sorry if you get that suggestion a lot. Or if you have already done it and o just didn’t know.

I'm not sure that the resources required to create and maintain such an app balanced against its benefit would justify its creation.

Often I find myself looking for a thread just to realize it's in another place, even if appropriate it's a bit frustrating, lol. Is there a way to crosspost a thread into different sub-forums? Like make so it can appear in two subforums at the same time.

I had a look into this and it seems that this functionality isn't something that is available or being considered by the Xenforo staff as indicated by their response here.

Perhaps not the most ideal solution but the closest thing I can think of is setting permanent redirects for some key threads. Only staff can do this and I have made an example below. I suppose this could be handy for a few select sticky threads that make sense in two places but at the same time it would be good to avoid overcrowding too much and minimise the use of this feature.

Official Suggestions Thread - Forum Suggestions and Feedback
This is where the thread is actually created.
Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 12.25.40 am.png

Official Suggestions Thread - Forum Tutorials and FAQs
This is where I have created a "permanent redirect" which always will send users clicking it to the first post in that thread. The number of pages, replies, views, and last poster are not updated as this is simply a link to the thread.
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Aug 16, 2019
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I think it'd be great to add epic games' exophase profile connection. And also a space to add our Switch friend code in our profile

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