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Official Suggestions Thread


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Nov 17, 2011
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Also, I am somehow still able to ban myself from the SB, so my permissions STILL aren't fixed. I don't understand how someone can screw up permissions this badly. It's a simple operation, but Locke can take a simple task and somehow break reality and do things that shouldn't even be possible.
I was under the impression that everyone has the option to ban themselves, for some reason. I've seen users say that hitting that option works until you refresh the page.
I was under the impression that everyone has the option to ban themselves, for some reason. I've seen users say that hitting that option works until you refresh the page.
I can't ban myself.



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Jul 6, 2011
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Also, I am somehow still able to ban myself from the SB, so my permissions STILL aren't fixed. I don't understand how someone can screw up permissions this badly. It's a simple operation, but Locke can take a simple task and somehow break reality and do things that shouldn't even be possible.

I can do it too. I thought it was everyone who could.


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Nov 2, 2014
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I am also able to ban myself on this account from the shoutbox and have member permissions. This would have not been changed since Rep and Kitsu were assigning permissions.
(Jimmy here by the way)


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Nov 29, 2008
[USERyou=1]@Mases[/USER], @Locke etc, hell even @Matt, how many members complaining about something does it take until you all figure out that it is a problem?

So the 7 or so staff members all resigning under Locke and our current system status quo are just conveniently delusional? The site activity is dropping like a rock for the same reasons those staff members left. Myself included. Some of our longest running users dont even want to log in at this point anymore.

As a Mod, if I brought anything up in staff chat it got nowhere. Discussion after discussion getting dropped. Members who were malicious trolls we weren't even allowed to give a warning for. This sheer incompetence of management here is mind blowing. For days after demoting me I still had mod perms. Locke is Admin and he doesn't even know how to remove perms properly! But bungling that was still better than stonewalling every staff attempt to actually moderate. Locke only cared about punishing someone when it was Kitsu. Locke was at his best when he was ignoring the forums. At one point I just started moderating on my own and what do you know, stuff actually got done.

But like I said, it's Raer Dungeon now. One group of trolls have driven away so many members, members who in this VERY THREAD are saying as much. Yet we were never allowed to do anything. The staff is utterly useless. Certain trolls are given untouchable status, no matter how many dozens of complaints we get about them. Even when the entirety of that staff agreed to infract someone, it never happened, because Locke said no. And anyone in the staff a couple of months ago knows exactly the situation I am referring to, but it was par the course.

And actually, I agree Mases, we don't need more mods. We have more active mods than users at this point. Just kill the forums already Mases, this slow death isn't becoming of you. Just stick a knife in it already like you've been wanting to do. Disqus is the future.
Being told "no" to your requests to carry out petty vendettas against people whose only crime was criticizing actions mods were taking doesn't make you a victim. And it doesn't constitute ineffective administration. There was hardly "agreement" in the staff on punishment being deserved. The comments of the Kistu Group in the resignation thread not only admitted that, but complained about it. So it's really bizarre to claim the opposite here. I am really sorry to burst your bubble, but no where in the rules is it forbidden to question moderator decisions. And most of the "complaints" you mentioned come from cult loyalists who have repeatedly helped your group troll and harass users on this forum for months.
You and the others constantly behave like Christian fundamentalists who cry out "oppression" when they are told they don't have the right to discriminate against others.

Constantly playing the victim when the Cult of Kistu was most certainly the villains in this ordeal is only going to alienate you further from everyone else and lose you sympathy. Bullying is an inherently self-destructive act. It cannot be maintained. The group you are constantly insulting has never wavered in their opinion on the acceptance of bullying. You were, in fact, their allies in the Axle situation. Campaigning just as hard against him as the rest. Then you all got power, fell in love with it, and began to see anyone who questioned you as a threat that had to be eliminated and suppressed. You all began to behave as if the most important thing was to protect your power. You were afraid of losing it.
Aung San Suu Kyi said:
It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.

The four of you in the core group: Repentence, Kitsu, Batman, and you, Seth, used to be champions of justice on this. You fought the monsters. You stood up for the little guy. That earned you the respect of the people. It is why you were all cheered when you got your positions. But you all reacted badly to the power. You became the very monsters you swore you'd stop.
Friedrich Nietzsche said:
Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

Playing victim when you were the villain is nothing short of pathetic. You all strut around as if you've won some great victory by defiantly resigning when the truth is you lost. You made horrifying decisions, you abused people, you got called out on it, you lashed out in revenge, and you recoiled back in the corner in fear when your target did not back down from the first blow. How mind-mindbogglingly short is your memory? You all were VERY aware of how much I opposed corrupt actions of previous admins and moderators. Just what did you think was going to happen? Did you just think I'd look the other way, smile, and give you the thumbs up and say okay? Do you honestly think my entire agenda the whole time was to topple one dictator to replace it with another? It's beyond delusional.

Your claims of the "Raer Seldas" attacking ZD are even more pathetic. Let's not play stupid childish games. You and I know exactly who that means. IT explicitly refers to A Link in Time, DARK MASTER, Djinn, Myself, and Venessa. You think personifying it as a group makes it any less nonsensical? A Link in Time, Djinn, Venessa, and I have been ZD staff a lot longer than any of you. Djinn and Venessa have been mods for many years, riding out various troublesome eras of bad moderators throughout. Always coming out in the end with ultimately retaining the respect of the community. A Link in Time rose up from an awkward newcomer trying to make a name for himself to a highly valued and respected member who was exceptionally good at interacting with the community and organizing events. Your group pathetically ousted him for having the audacity to remove Kitsu from his own personal Skype chat for abusing members of that chat, painting a past event which you all LIED about as the cause when it really was all about revenge for the chat removal.

Whenever Djinn tries to infuse activity into the forum, your group raises hell about him "spamming" the forums because he never agreed with your actions. I built the Zelda Dungeon Wiki when we spun off from Zelda Wiki. I invested thousands of hours into making it work. I tried very hard to promote it only to be roadblocked by your group, who last year deleted the scribe and contributor ranks on your own without permission to do so, crippling our forum-based promotion. I worked very hard to train a team of editors for the wiki. Ones like Satam, Heroine of Time, and Locke went above and beyond my expectations. I couldn't be more proud of them. Locke caught on so quick and learned the ropes very well. It could not have been as successful as it has been without the efforts of these three.

DARK MASTER organized a community on Skype after Mases decided to no longer have a public Skype chat for the forums. He has passionately maintained this community for years. Weathering drama after drama, always staying committed to the life and health of the site as a whole. The whole site. The mainsite, wiki, and forum. He recently has been a huge help organizing more activity with the wiki, including very good efforts to help cover upcoming games. Coverage of these will really help the whole site get more activity as having them covered means that the wiki gets linked more in other forums discussing the those games, which bring people to both the mainsite and the forums as well.

And you think... you can just go and say that these people are out for a campaign to destroy the forum? Honestly? You expect ANYONE is going to believe that?! Outside of your little cult. Your group are upstarts. You have only been in authority positions for a year. Our group have been in influential positions for four years. Contributed a hell of a lot more to the site as a whole than any of you. The most valuable thing that was even accomplished was switching to XenForo. That was good. Props for that. But that didn't earn you godhood. That didn't earn you the right to crap on those beneath you. That didn't earn you the right to insult a group far more dedicated to the site than you.

All this pathetic blameshifting is going to accomplish is further alienate your group from this community. Everything you said was a projection of your own actions. The only people who have been "inactive" lately are people who should be. People who are abusive. People who think bullying is a fantastic way to pass the time. You are fooling no one with these asinine accusations that fly in the face of actual history. The more you do it, the more a fool you make yourself look.

When someone says you are abusing your powers, that isn't harassment. That is part of the job. It is part of the experience. People doing it are not threat. They're not something for you to fear. And it absolutely doesn't mean they want the site destroyed. Criticism is actually used to protect something someone cares about from being mishandled. You need to let go of your anger. You need to let go of your fear. Inflating the cycle of hate will not solve anything. You need to accept what you did, admit you did wrong, and move on. You will not find peace with yourself if you do not. You cannot hope to reconnect damaged friendships if you don't. Holding onto this cannot possibly help.
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Jun 15, 2012
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It's getting tiring have the same arguments rehashed every night.

I suggest we all stop accusing each other now because every accusation there is to be made, has already been made. Now it's no longer productive to bring this out into the open unless stuff is going to be resolved and I don't mean just among the staff, I mean for everybody. We need to draw a line under this now.

EDIT: I feel, as an avid follower and occasional partaker of this mini-war, I should say something in regards to @Mases response. Your answer is do nothing. But doing nothing is what has caused all of these problems. If you really don't care to that level, do what Seth said and stick a pin in the forum.
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Jul 1, 2012
Eh, I recall didn't want to give my thoughts on this but if it helps here's my view.

For one, I didn't resign because of the forum. I wasn't driven off by any members or any of the staff. I just didn't want to mod anymore, and I'm moving country and stuff so I just figured I'm best leaving it the rest of the team or someone who could be promoted and be more active than I could be (I'd really hate to be that one mod who does nothing for weeks on end).

Though this doesn't mean certain things didn't contribute to me leaving. To be honest, for months now, I've cared less and less about this site that I genuinely used to really like. Maybe being staff was part of that, but I felt like the site was going downhill. Lack of new members, lack of activity, trolling, constant drama, rivalries etc. It was becoming a burden to try and stay neutral, it was becoming a burden to actually log in most of the time. No fun anymore, literally no point in staying around anymore nevermind modding. I didn't really plan on saying anything at all, I honestly just wanted to quietly slip away and come on from time to time but now I see this ****storm. Face it, things on ZD are not good. Everyone needs to realise this, staff especially. There's no point sugarcoating it. The only two admins who ever did anything on the tech side of things are gone (what's gonna happen on that front now?). And there's little to no Mods and from what I have been told, there's no plan to promote more. So not only does ZD have the same problems that have plagued it for a while now, but an actually management problem that has literally opened a giant rift among the members. There's probably little trust between members and staff now and a bigger divide than ever.

Anyway, here's my view on this debate. @Mases and whoever else, however you want to put it, Kitsu and Rep have done more for this site in the year they were Admins than anyone else. It's a fact and I will admit them being Admins wasn't controversy free, both are very opinionated and, especially Kitsu, will say something if he doesn't like it. It obviously lead to rash and sometimes bad decisions, but everyone makes them and myself too. I've disagreed with both, had heated arguments with both. Still they're probably the two who care most about this forum out of everyone I've known. It's funny, nearly every bad staff decision, or disagreement, didn't fall on me, Locke (well sometimes Locke), Djinn, Vee, Seth, Batman, Krazy, Jimmy, Garo, whoever else I've been staff with, it was always blamed on Rep and Kitsu. Ok maybe sometimes it was justified if they made a specific error or something but even when it had nothing to do with the them they took the blame. There was a time when I warned someone (yes just a warning) and a giant drama occurred. It was 100% my decision and was blamed on the agenda of Kitsu and Rep. This is just one occasion that sticks out to me because it happened a few weeks before I resigned, but it was a reoccurring thing.

Honestly I don't blame Kitsu for some of the things he did, he was constantly antagonised by certain people and they knew he would react. That's what pisses me off most and especially when Kitsu resigned. He made mistakes sure, but there was loads of times when he was basically full on baited with the no repercussions to the opposing party. What forum actually stands for this? Literally none. We discussed possible punishments and how we should handle future situations like this, but to no avail. Literally a rivalry between two sides has tore this side down, no one's innocent and I've stood up for both parties, but I'm sick of the blame always being on one side. One member who probably cares for the site the most (or at least did) resigned and nothing happened to the opposing party but protection for reasons I still cannot understand.

This stupid agenda to hurt people, demonize people, get people demoted etc. has to stop. There was a situation a few months ago when a member caused a giant argument between two of our staff members which probably added to this whole rift within the staff. Basically one staff member had said something about another in a Skype chat or something. Ok maybe not exactly right on that staff member's part, but the member posted the logs and tried to get said staff member demoted. This was honestly one of the most out right ridiculous and most annoying things I ever encountered as a mod, though I didn't express it at the time. It's something right out of high school, done to cause rifts and distrust among the staff. Both staff members came close to quitting that day if I recall. It could have been handled so much better than it was and it perfectly highlights how some people actively try to hurt the staff and get us demoted. Hell I got harassed on Skype for months and got threatened about getting demoted, 4 others also admitted to getting similar treatment. Point is, things aren't always what they seem and there's frustration in the staff for a reason and probably an outside agenda to cause it; though I'd like to believe otherwise. It's not exactly nice getting this treatment when you're the ones who have to do the dirty work of the forum and get no praise and nothing but hate from both sides whatever decision we make. You know what, thank you to all the members that didn't cause a big drama when they were punished. Thank you to the members who didn't try to get any of us demoted or threaten us. Sometimes I actually laugh, it's a ****ing game forum and I'm saying this sort of ****. Sums up why a lot of the staff resigned really and why I'm glad I'm no longer a mod.

That brings me on to another thing. I'm actually not that surprised that people have stepped down (ok maybe I am that 4 did in such a short space of time). I'm not going to name names, but I think this is worth sharing. There was maybe 4 or 5 occasions where we, as the staff, reached a majority vote. Maybe 8/10 out of the staff and we were denied because Locke and Mases disagreed. I'm ok with having head for figures of the staff, but you guys must see that flat out overruling your staff causes rifts and trust issues. Especially when the staff are the ones who actively manage the forum day in and day out and we got denied by the two who are the least active. This is what I'm guessing made others leave(?). In any sort of decision making, whether it's a business or something as trivial a game forum, I think you shoulf always trust the majority of your staff members because that's what they were "hired" for and getting denied kind of makes everyone feel powerless and completely demotivates everyone. So if a similar scenario happens again, please trust your staff members and don't go off your own intuition. It will cause a similar situation to the one that happened here recently.

Few things for the current staff. First off Locke and Djinn. I actually really like you guys and have had little to no problems with you when I was staff. Though you are both admins and the least active staff members since Wyatt. Members will always look up to you guys as head figures. Sometimes it was awkward when we would take up 95% of the moderation duties and somehow you guys were still admins. I have no problem with you guys in that position as long as you fulfill the duties that come along with it. Especially now, there's so little staff and the forum is relying on you two mostly at the moment.

Secondly, I actually can't believe a petty rivalry has completely destroyed half the staff team. Yes we had arguments and disagreed, but that breeds a good environment in my opinion. If everyone agrees and hardly cares then what's the point? I think that actually brought a lot of us closer together as a unit and we actually got **** done that mod teams in the past maybe struggled with. If both the current staff team and the ones who stepped down could reconcile then maybe, just maybe, ZD could somehow be salvaged. But things need to change, more activity from the higher admins and more communication and understanding with the one who runs the site, Mases. If the staff comes to a majority agreement then you shouldn't overrule it. And most importantly don't let members cause rifts within the staff - this goes out to both sides, it's clearly the biggest problem here and nothing's been done to fix it. Please do something to help the situation and don't let the forum go into the hole it's heading in.
Feb 23, 2011
I had no idea that most of this stuff was going on until I saw this thread, and I'm sure many, MANY other members are thinking the exact same thing. This is literally a big "wut" moment. It kind of makes you wonder what else goes on behind the scenes. I think all of this is waaaay overdramatized. This is a video game forum.

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