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Official MinMin Appreciation Post


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Feb 21, 2020
Ethereal Plane
Let's all applaud Nintendo for taking a total left-field character from a unique and underappreciated game, and turning out one of the wackiest and most entertaining movesets ever seen in Smash Bros!

I know she only just came out, but I'm already adjusting my "list of mains" to include MinMin!

I love Min Min. I'm one of the few people on this site that actually likes Arms, wants a sequel and gives a toss about the lore.

Min Min was always my favourite in Arms and as soon as Arms was a thing I knew a character would eventually make it into Smash.

I'm very glad Min Min is the one who did. She's a fan favourite in the community and won the Party Crash Bash, Arms' online tournament to crown an undisputed roster champion, so she definitely deserved to be in Smash.

I've done a few blogs on Min Min and what I'd like to see for the future of Arms, so I hope people really enjoy her and that Smash can put some interest back into Arms.

Arms wasn't a bad game, it sold over 2 million in the Switch's infancy, the problem was that it got eaten alive by Splatoon 2.

Congratulations Min Min, you got the win win!
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