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Odd Zelda Theories

Jul 8, 2022
Hey yall im relatively new to the zelda community and i want to know yalls weirdest theories that you have

silent lion

Nov 5, 2007
The main island in SS is the sky temple in TP

Not that odd but I haven't heard anyone else saying it

Also they killed all the Gerudo
Jan 11, 2021
My linear timeline theory. You can read more at the thread Linear Timeline Expanded.

Also the idea that Tantari and Parapa were the Rito wind sage and Sheikah shadow sage of the Zelda 2 generation.
I also think my map overlay theory is pretty odd, especially the idea that Labrynna and Minish Cap Hyrule are essentially Akkala, and Holodrum and Zelda 1 Hyrule are the same land, and Death Mountain from Twilgith Princess is actually BotW Hyrule castle.

Skyloft being City in the Sky is a great theory; I would add the Wind Tribe's Home as another Sky Island in the same vein.

Also love Mikey's Wheel timeline and definitely think it's preferable to the current split.

For Frax's theory, is the light that he photosynthesizes sunlight or the light from the Light Temple? Maybe he absorbs Rauru's sacred light and that's what sustains him, idk.
Oct 10, 2017
How about:

Koholint Island is a map to the realms throughout the series.


The version of the events in Ocarina of Time that we play is only the adult timeline version of events.
Oct 6, 2016
Manly man
Here's one:

-The Picori were eradicated during The Great Calamity; hence why there's little to no rupees and **** hidden in rocks and grass in BotW.

Bowsette Plus-Ultra

The Devil's Advocate
ZD Legend
Mar 23, 2013
1) Demise isn't a supernatural or divine being, he's something extraterrestrial that crashed to the Earth sometime before Skyward Sword began.

2) There is no hero's spirit. Characters attribute the idea of there being a hero's spirit to everyone who wields the Master Sword or strikes down the Ganon of the week, but they're just ascribing something mystical to normal people taking up arms.

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