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General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

Which one?

  • Ocarina of Time

    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • Majora's Mask

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Aug 16, 2008
My theory of Termina is that the only way for the living to get there is through the lost woods (Which is of course how link got there, same goes for the happy mask shop owner) which would explain how there was the swallowing feeling when Scrub Link went through that one tunnel to Clock Tower.

If you also noticed Koume and Kotake, who died in Ocarina, were in Termina. And many of the people from Hyrule were there as well (i have a whole theory on the flow of the zelda games, that When Ganons return in the legend at the beginning of windwaker was when Link was in Termina, so the people died and moved on to their afterlife)

That's my theory I'll explain more later, i gtg now
Ummm Then why would people die in the after life?
Jun 16, 2008
New York, US
Well, like many have said, I like OoT more, but MM does come very close. The thing about MM having very few dungeons is that it couldn't ease the difficulty into the game. There is a very large gap between Woodfall and Snowhead temple in difficulty, whereas in OoT, since there were 9 dungeons, they could increase the difficulty slightly in each dungeon, getting the player more used to it as they go. Also, it made me very annoyed in MM how you could only keep the Razor sword for a few days! In OoT, I really liked the mix of child/adult Link parts. Overall, I'd say OoT was more enjoyable than MM, and it didn't have the paniced, rushed feeling of MM.


Feb 24, 2010
Now, normally I would find myself complaining about how there aren't that many temples, but you know, the temples were long. And the temples were hard. That's what I like about it though. And I think a lot of people do too. They didn't put too many temples in there, but the temples they did put in there, they made those ones hard.

Yeah and the fact that it took a fair bit of work to actually get to the temples was a bonus. The lake springs to mind also Ikania Canyon.

Glided Sword

I find that both games have weaknesses that the other picks up such as the lack of temples in Majora's Mask but how easy and short they are in Ocarina of Time. OoT had eleven dungeons while Majora's Mask had only five but they were hard and pretty long so they both pick up where the other falls.


Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game, I got it when I was 6 or 7 and I beat it within a couple months. I loved it, for the storyline, the graphics, the music, for everything! >.<

I played it for quite a while even after beating it several times- and I was ready for another Zelda game. Then, i got a video cassete in the mail talking about the new upcoming Zelda game. I thought it looked incredible!

2000 came a long, and I got Majora's mask... At first, I was some what shocked, it was a lot darker than ocarina of time. However, it gave me a bigger thrill and harder puzzles/dungeons than Ocarina of time. I also had more to do, tons of items to collect, and the whole concept of being able to transform into different forms was really cool for me.

I loved having to help people and complete events in certain times of the game to collect new masks. I loved how the game was more dramatic and sad. Did anyone ever read the conversation between Romani and Cremia on the third day after you did their events? :eek:

Now, I'm pretty much for both games. I don't think either one was better than the other, but I did enjoy the different aspects the games offered. One was broader, with more dungeons and a more captivating and epic quest. The other was packed with tons of things to do, with a darker and more mysterious plot.

I can't make the decision as to which is "better," so I'm going to have to stay neutral on this one.
May 25, 2008
In my house
OoT was literally the prequel for MM, so that takes out some originality

That statement I love so much, mainly because I find so much wrong with it. I won't point it out, but I can say

"Couldn't I say that MM was the sequel to OoT, so then Majora's Mask losses due to unoriginality?"


I love things about both games, so its really hard to decide. OoT had so many cool things about it; it had a good storyline, it was such a long adventure, had so many places to go, and was just an overall amazing game. MM had all of the item trading and sidequests, and there was more character development with the minor characters then there was in OoT. Given the amount of sidequests, there was a lot more to do that didn't involve the storyline, particularly good for when you beat the game.

Overall, OoT is my favorite, but MM is a very close second. Both of them are easily my favorite Zelda games ever (maybe its just because I'm nostalgic and into older games, or something).

...oh, and... first post. =P


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
I adore OoT. It's my faviorate out of the entire series! Majora's Mask was worked off of the same engine as OoT. It has a more complex graphics engine, though (It had the Expansion Pak for assistance), yet most of the game's engines were based off of OoT's. Some songs were directly off of OoT. Sure, MM had some more complex actors, OoT used the plain actors in a hard-core way. The music was more.... original in OoT. Yet, OoT had no major rushings (You had ALL the time in the world (Unless your N64 overheated) to explore dungeons and play minigames); in MM, the entire game is rushing and no kick back relaxation. In all, OoT was the best! Always has, always will!


i liked oot
it was the first zelda game i played and its the best game ive ever played
Nov 4, 2008
MM, is better than OoT IMO.

When I first got OoT when it came out i was expecting it to surpass LTTP but it didnt. I got the same game. The story was almost exaclty the same. The Whole Collect 3 things then 7 things, most of the weapons, hell even the duel worlds thing. It was a cheap remake IMO of a vastly better game, in 3-D.

MM was original it did more with the engine. The mask system was awesome, The few new weapons were cool (Mainly the Great Fairy's Sword). The time cycle made it much more challenging (if u didnt know the inverted song of time). Much more sidequests, better character interaction. It was more mature and had more deepth than OoT will ever have. The music in every Zelda game is always reused and rearranged.

I expected much more form OoT but it was just LTTP 3D, MM was the zelda game I was waiting for. I i find the gameboys games better than OoT. IMO OoT is my least favorite one.

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