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General Classic Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

Which one?

  • Ocarina of Time

    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • Majora's Mask

    Votes: 5 50.0%

  • Total voters


Zelda Ocarina of time's story was impressive and MM's Gameplay was really amazing
I have to say Ocarina of time since it was really like The basic story of Zelda
It introduced all new stuff and yeah!!!

Ocarina of time was soo good that Majora's Mask is often forgoten in top 10's and stuff
If majora's mask was a stand alone game, it would be the 2nd best game of all time XD
Feb 1, 2011
Majora's Mask is much better in my opinion.

I like it much better because there aren't that many dungeons and you have more stuff to do like collecting masks.
Mar 7, 2011
The Netherlands
I liked Ocarina of Time more, since it wasn't as preissured as MM with the whole 3 day time limit, which never appealed to me at all. I played both and with OoT you just have more time and freedom to roam a bit do some sidequesting etc. Also the story of OoT is better then MM's


Well I just finished replaying OoT, and halfway through my first ever time of playing Majora's mask, gotta say I love them both, OoT for all the elements that everyone else has mentioned, it's outstanding story, gameplay, length, depth and it's sheer brilliance. However, to me it also has the Nostalgia factor, which in my opinion is a large contributor, because I used to play OoT ritualistically as a child, it was a rollercoaster of emotion for me, at times it frightened me, confused me, infatuated me (Malon :P) and even frustrated me (When I was stuck as a kid, and then I'd spend forever in Kakariko playing my own games haha, like racing the workers or trying to jump of the tall post thingy) and whenever I think of OoT I feel at home.

Though it is unfair, because if I played MM as a child, I think there also would be a nostalgia factor but hey. And eventhough OoT is just the Deity of Video Games, MM does improve on some of OoT's shortcomings, though it is not as big as OoT, it certainly is much more dense: the story largely focuses on side quests and knowing characters in depth (Which I love) and it's more of an RPG, Graphics are nicer and also the fact that Link flips when he jumps never ceases to amaze me! :D However, Majora's mask does get tedious, when you have to reset everything, I mean I have never been frustrated at Zelda games, even when I should have been because they're just so good that you can't stay mad at, but this factor was the first time I've felt something close to annoyance towards a Zelda game :/

TL;DR: Both solid games, could both easily be compared to "Mona Lisa's" of their kind, OoT is brilliant with a lot of things, MM expands on OoT, but OoT wins out on the Nostalgia factor!
Sep 28, 2010
These two games are both great. I just consider them a package deal, they each have what the other lacks, and together are the greatest game duo of all time! =D


Do the thing
Site Staff
Jan 9, 2008
Probably somewhere
I'm gonna go ahead and say that I think Majora's Mask was a better game overall. Sure, it may have been short, sweet, and to the point if you just blasted through it, but the amount of side quests and optional things to do was outstanding. The concept of 'shapeshifting' by wearing different masks was very clever and well done as well in my opinion. I also liked it because it gave you a bit of a challenge. NPC's would always be doing certain things at certain times on certain days, sure. But the fact that you could alter what some were doing by doing the smallest things made the game seem different in each three day cycle. The amount of depth for the story of some characters, Anju and Kafei for example, was simply outstanding. There isn't that much backstory to any non-essential characters in Ocarina of Time and I for one thought it was fantastic. Don't get me wrong, Ocarina of Time was a good game as well, but to me, Majora's Mask will be better. Maybe I'm just a fan of the underdog, I'm not sure. :)


Well I personally walked away with a much more memorable experience from MM, but OoT was my first Zelda and it was awesome all-around but there's something about MM that will always stick with me.

I liked how MM wasn't just straight go through dungeons and fight the last boss like OoT, but had more of a side-quest focus. Its like OoT had a large field and lots of places to explore, but aside from the temples there wasn't too much to do in such a large world. Also, the three-day system is still hated/loved by many fans, but i personally liked it. The time system added a feeling of urgency and fear as the moon, with its menacing/creepy-*** face, kept coming closer. It also allowed me to budget my time and added more of a challenge. Along with the three-day system was the interaction you had with the NPCs, Anju and Kafei are the most obvious examples but if you stopped doing the quest then there would be a much different outcome on the third day than finishing it, showing how the player did have a higher level of influence than in OoT.

The masks in MM were awesome too. I remember saying, when first playing OoT that i wanted to be a Zora and MM made my dream come true. The other non-transforming masks also varied gameplay enough or opened up another side-quest (the bomber's notebook stuff) so that the reused gameplay wasn't stale. Also the difficulty level in the game was much higherwhich lead to more enjoyable experience, since OoT was pretty simple.

MM was also more emotional. Sure it can be "too" gloomy or dark for some but that change in the average Zelda atmosphere was definitely a very cool change. OoT had the feeling of you being the hero from a humble background who would eventually win and had a much more adventurous atmosphere, the normal Zelda feeling. MM strayed from that but yet was still Zelda and something different at the same time. It was like meeting two identical twins who had completely different personalities. I preferred the darker and more touching one. Since all the models were recycled I feel like Nintendo had more time to focus on the story and make it into a masterpiece. Sure you could skip it all and blow through the game, but that would be a waste of money on the game.


Majora's mask seemed too dark and spooky. And, while there was a lack on temples, i loved the amount of heart peices.


Majoras Mask or Ocarina of Time

Which game do you think is better MM or OoT

I prefer Oot over MM but hey that's just my opinion


Although I adore OoT, MM beats it down to the emotional and sadness in the story. So many characters dying...so much sorrow. Plus I always found it so sad the Gorons thought their friend had come back to life. I do love a bit of gloomyness in games and I loved that in Majoras Mask. The only thing I wasn't keen on was the time limit...which even though it could be slowed down, still left me feeling like I had to rush around without stopping to catch my breath.

Master Sword13

Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
Whenever I'm faced with that question I end up saying MM. I loved OoT, no doubt about that, but I truly think MM was better.

Even though I'm a HUGE fan of dungeons, and MM only had 4 official dungeons, the difficulty and uniqueness of the dungeons made up for the lack of them all together. Never before were we able to freeze water with Ice arrows, only freeze enemies. Never before, along with to this day, have we been able to use a single light arrow to vertically mirror a dungeon and proceed to finish it with the sky creeping up below us. All of that made the dungeons incredible and gave each one a unique feel that I haven't felt that much with other Zelda games.

Masks and side-quests really added to the game. In MM, you had the opportunity to meet characters and even know their schedules, however you weren't forced to. If you wanted to blow straight through the game, you could in a matter of hours. However, doing all the extensive side quests and getting all the masks easily took the game play time from 10 hours to well over 24 hours. Not to mention the Fierce Deity Mask, which was only obtainable if you got all of the non-transofrmation masks and managed to complete hide-and-seek. (Which I have to say took me one or two hours.)

In OoT, I felt those same concepts, however not as strongly as I did in MM. Side-quests in OoT just weren't as fun as they were in MM simply because almost all of the side-quests in OoT were only able to be completed or started after a certain portion of the game. Dampe's Heart Pounding Grave Digging Tour is really the only side-quest that used time.

All in all, I rank MM over OoT. Which one you like more is your opinion, but I definitely like MM more.
Aug 7, 2011
Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask?

(sorry if there is thread like this.)

Okay, simple question: Which game is your favorite? Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask?

Feel free to state why you enjoy that game more than the other.

Jul 27, 2011
i personally like majoras mask better. deeper/darker storyline, finer characters, fun side quests, and awesome transforming masks!
ocarina of time is just so...classic

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