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Ocarina Of Time on Wii

Oct 30, 2022
I've played this game serveral times, on N64 and Wii, I'm playing it again now. I know this will sound weird to most bu there are 2 things I wish I could change. 1st, I hate playing with the joystick, it's too hard to control the direction, and the speed. I much prefer the pad. The second thing is I hate when I step on a switch and it puts out a fire, when it goes to show the fire going out, to me it almost makes me dizzy, but the biggest problem is I'm usually already in the direction I want to be facing and it changes it, when it comes back I have to correct it. This makes it very difficult to do some, especially the hammer. I've been trying to get it now for a couple of days. I've made it there twice, but the fire came up before I could open the chest. I think I'm about done with it.


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
Sucks that some of the camera movements make you dizzy. That positioning though is to ensure the player is in the correct orientation. A hangover of it being the first 3D game in the franchise.

As for the Fire Temple chest, I think I know which chest you’re having trouble with. The ones surrounded by flames can be quite tricky. My advice would be use the hook shot when you’re within range to pull yourself over. As long as you’re in the chest opening animation before the timer runs out, you’ll be fine.

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