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Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Getting Boring & Disappointing :(


Ash Gala Wonderful!
Mar 9, 2010
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Personally I'm also fine with what they did. The master quest is a nice addition because not everyone has the rather rare and sometimes very glitchy Collector's Edition.
But yeah, IMO it wouldn't have done any harm if they had added some Ura Zelda content which was intended to be in the game but didn't fit on the cartridge thanks to the 32MB limit, for example the Light Temple or a bigger, dungeon-like ice cavern.
And I don't really understand the argument that the "game is perfect as it is" which in my opinion it is not, even if it's very high in my list there's always room for improvement. For example Hyrule Field did feel very empty, some more terrain alteration (more trees, hills, little rivers, caves etc. depending on which direction you're going, similar to MM's Termina Field) would've been nice. And some small plot holes, like unfreezing Zora's domain after beating a more fleshed out ice cavern and finding out what happened to Jabu-Jabu and the Zoras could've been resolved too without changing the main story.


Pokémon Pusher
Sep 22, 2011
It was intended to be a remake after all; which means it would be rehashed to a more modern taste, not a sequel or continuation. They made alterations they deemed suitable for newer generations but wanted to retain the original gameplay as that is what the fans would recognize. It wouldn't be Ocarina of Time anymore otherwise. They could've made a new dungeon or new enemies perhaps but then it would've of course been some kind of OoT v2.


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Well, they were successful of adding a new dungeon to Link's Awakening DX, so why weren't they able to add one to OoT3D?
Aug 9, 2011
A remake is a remake. There is no point spending time developing any new content for the sake of changing an old game. If you design a nice new dungeon then great, put it in a brand new Zelda game.
Yeah, who needs those new dungeons in the remade Final Fantasy games, or the color dungeon in Link's Awakening DX, or the Palace of the Four Sword in A Link to the Past on GBA, or the new songs in the PSP release of Gitaroo Man, or the new play modes in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, or the new locations, stars and playable characters in Super Mario 64 DS?

...oh right, they give veteran players incentive to get the game so they can experience something new instead of the same game they've already played before.


Do the thing
Site Staff
Jan 9, 2008
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Master Quest? If the original game bores you then play the Master Quest, or don't buy it. I have 3 different copies of Ocarina of Time, and don't care to pick up the 3D rehash. Nintendo gave players an opportunity to take Ocarina of Time with them on the go if they wanted to, so be happy with that. I was thrilled when they redid A Link to the Past for the GBA because I could take it wherever, even though nearly everything -- and yes, I know the Ice Palace was hardly the same -- was the same as it was on the SNES version. Obviously if you play a game over and over and over you're going to eventually lose interest, there's not much anyone can really do about it. I mean, even if Nintendo re-released The Wind Waker and allowed you to play as some new, badass hero, I probably wouldn't be very interested since I've played the game so many times.


~The Wolf~
May 1, 2010
You can't change a classic like Ocarina Of Time. The game and all of its petina would be destroyed if they so much as touched it. The edits done to graphics was a great tribute to Zelda's legendary presence in the gaming world, and would only benefit from such graphic updates. Any changes to storyboard or sidequests, and you've got a cheap attempt to get a new fan base.
Thankfully for all of the old fans, the Legend Of Zelda series so far is not a sellout - and they have kept the extraordinary gaming of Ocarina Of Time and brought it to a handheld without messing it up. Ocarina Of Time survived onto a modern gaming handheld, and its preserved with a loyalty that will surely be with the series until the end.
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Demon Lord
Jun 13, 2011
Why should they have changed it? It wouldn't be Ocarina of Time anymore, it would be a different game. It is what it is.
Jun 7, 2011
I don't count OoT 3D as a remake. Just a slightly changed rerelease. It's not like they made the game again.


Haha, everyone is the expert when it comes to the Zelda series. I'm afraid this doesnt need to be as pedantic as Zelda fans love to make everthing. OoT3D is primarily for a new generation of gamers. Reason being, so they can experience what we all did when we 1st played it on N64. And if a handful of older Zelda fans want to pick it up too, then all the better. It does suck that it isn't any different (except visuals), but the game simply wasn't made for us. Luckily we have SS
Jul 18, 2010
Liverpool, UK
yeah dont like the idea of ocarina of time 2 a whole lot! but maybe a sequel to majoras mask to finish the story of the hero of time? that would be cool!

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