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Ocarina of Time Ocarina of time "Classic"?

should "Ocarina of time" be conciderd as a classic game?

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Lord Liam

Of course it's a Classic game. It's been legendary since it's release and deserves to be placed among the greatest games of all time.


They very first Game that I came to love I mean super nintendo was okay, I liked the games but not that interested. Then Daddy got us a 64 and WOW ZELDA !!!!!!!

My first loved Game, At first I admit, I could go smite Ganon/Ganondorf easy peasy, but was a big chicken and couldnt do the temples myself, at least not with out my sisters there. :P

But when I got to be like 7 or 8 I conquered the spiritual stones and on with the game, so most of the time at first I was playing my dad completed file Being hardcore and whatnot. :P

But I love this Game and now almost turning 20, I think it should be considered a classic. Because the other Zelda games lack the awesome graphics and storylines, They are still great but it was a big leap for the game with OOT. So in my eyes it will always be a classic.


Nov 12, 2010
It is definately a classic. It's old, but it still gives kids my age - and younger - a thrill. Games like black ops (people who ever read my posts about games know I hate black ops and all of CoD) are good now, but will be sooner forgotten than OoT. The other day I was watching The Big Bang Theory (a repeat unfortunately) and they made a reference to OoT when their belongings were stolen. Me and my dad had found that to be quite funny. But 12 or so years from now, there will not be a reference to any game like black ops, only true classics like OoT


Hero of Legends
Apr 24, 2011
Chillin in da' Spirit Temple :)
To me, OoT is a legend all it's own, just as Mike Pothier stated. OoT has long since left the status of "Classic" in the dust, becoming a Legend, all on it's lonesome. There are very few games that I believe have ever achieved this status, most of them being LoZ games. Were it up to me, OoT would have a class all it's own. But that's me. ;)


If there ever was one
Mar 22, 2011
Over there, over there, and up there.
Like it has been said in previous posts, Oot is definitely a classic, and more. Definitely my favorite Zelda game, and the one that really got me into the series in the first place. It is such a great game that nintendo decided to do a remake of it. And it is so good, that people that played it ages ago, when it first came out, will probably play it again. Not only because of the improved graphics and what not, but because of a chance to relieve that childhood experience, to feel the nostalgia brought to them by playing it just because it was such a great game.


Smilus Creepus
Jan 17, 2011
It's a Secret to Everybody
It truly depends on what your idea of "classic" is, but you'll find that the answer will almost always be a "yes". I've always seen a classic as a game that:
A. Has many years under it's belt/often a better title (for example, Punch Out!! Nes)
B. A fairly old game that would go on a "Top X Games You Have to Play" list (such as Final Fantasy VI)
Either way, I think OoT, a game I have always referred to in passing as a "classic", more than meets both criteria. My answer is a resounding "yes".

Caleb, Of Asui

The two precedents for it being a classic are (1) age, and (2) being a friggin' awesome game. Ocarina of Time fulfills both. I kind of wonder with many of the games I've played when they'll be old enough to be considered classics, but Ocarina of Time is not one of them. Exactly how old does a game have to be to be considered classic, though? When will The Wind Waker be considered a classic Zelda title?


The Quiet Man
Ocarina of Time is definitely a classic. So many games like Darksiders or Okami (don't get me wrong, they're very good) are mainly referred to as "Zelda clones" for a reason.

The fans were so hyped for Twilight Princess because of how much it reminded many of OoT. The remake for 3DS has great reviews and decent sales. And many games like the afforementioned being always referred to as clones (and guess what, the term is considered a positive thing).

For a now 13 year-old game, that is a lot to boast about.

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