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Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Changes



As most of you know, Ocarina of time had to be modified because of certian features, such as the Cresent Moon and star on the mirror shield had to be changed to the Onox symbol. Some blood on the floor in the Shadow Temple had to be removed. Ganon's blood was turned from red to green. There were more changes but here are the list of all the versions:
Gold Cart 1.0
Gray Cart 1.0
Gray Cart 1.1
Gray Cart 1.2
But in conclusion, did any of these changes affected the gameplay, or the value of the game. In other words, are any of these versions better than each other? I do not think such, but I don't pay as much as attention to the gameplay as well. So do any of these changes make any version better?


well, check this out. The Fire Temple Theme was changed and some preferred the original music than the newer version.
May 16, 2008
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The Crescent Moon design on the Mirror Shield didn't change until after the Master Quest disc was released for Gamecube. If I remember correctly, the Ocarina of Time on that disc still had the crescent moon design on the Mirror Shield, but Master Quest had the other/newer design. So no N64 carts had the new design on the shield.

I still say that the Gold Cart was the best version. Having Ganondorf spit up red blood was something that was really kool to see. When they changed it to green, it was just like " Well this surely doesn't look good". Nintendo had a good system with the 64, even putting blood in some of its own titles like this one. But then they had to be all "appealing to children" types. Some good games on the GC got away with it, and some on the Wii, but there's a reason people label those two systems as "non-hardcore" or "kiddie" systems, and its because they don't take the chances they did with the 64.


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May 23, 2009
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i really dont remember any change in the mirror shield on the master quest i've played through it twice i'm gonna have to go through it one more time...

and did they really change the BG music to the fire temple?? i'm gonna have to youtube that ...very interesting stuff.

any other changes, may i ask??

well i suppose these types of changes really don't make too much difference in the gameplay since i myself didn't even notice them... i think the only one that i actually knew about was the color of blood that ganon spits out, but that didn't really bother me too much.


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Oct 4, 2009
Although I like the Fire Temple's old music, you gotta admit, there are (young) people that play this game and will get scared. There are some religious groups who think is offensive and it just isn't right to put scary music there.


Jul 15, 2009
Wow, I hadn't even noticed the change to the Fire temple music... I'll have to go listen to the change after xDD

And no, my OoT on the MQ disk has the changed shield as well as in the Master Quest. I think the version on the Collector's edition will be the same, though I never got up to it. They changed it when they started porting it to other consoles :c

And I agree, red blood ganondorf is AWESOME. A little blood here and there (like the shadow temple) only adds to the atmosphere imo~ Unfortunately I have a Grey 1.2 cart, so most of the changes had already been made :c

But I think you covered everything there... apart from smalll things like being able to cast the fishing rod while hovering and some stuff that affects glitches... yeah.

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Jun 9, 2009
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Well, I just listened to the Fire Temple chants lately. Ganondorf's red blood was something I did notice when I was younger. A friend of mine had the green blood cart, and I was wondering why his ganondorf spits green blood instead of red blood. He explained it all to me.

I didn't really like the Fire Temple chants:shake:, but I did like the early Gerudo symbol. It looked better than the one is used now.


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Aug 18, 2009
I did notice the change of the Mirror Shield while playing it on the Gamecube's Zelda's Collector Edition. I already had OOT on the N64, which I played a very long time, so I notied the change of the symbol right away.
And the Gerudo Symbol did not change only on the Mirror Shield, it also changed on the grey blocks that we can grab with the Silver Gauntlets.

I also noticed the music of the Fire Temple. But not so much. Anway.

But I never saw Ganondorf spitting red blood. :ganondorf:


Sep 15, 2008
Apart from graphical changes, the only major diference between versions is the number/what/and how some glitches occur/don't occur


Feb 2, 2009
Minor things like this in Zelda games don't really annoy me. The only version of OoT I've played is the Gamecube version, so I never really played the game with the added blood in the Shadow Temple, or the red color of Ganon's blood.

Although I will have to admit, it would've been really cool to see that blood in the Shadow Temple. The Shadow Temple is my favorite dungeon in the game, and the whole creepy/scary theme of it is a big factor, and the blood probably would have a bigger affect than you'd think in making it seem more real, and frightening.

When I first beat OoT, I was 8 or 9, and when I saw the green blood I thought it was puke, which, really isn't that cool... If I had played the game with the red blood, I think it would've made that scene a bit better for me, but like I said, minor things like this don't seem to really annoy me that much, so I don't care too much about the situation.

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Oct 14, 2009
Really the only thing that I was told was there was a different color. This is mostly because of I didn't beat the N64 version. I am hoping to get Master quest so I have all the Zelda games. I really do not think this affects the game at all it just makes the game different then its last version.

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