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Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Review Pt. 1 and Bonus Pronunciations


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Oct 22, 2010
Kokiri Forest/Inside the Deku Tree

I'll start off by talking about the Kokiri Forest. I like the opening scene, especially in 3D. Wonderful addition, great new character designs, like Link not having those dot-eyes, he has those awesome huge anime eyes (go anime!! :clap:). When Navi comes after Link, I LOVE that scene in 3D! It's even cooler because of the better graphics, that was a great edition to the whole game. When Link wakes up, I keep the 3D on. Worst thing I ever did. The 3D is really choppy and horrible when you hold it too close, to sideways, or far away, so I only put it on for boss intros, like the cutscene where Queen Gohma comes down, flexes, and it says "Parasitic Armored Arachnid:Gohma", or King Dodongo", and in cutscenes like when Sheik teaches you songs, or when you get medallions, and the Ganondorf-horse scene when you get the Ocarina of Time. Anyways, back to the point, I got my sword and my shield, then went to the Deku Tree. I went inside and started the dungeon I remembered so well: Inside the Deku Tree. This dungeon is easily the easiest dungeon in Ocarina of Time. If you really wanna know how to beat it, well, go to ZD's walkthrough for it. But skipping on to Gohma, this battle was very fun, and it was cool too, as always. ;) When you beat her, I always put the 3D on for the Heart Container, because they look SOOO cool in 3D. When I stepped into the blue light, of course I chose no to listening to the Great Deku Tree, but he told me that stuff anyways, just a little bit less cuz I chose no. Now on to Hyrule Field.

Hyrule Field (Kakariko Village, Hyrule Castle Town Market, Hyrule Castle)

This beautiful overworld is totally worth the wait to get there. They totally made it look better, and the music was the same (:dry:), but how can you not love it all the same? :right: When I got to Hyrule Castle, I went to Castle Town Market. They totally changed it to look even better! The Happy Mask Shop is colorful and has a giant mask on the front, the shops and games had colorful and vibrant colors, I really liked Bombchu Bowling Alley, that was really fun. :yes: Then I went to Hyrule Castle, after meeting Malon in Castle Town Market. Then I snuck into the castle, woke up Talon, and went inside to do some more sneaking. This took me a try or two, but it was a little different, some guards moved faster than normal and some moved slower than normal. But nonetheless, I got to Zelda, and let me tell you, she is still the ugliest princess you will ever see. She just needs to take off the turban thing, and she's good. The turban makes her look U-G-L-Y. Anyways, I learned Zelda's Lullaby and headed off to Kakariko Village. After giving the guard the letter, off to Death Mountain.

Death Mountain/Dodongo's Cavern
Death Mountain was pretty easy, the Tektikes were a bit annoying, though, but anyways, I had to go to the Lost Woods to get Saria's Song. Once that was done, I went to the very bottom of Goron City and opened the door with Zelda's Lullaby, and played Saria's Song for Darunia. He did his crazy dance, which looked even more hilarious in 3D, and he gave me the Goron Bracelet (*cough*Link*coush*is*cough*such a*cough*girl*cough* :lol:). Then off to Dodongo's Cavern. I liked this dungeon, and couldn't wait to kick King Dodongo's butt. That boss fight is the easiest fight in Ocarina of Time, it really is. Then I went to the blue light after collecting the Heart Container, and I got the Spiritual Stone (oh, by the way, I got the 1st stone after beating the Deku Tree dungeon). Then it was off to Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain/Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

When I got to Zora's Domain, I couldn't wait to get that bottle and get the heck out to Jabu-Jabu's Belly. I wanted that Ocarina of Time so bad. So after I got the fish in the bottle and the letter from Ruto to King Zora, I thought about going to make a sandwich while he goes ahead and moves, but I stayed, watching him try to move in 3D (how did he get his fat butt to Lon Lon Ranch in the end of the game, anyways?! :suspicious:). Then I went on to beat the dungeon, and beat Barinade, and Big Octo (:right:that's right, BO, I'm lookin' at you). Then I got the Spiritual Stone and got myself engaged with Ruto. Then I went to Hyrule Castle to my destiny.

I will finish his later, but I have a bonus thing since I didn't wanna do another thread on this: MY pronunciations.

Kokiri: ko-keer-ee
Deku: deh-koo
Gohma: go-muh
Goron: goh-rohn
Zora: zoh-ruh
Sheikah: shee-kuh
Shiek: sheek
Dodongo: duh-dong-oh
Barinade: bahr-ih-nayd
Volvagia: vohl-vag-ee-uh
Stalfos: stahl-fohs (stal with an "a" that sounds like the "a" in "cap")
Morpha: mohr-fuh
Kotake: koh-tayk
Koume: koh-may
Rauru: roh-roo
Saria: sorry-uh
Darunia: dar-oo-nee-uh
Ruto: roo-toe
Impa: im-puh
Nabooro: na-boo-roo

~Linkaonon: Ninja Zora~
Sep 1, 2010
You didn't like the 3D? I thought that was the strongest thing the game had going for it (other than the fact it was a remake of a fantastic game). But I enjoyed your review. It was insightful, and kinda funny :)


~The Wolf~
May 1, 2010
There's a few threads in this section with the same exact title basically, however I still like a different opinion, very intriguing pronunciation portion.
:eek:carina: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:


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Oct 22, 2010
Ocarina of Time 3D Review Pt. 2 and Bonus Boss Help

Hello, and welcome back to my OoT3D Review! ^^ This time I will be reviewing all of the temples leading up to the final battle, and I will be providing some boss help for the first few bosses. By the way, this contains some major plot spoilers, as well as some not so big, so you have been warned. Here we go!

The Master Sword/Forest Temple

I reached the Temple of Time and walked up to the... er, stand thingy. The Spiritual Stones flew out, I played the Song of Time, you know what happens. Then I ran up to the Master Sword, and you KNOW I put 3D on for this part, it was EXCELLENT in 3D, no joke. I kept the 3D on for the amazing (,long, long... and did I mention LONG) cutscene. Once that was finished, I headed over to Dampe's Grave and beat him at about 1:04:00. I recieved the Hookshot and ran over to the Forest Temple.

Thank GOD I got the Minuet of Forest. It took me at least twenty minutes to get past those god awful Moblins. Anyways, you know what to do, shoot the tree, finfd the Poe Sisters, use the elevetor, defeat Phantom Ganon. Personally, I think this battle was MUCH harder than the actual Ganondorf fight (no, I didn't say GANON, I said GanonDORF). I mean, they could have at least done more with the glass surrounding you in the final battle, like the pictures, but more on that later. Anyways, I then headed over to Death Mountain and Goron Village. (god, I swear I'm providing a walkthrough...)

Fire Temple

You know the process of getting to the Fire Temple. I really don't have much to say besides "The Real Legend of Zelda" has a hilarious video with the Flare Dancer... I think it's in Part 3. Check it out on Youtube, there's like 4 parts I'm pretty sure. Anyways, I loved the Volvagia batte. Beautifully resotred in 3D, this dragon looked cooler than it did on the 64. Yeeeah... not much more, so next I'll talk about the dreaded Water Temple.

Water Temple

This and the Forest Temple were the only parts I used a walkthrough on in OoT3D (well, and Big Poes and item colelction, but that's not exactly main quest). This Temple is the complete definition of hardcore gaming. Aah... where would we be without walkthroughs? Anyways, the Dark Link battle was a well deserved break from the toughness of the Water Temple, bringing newness (is that even a word?) to the newness from Dark Link from AoL from OoT on the 64 to OoT3D (??). Basically, the newness originalyl cam from AoL to OoT64, and then there was ven more newness from OoT64 to OoT3D (I still don't think that's a word...). But tha Morpha battle, whoo-wee, that was a toughie my first time... then I used a tip I got form Caleb: cornering it. My high score is a little less than a minute and a half on Boss Challenge... I think.

Boss Guide


The easiest boss in the game, easily, you have to look up on the ceiling (slingshot or Link's point of view, doesn't matter), and Gohma drops down and you see her title (Gohma: Parastitic Armored Arachnid). Immediately target her and get your slingshot out. When her eye turns red, shoot it. Then whip your sword out and give her some jump attacks. When she climbs p the wall, take out your slingshot and aim at her eye. As soon as it turns red, shoot, jump attacks, dead.

King Dodongo

King Dodongo, the second easiest boss in the game. When you drop down into his lair, he'll roar (I think I'd actually call it a screech...), and starts rolling around towards you. You can't outrun it, so run to the very edge of the lava and wait for him to stop rolling.Whip out a bomb or use a bomb flower, but when he opens his mouth, get a good distance between you and him, and throw the bomb/bomb flower. If it works, he should fall too= the ground. If your quick, you might get in two or three jump attacks, but he doesn't stay down if you're not close to him. And that's how you defest King Dodongo, just two or three more of those and he's a goner.

Barinade will have to wait till next time, I don't have time to do him/her/probably an it right now...

Hope you enjoyed! Next time I'll tackle the last three temples leading up to the final battle, plus a Barinade guide, and the rest of the bosses! :)

~Linkanon: Zora Ninja~

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