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General Art "Nothing": A Poem by MC

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010

Cotton trees float downstream from the chocolate house

Is this fantasy? Only you think so

The old woman who waves you off

She has no time for your insolence

The clock ticks down, each minute longer than the last

An everlasting sound

Until it stops and your muscles are frozen

Just kidding, we cannot slow time

Nor can we see what trails in front

Or what lags behind in our race against time

Don’t cry, just breathe

Then the masked man will not look down upon you

They laugh like hyenas

They sing like birds

Not human, but not the other side

The other angle that we view ourselves from

It is hidden by faces of stone

Cry as much as you wish, no one will hear you

Except for the sad trees that weep over the morning dew

An epiphany grabs hold of the skeptic’s brain

And wraps its skinny arms around

It strangles

It envelopes

To entertain is your purpose, nothing else

So jump down from your throne and juggle batons

The weight of my eyes on your shoulders is enough to crush your crimson heart

I laugh heartily while you weep in pain

Make the tears look like those of happiness

It only entertains me more

A blue jay flies up and over the lemon tree

And under the bush

A mistake it certainly was

The squirrel tears apart its soft innards

I wake

The fabric of the world deteriorates

Yet we find it no less fascinating

Our purpose?

Tell me, what is our purpose?

To kiss under the cherry tree?

I’ll come back in 42 years

And let you decide

This is my latest work,you can check out my previous work called "The Bird That Sings" right here and my fan fics Twin Chronicles and Descent Into Madness (which have been buried by several other fan fics).

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