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Norm's RP -- SIGNUPS


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Dec 10, 2011
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The tyrant king Norm awaits! Do you have the strength to overcome him and bring peace to the world?

PLOT: The barbarian king Norm conquered this land long ago, before even your grandparents can remember. Through black magic, he has kept his life through the past years by sacrificing others. The people are going hungry and poor while King Norm feasts on whatever he wishes, and has money to spare. Your family have been arrested and killed by King Norm's "peacekeepers" and you are now out to avenge them, or die trying.


I will only accept 25 people, after that this will become the game's OoC thread.

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Sep 28, 2012
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Gender: Female
Appearance: Tall, pale, and has short red hair.
Personality: Loud, kind, loving, and bossy
History: She's from a family of expert black-smiths, but she hates the profession, and would rather being a knight then being a black-smith, so she's really good with sword-play.
Age: 17
Nov 24, 2012
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Yay! Another RPG, another character to make!
Name: Salani Reutika, or just Sali (that's suh-LAH-neeh, not like salary!)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Petite and delicate, looks as fragile as a chery blossom but fights like a Samurai. Short dark hair that...glows...white...at night?
Personality:Quiet, Intelligent, somewhat mysterious. When she's hiding something she gives this wry little smile that creeps the heck out of people.
History: Born on a boat in a lake, left there for almost a week beause her mother died in childbirth. Nobody knows how she survived except heself, but when she came ashore she looked about 6 already. People are afraid of her and her glowing hair, so she tends to travel alone. Wants to defeat Norm only because she is bored, but later on she amy get emotionally attached to he comanions.
Age:Nobody remembers, and she doesn't keep track of time. She seems to change in appearance so that you can't tell anyway. I think she's 7 right now,though she acts like she's somewhere between 17 and 21, maturity-wise.
She is the daughter of Ariniya. THE Ariniya. Don't know who Arinya is? Deal. I won't spoil it for you...without a spoiler tab.
Arinya is--WAS--the queen of Gerania, which is one of the countless kingdoms Norm has conquered. She went out to sea so that she could safely reach a distant island with her child, but never made it. That's why Salani really wants to kill Norm. On top of that, Arinya fell for the Moon, who is Salani's father by an odd string of events.That's why her hair glows at night, and why she can--okay, I won't tell you that part until we get to it.
Contented now?
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Mar 22, 2010
Name: Raios Devurge
Gender: Male
Appearance: He wears dirt stanned tan pants, and a dirt stanned dark green tunic. He has Blonde hair, and green eyes.
Personality: He is very fun loving, and loves to get into trouble for the thrill of it. Despite this, he is very caring.
History: He was orphaned at age of 6, and learned to pick-pocket. At age of 10 he was very well known, in a bad way, and was hunted by the law. Currently his favorite people to steal from are 'peacekeepers'. He also has photographic memory.
Age: 12


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Nov 24, 2012
Name: Grey
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dressed in tattered old clothing, hair covered in dirt and very dark with streaks of gray. Pale skin (but not super white).
Personality: Cynical and serious. Has never been one to take a joke.
History: Grew up in the low class until he had lost it all, and grew on the streets when he was 15. Since then has become aware of Norm's ongoings. He attempted to stop Norm once, but failed. Soon after he began thinking there was no hope to defeat him.
Age: 40


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Aug 22, 2012
Sacred Realm
Name: Shigeru Miyamoto
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall and lean, with brown hair and green eyes.
Bio: A young adult with a taste for adventure
Age: 19
Sep 5, 2012
in the shadow temple
Name matt williams
Gender male
Appearance 6 1 blonde haired blue eyes and lean and muscular
Personality outgoing is the comic of the group always playing pranks on teammates to live the mood
History was an archer in the army then a theif by trade
Age 17


Name: Sorana "Ran" Hondail
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ran is tall and toned with tanned skin and golden eyes. Her hair is white and wavy, reaching down to her mid-back except for a large patch on the side of her head that is shaved. Her ears are somewhat pointed, but only to a small degree. She usually wears dark clothes similar to ninja attire, but a little less efficient, and more revealing.
Personality: Ran is secretive and playful individual. She loves teasing, jokes, and having fun. What she doesn't like to talk about is her personal life, she tends to stay away from the personal topic all together, and refuses to open up easily. She has a strange accent that people usually take note of and a way of saying things that makes her seem foreign. She's a good hand to have around, due to her strength, resourcefulness, and skill in many different things. She's caring, but cold and harsh at the same time, and she tends to be intimidating, for both her size and personality.
History: Ran was born into a tribe that was very magic orientated and warrior orientated. As a child she showed great promise for magic AND warrior skill, and was praised as one of the best students. When she was still a child, her mother told her to hide in the forest next to their home and her village was slaughtered. They put up heck of a fight against Norm's men, but were way out matched with weapons. When Ran finally saw the destruction, she vowed to avenge her home and took on a life of secrecy, hardly trusting herself. She's grown even better in skill of magic and now works in one of the towns selling spells and herbs.
Age: 20

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