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Ninten's Zelda Timeline

Jul 2, 2011
This is my first post on the ZD forums so please no flaming. So this is how I think the Zelda timeline goes, but parts are subject to change. If there's a game I didn't list it's because I don't have a specific place for it...............yet.

.............../MM -> TP
...............\ LTTP -> OOA/OOS -> LA -> WW -> PH -> ST -> LoZ -> AoL

I don't feel like doing a long written explanation for this so if you have questions or suggestions for where the other games should go (with legitimate reasons of course), leave a comment. Please don't just be ranting about how this timeline sucks just because you disagree. Everyone is entitled to the own thoughts and opinions.


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Nov 24, 2009
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Hey, welcome to the forums!

I just have a few questions about your timeline to get discussion started.
-Do LttP, OoA/OoS, and LA have the same Link? (we usually use slashes to denote games with the same Link, e.g. "WW/PH - ST")
-Why separate LttP with LoZ/AoL? Do you put LoZ/AoL in the new Hyrule of ST?
-How do you explain the progression of Ganon and the Triforce between OoT and WW, with WW's backstory in mind?
Jul 2, 2011
In order of your questions
-LttP,OoA/OoS, and LA have the same Link (Sorry about not having slashes there. Rookie mistake)
-I seperated LttP from LoZ/AoL because I, like many, don't think they go together on the timeline
-Yes. I put LoZ/AoL in ST's new Hyrule
-I'm not sure what you mean by 'progression of Ganon and the Triforce between OoT and WW'. If you could elaborate a bit for me, I could probably give my answer

Why do you see LttP on the adult timeline as a problem?

I said I haven't work out a place for all the games yet, especially those. They'd probably go near the end of whatever side there on because if the Picori Blade from MC was actually the Master Sword, it was broken and reforged into the Four Sword. That would mean the Master Sword couldn't appear in any games after it.


Jan 10, 2011
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ALttP can't take place before WW due to Link going back to his own time at the end of OoT. (ALttP's Link must be a descendant.) It used to go there when OoT was the Seal War, but it no longer is. WW retconned ALttP as a sequel to the adult ending of OoT. The OoX can't go on the AT due to Twinrova dying on the adult events of OoT. And the first two games can't come after ST, as the New Hyrule has nothing to due with the Triforce. You've got a pretty good idea on how it works, though.

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