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Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?



It would be kinda weird if they're holding their information back purposely because what if they havn't actually finished the game ideas and concepts and they want to see what the fans want to see so they add it in.

Now that Im writing this it makes a lot more sense then when i thought of it in my head:S

Twili Kid

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Jun 20, 2009
I believe Nintendo isn't giving out information because they don't want to repeat what happened with Twilight Princess. The hype was so big that no matter what Nintendo could do, the fans expectations could not be met.

Another reason might be that, in game design, things change. For example, if you look at Epic Mickey, and then look at it's concept art you can tell. What was once an almost steampunk looking game ended up being a more fantasy approach. Even though the developers said that they were tweaking it back at E3, Nintendo hasn't really made technically like this and Shigeru Miyamoto has a reputation of "Up-ending the coffee table." If something really big changed, I can imagine fans being in uproar.

In short, I believe that Nintendo is staying down low because they don't want fans setting up expectations that couldn't be met, nor do they want to have " They changed the swinging mechanic, Skyward Sword is doomed" articles floating around the internet.

Sgt. Backwash

Jan 3, 2011
I can't find the article, but I'm pretty sure that Nintendo mentioned that they'll be showing of Skyward Sword a lot shortly before its release as they did with Mario Galaxy 2.

But I think one of the main reasons they're keeping quiet on it is because they would rather invest their time and effort into advertising and hyping the 3DS. Nintendo doesn't want its products competing with each other for attention, so they instead draw attention to their next big game, one at a time. Otherwise, they would need to be more worried about customers going "hmmm, should I hold on to my money for Zelda, or should I buy this 3DS game?"

That, and they probably want speculation to run rampant first to build hype.
Nov 26, 2008
I don't think there's anything that strange about Nintendo not saying anything. It's actually a fairly standard Nintendo strategy, if past history is any indication. Especially recent history. Yes, they have told us more about some of their other stuff (but only some; they barely told us anything about Donkey Kong, Kirby, or Other M). The 3DS is a console, not a game, so it doesn't exactly follow the same rules. It's also something they were clearly able to build up hype on, and use that to their advantage.

Twilight Princess was in a major way killed by its hype. It was a good game, but it wasn't the amazing redefining game that it was implied to be and that everyone thought it was, so I think Nintendo has learned not to generate so much hype with the Zelda series. Furthermore, the Zelda series is just generally massive, and they either want to keep it under wraps or, frankly, they just don't really need to spend the money on advertising to make people buy it. It's Zelda; people will buy it.
Dec 5, 2010
Canada, Alberta
I'm not sure... I'd assume it's because they don't want to give anything away and therefor are being quiet... Maybe the game is really just barely half way complete so they don't have much to show, or maybe they're just saving it so we get very hyped and when the game comes out we'll want it that much more... Although I doubt the game is barely over half complete... I'm assuming 80%+ done with the game... Hope you liked my post.. :D


Nintendo will announce the exact release date for the 3DS on January 19th. I think that conference is for the 3DS mostly, but maybe they'll announce the release for some Wii games too?
Nov 21, 2010
Twisted Tea Cafe
The reason that they may be quiet is because they are working so hard on the game right now, that they have nothing to say LoL :xd: But of course I would love to here more on SS as well...


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Nintendo is just being ridiculously quiet with SS, but I just think that it's if they say something about the game, the fans will have high expectations, and when the game comes out, everyone's disappointed. So it would just be a strategy to avoid that.
Jan 24, 2011
If they don't give us an update at GDC, then we can start complaining. You guys do realize that they DID feature SS at the last couple Nintendo events that weren't all about the 3DS, right? Europe's Gamescom was in August, and Japan's Nintendo Conference in October. While these were basically the same demo from E3, it's only been three months since they last showed it (i.e., not enough time for any groundbreaking new info aside from a "we finished" announcement to surface).
Jul 24, 2010
Charlotte, NC
i think the reason their keeping quite is because they don't want to over hype it. now i don't know what happened with tp because i didn't have a gamecube so i didn't care what games were coming out but i do know about over hyping something. it's like what disney did with their Mt Everest ride in orlando. they way over hyped it. i was so excited to ride it. then i did . and i thought the ride was boring. same principle applies here. if they over do it you will buy the game, play it and think it sucks just because you fell for the hype. it happens in all aspect of marketing. movies, video games electronics, everywhere. it's a good strategy to keep quite. i just wish the would give a release date. which they will as it gets closer to that date like super mario galaxy 2.


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Nov 10, 2008
Lack of Information

I haven't been on in a while so I apologize if this is a repost of a thread that may already be in existence. Anyway, I thought that since SS is coming out this year, this is a good time to bring up a good point. We have almost no information on this game.

This isn't that big of a deal because great games are normally kept under wraps, but I feel like in past Zelda releases, we always got a little more to hold us over, but not for this game. We barely even know what the story is about, let alone what types of characters we will see in game. When other games come out we always get a ton of screenshots and in game footage, but SS has been almost completely hidden from us to the point where the E3 demo only gave away information that we already knew or didn't really care about. We have no inkling of who the villain is gonna be. The only characters that we can safely say will be in this game are Link and Zelda (and I guess if you count the sword as a character).

My question, for you fans out there, is what do you think of this? Why is this title being held so closely? Regardless of how big they think the release of SS will be, even Nintendo knows that they have to give us a little bit, and we aren't getting nearly as much as we usually do with game releases. I'm sure they know what they're doing. Anyway, respond and enjoy.
Feb 10, 2011
I heard its because of trying to have more time in finishing the game. You're not the only one thats restless with the lack of news I want to know more too.

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