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Nintendo's Next Council

Mar 8, 2010
Most of us here believe that Nintendo is the best of the "Big 3" (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony) However, the simple reality is that the Wii is completely outdated. Note that the Wii was a commercial success outselling the PS3 and X-Box 360 by a long shot. However as of Now Wii sales are plummetting, and fast. This simply as to do with the statistics:
http://hardware.teamxbox.com/articles/xbox/1144/The-Xbox-360-System-Specifications/p1 X-box
http://www.mobiletechreview.com/games/Wii-FAQ.htm Wii
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_3 PS3.
I got a little lazy and gave you a wikapedia link for PS3, sorry:S
Anyways, what I am truly concerned about is Nintendo's success.
Yes, its success.
Basically the Wii was so successful that I'm afraid Nintendo may never again compete against Sony and Microsoft. As it is now, the Wii is practically a joke with hardly any of the capabilities that the PS3 And 360 have.
The Wii made its money off of cheap, accessable hardware and selling units at a profit. The PS3 is now finally breaking a profit, not sure about the 360. The Wii is at the end of its life. With sales falling below the PS3, out-dated hardware and lack of software updates the Nintendo Wii is at the end.
Nintendo is trying to stretch the life of the Wii too far. And its showing, after all the Wii was over powered at its 2006 launch, and after 4 years is completely unable to compete with the capibilities of the other sytems.
One can argue that they dont care about graphics and thats fine, but the Nintendo Wii lacks the Online abilities of the other sytems.
Online is the future of gaming, and the Nintendo Wii doesnt offer it. With PS3's selling for as much as a Nintendo Wii, sales are hurting big time.
So how does this affect us? What is my point?
I am expressing my fear of Nintendo trying it again. I know they aren't stupid but I fear Nintendo has "gone to the dark side" of catering to casual gamers. And it truly is dark there. Because what I think Nintendo is going to do is make another Wii, slightly updated. Lacking the capabilities and servers of the Other systems. Casual gamers dont care much about the big platformers for the other systems like Call of Duty. I myself however am tired of the concept of the Wii.
I would like to see Nintendo out-do the others in hardware. I want nintendo to become up to date. Because let's face it. Move and Kinnect are now overshadowing Wii. The only thing the Wii relied on now has been one-upped by the competitors.

So what's your opinion on the next nintendo console? Will it be up to date with hardware and online capabilities? Will it be a Wii rehash? When will it be released?
Jan 3, 2009
This late in the generation, console sales aren't exactly the biggest concern. Now that their launches are over with, the game sales are more important. However, despite how much I hate it, the Kinect is helping Microsoft fight Nintendo. Watch this video. (Not safe for school or work, contains strong language)
I'd also pay attention to this. Don't pay attention to it's current stats, just wait for it to update to the most recent standings.
The next Nintendo console is probably going to be like the Wii; it'll launch for a massive appeal to a large group of people. After that, they'll get their loyal fans satisfied. The tactic itself is pretty good in my opinion, in spite of my lack of much economical knowledge. By first going for the largest audience, they quickly get money to make the games for the first audience, which in turn, if they're good enough, will make even more money. With all that money, they can go back to appealing to their loyal fans. Doing this requires no risks but effort. The next game console merely needs better sound, graphics, and power. Also, your argument about Nintendo's lack of WiFi power comes from Nintendo possibly giving a hoot about people's social mannerisms. Back then, you needed to politely wait your turn in arcades if you wanted to play a game, and you had to learn how to talk to other people in multiplayer games. During the early home console multiplayer games, you had to know manners if you wanted to play a game with someone, otherwise the parents wouldn't tolerate you, the person wouldn't tolerate you, and boohoo, no Mortal Kombat multiplayer for you. Now, the online age has brought anonymity to anyone who uses the online function. A 12 year old can nonchalantly spout homophobic and vulgar remarks without worrying about being known, reducing the risk of jailling.
Kinect and Move are majorly beating up the Wii, yes. But Nintendo brought new cards to the table; retrogaming. Nintendo won this year's E3 with it. Now that all of that's been released, everything is running smoothly in sales in reviews, with the only game that was shaky in the slightest in reviews was Metroid: Other M's voice acting and story. Bact to the next console, I'd say another one of those "new cards" will come, which will either
A) Improve vastly on retrogaming
:cool: Go back to that whole gaming evolution thing that they were trying to do in the first place.
Essentially, Nintendo has disoriented the competition as it is, and I have a feeling they've the ability to do it again.
Jul 30, 2010
stock pott in clocktown
i personaly am not woried about nintendo not being on top as microsoft and sony are going the same way as the wii-motion and excersice to attract casual and new gamers-soon microsofts kinect willl take over its next system and sony will go straight where the wii went.
What i am worried about though is nintendo not going back to hardcore gaming.
BUT nintendo has recently been going back down the rode we want since e3.i think nintendos next console will definantlly be using some type of motion control but for the hardcore gamers putting them right on top

as for the nintendo systems
since the ps2 and x box came out nintendos console sails have been going down. the reason i dont think this is a problem is because-first nintendo has many core and loyal gamers and thats why theres more popular games on wii,gamecube.n64.nes.snes.than on xbox-360and ps2 and ps3.SECOND is because most people who baught the 360 was for its graphics and now for cod.same goes with the ps3. sony and microsoft dont have as many core fans as nintendo they just try and impress ppl with graphics(and i guess cod)nintendo on the other hand has by far the best gameplay there problem is gamers dont care about gameplay anymore. i myself have only been a gamer for a year and thought that it was ridicolous that ppl were getting a system for graphics instead of getting a system for gameplay and core games thats why im loyal to nintendo although they do dissapoint me with there casual gaming era they went throuh but i think it will be over soon.

if any of you can tell me a game series on 360 or ps3 thats a core game (like nintendo has mario and zelda) besides cod please tell me as i cant think of one
Jan 3, 2009
if any of you can tell me a game series on 360 or ps3 thats a core game (like nintendo has mario and zelda) besides cod please tell me as i cant think of one

You don't even need a fan of either of those consoles to answer that, as I can. (I'm doing this based on the definition of 'core' being popular franchises)

Xbox 360 has Halo, Banjo-Kazooie (and Tooie), Assassin's Creed, Conker: Live and Reloaded, and a myriad of others.
PS3 has inFamous, the Ratchet & Clank series, Warhawk, and a couple of others.
Oh, and both systems have BioShock, a very popular 'core' title.

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