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Nintendo Patents Horseback Riding Controller


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Yes, you read the title right. Evidently Nintendo has gone and patented a controller you sit on and ride to simulate horseback riding. This peripheral joins the line of Wii motion controllers and Wii peripherals from the original Wiimote and Nunchuck to the Wii Wheel, the Zapper, the Balance Board and the upcoming Vitality Sensor.

I've looked around to see if this is some kind of hoax, but right now it doens't appear to be. I've attached an image here, but you can read the article for yourself at the link below:



The article has been picked up by other video game websites as well.

So, my question is - would you be willing to buy this device in order to play a new Zelda game if it were mandatory? What if it weren't mandatory, but added a new feature ot the game, would you still buy it?

Personally, I think it's a bit too much. I liked the Wheel for Mario Kart, and certain motion controls are a good idea, but sometimes after a long day of work I just want to sit motionless and press a few buttons. If this were mandatory, then I really don't know what to say, but if it were an add-on feature like the Balance Board compatibility in Punch-Out, then I would pass.

I suppose the real question should be, would you be caught dead sitting on this?
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
No way. I'm 20 years old and I'm not gonna set on a freakin', simulated horse saddle and act like I'm riding around. The idea of this is stupid anyway. Like, it obviously has to have the same technology as the Balance Board, so why make something else? Nintendo has been doing a lot of wasting plastic for no reason, seems like to me. That Mario Kart wheel is nothing but a piece of plastic to hold the Wiimote, just like the Zapper is a (not very good working) piece of plastic to simulate a gun. But this, this is just stupid.

If the new Zelda makes this a requirement, I really don't know if I will buy it to be honest. Something like this will really put me over the hill and leave the series to the kiddies. I guess I could live off of gameplay videos. I don't see them making this a requirement though. O wait, yeah I actually can see them doing that. Well let's hope not anyway.
Oct 26, 2008
I really hope it isn't, It looks like a waste of money, Infact I really do hope that this is a waste, I thought that Project Milo was bad but I think that this is even worse than that.

If this is made compulsory to have this to play Zelda, I am afraid that I will either not buy the game at all or just run every where, Which is going to be a pain unless they have a Ocarina/Portal system like they did in OoT and TP for ease of travelling.

If not then that is going to be a really annoying thing to do, Running around Hyrule will take for ever and also after the start of TP making you ride a horse I guess that this new Zelda is most likely going to as well.....:dry:.....


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
I suppose the real question should be, would you be caught dead sitting on this?

My answer to your question would be a huge N-O! No. I don't know what Nintendo is thinking of doing with this, but it doesn't look like it would be much fun (at least for me it wouldn't).

I understand that Nintendo is going for an experience of making it feel like you're in the game, but this, I think, is taking it a bit too far.

Would I be willing to buy it if it was mandatory? ...Eh, maybe. It all depends on how they would make it work in the game. But still, I couldn't see myself sitting down on one of those things. I'm just hoping that they don't make it mandatory, but make as an optional thing that you could get for the game.


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
I looked up...I can't find it on Google Patents. I mean, why would Nintendo do such a thing when they already have the Wii Balance Board? Wouldn't that be the same exact thing? If Nintendo were to make something like this, I wouldn't buy it unless it was in a Zelda game and Mario game (Ridin' a Yoshi!), and Nintendo would have to pay me to buy it.

Besides, didn't Nintendo say that the Wii Motion Plus would be the last "toy" for a while?
Apr 5, 2008
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
Well, if Nintendo's serious about this, that's great, but a destined failure. I doubt many people would purchase it, and I seriously doubt it would be mandatory to play a Zelda game with. Maybe a horseracing game, but not Zelda.

I will never buy it and if it becomes necessary to play any new Zelda games, I will become officially sick of Nintendo and Zelda. That's just plain idiotic.


Aug 25, 2008
I'm sorry, but when I saw that yesterday, I laughed for 5 minutes straight. Seriously, you can only imagine some of the low things that would be use for. Honestly, that isn't necessary, even for horseback, it's stupid. But yes, as it's been pointed out, Nintendo said the MotionPlus is there last accessory for awhile, and that it isn't in Nintendo's patents. All I can say is that it's a practical joke.


Sage of Tales
How obnoxious.

As a person who gets all her games/systems as gifts and/or used several years out of fashion, anyway, and cannot afford shiny new things...

If it becomes a mandatory feature for any of their Cash Cow titles, I'm just going to think "Nintendo is being too damn greedy" and stick with my old skool systems. (Of course, we cannot find a needed part for my fiance's old Atari 2600, which makes me sad).

Besides, though I haven't been able to in years, I'd rather find a place I can ride and experience a *real* horseback riding system. That image doesn't look *anything like* real horseback riding. Give me something that's sevral feet off the ground, something that's unpredictable, something that will jounce me when going into a sudden gallop, something that I could fall off, something that will just STAND THERE doing nothing at random while I'm kicking my heels in saying "Giddy up already!" Man... I miss real horses...

I don't want a little plastic thing that looks like it's made for toddlers.

In other words... (not even having a Wii) all this Wii gagetry? I'm holding out until Nintendo invents the Holodeck.


I, personally would be very upset if a thing ridiculous as this was made mandatory for a zelda game. That is if they really were serious about making it.
As for buying it.... well it would depend on if I hadn't bought a good game in awhile. If i still had a couple fresh games to play i would just wait for the price to go down on the "Horce back riding" Zelda. it would be a shame if they did require it though

the walrus cat

the walrus who was a cat
May 12, 2009

I don't think it would be mandatory, from the looks of it, just a piece of plastic you put the remote into. If it were mandatory or was very important for horseback to be simple , it would probably come with the game but nintendo would increase the price of the new game.

If it adds a new feature, then I don't care but...

We'll see. If it comes with wii zelda. If we need it. If it turns out better than it looks. And if it even makes any farther than a patent product.

If you ask me that "saddle" looks pretty stupid.

Dark Link '98

Wow. Just...wow. That's really...interesting. I wonder what Nintendo will come up with next...
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Wow, reminds me of the Wii Body Pod joke that the biased Game Informer magazine decided to joke with a while back. No, this cannot be true. If it is, fine, I can live with that, just don't force me to use it. If it was required for some of the core Nintendo titles, say Super Mario Galaxy 2 or the next Wii Zelda, I would, indeed, finally give up. I've got Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 to look forward to instead, and I don't need Nintendo's little toy to play that. Wii Motion Plus is an excellent new add on, and I would love to see it in the upcoming core games. Why ruin it with this? Of course, I would be really surprised if this way real. Just seems like someone making fun of how many add-ons the Wii has gotten so far.


wow, i REALLY hope that doesn't see the light of day in america...

Twili Kid

Many pointless questions
Jun 20, 2009
I really doubt this is real. If it was nesisary (or how ever you spell it) for any game I would buy, I would get it only if it came with the game without an added on price. If it didn't I would wait until the next game I would want (if that pathetic thing wasn't needed) and just buy that instead.

Then again its proably not real. IGN comes up with alot of things like this. I'll make you a list so you can try it at home.

1.) Come up with something believable, but to other people easily can tell its fake.

2.) Tell someone you know about the thing your trying to pass off as being real. Start with an opening line like in this case "You know, Nintendo is making so many strange accessorese these days. I hear there making a horse rider."

If your friend goes to tell people you can move on to the next steps

3.) Someone who easily knows its a lie would hear it because he probaly won't trust your friend like he/she trusted you.

4.) if pulled off correctly fight shall ensue. Stay far from the fight so you wont get brought into it.

5.) never tell it's a lie and let the fight go on for as long as it can last and who ever is in denial that it is fake shall stay that way.

P.S Never do this its mean and you have nothing to gain from it

P.P.S Since IGN is a website they found an easy fight starter post it and never reply to anybody about it and if you try this you are very very mean.
Oct 20, 2008
basement24 said:
would you be willing to buy this device in order to play a new Zelda game if it were mandatory?

No, it looks like a complete waste of money. I wouldn't want to play a game that required this.. device.

I think this is overall a stupid idea, the whole thing just looks idiotic, and probably wouldn't even work that well. Either that, or it would be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable to use.

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