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Zoldyck family assassin
Aug 22, 2011
Your Imagination... Is life real?! Am I real?!
Many people have nightmares. Some more than others, some barely ever. Share your scariest nightmare here (And say what is wrong with me for mine to occur! >_<)

Due to my creativity, I dream every night. Almost all my dreams may be slightly worrying, but not enough to cause fear. Last night though is another story.

Waking up after an annoying dream about the monotony of school, I found my mum coughing like she does every night. I dismissed it and settled down again.

Suddenly, in an hour's time, I had the most horrible sensation- like my whole body was spinning. It felt like that LITERALLY and it was horrible! I tried to move when I started twitching like never before. Scary images mostly about demons swarmed into my head (No, I have not watched The Exorcist or any other demonic film before bed) like many nagging worries. I felt like a woman possessed.

I tried to return to sleep, but the sensation and images returned with a vengeance- This time, I began twitching even worse and then my whole body felt like it was falling! Literally!

My eyes closed, I forced myself to get up and dashed out of the room. My parents were pulling up in their car, and weirdly, the door was open. I stopped with my hand like machoman, complained about the nightmare, and returned to sleep. Or tried to. The sensations were even worse. I got up again and walked to the door... And stopped.

My whole house was infested with ghosts- and my whole landing had changed! They were everywhere! There was a scary floating face just next to my vision too!

So yeah. Share your experiences.


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Nov 12, 2007
In bed
I remember having a big, weird bout of little nightmares about wasps. But, giant wasps. Coming home and there being a giant wasp outside my home and chasing me; it's such a weird nightmare since I'm not really scared of wasps themselves, they're easy to step on or swat away or whatever, but a huge, giant wasp? Gives me shivers but, that was a nightmare I had for quite a while.

Snow Queen

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Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
The scariest nightmare I ever had went like this.

I was at my grandma's house. I was eating a bowl of soup, chicken noodle or something. I looked to my left and there it was. An ostritch. It looked at me, moving it's head in the jerky fashion that birds always do, then quickly licked my face. I woke up and my face was wet, and I flipped out. I soon realized, however, than I had just drooled a bit and the ostritch had not actually licked me.



The Sexy One
Aug 18, 2012
In your pants.
I have violent, recurring and frequent nightmares, mainly memories, sometimes distorted memories, that don't let me sleep. I won't share my worst nightmare because it is a memory (quite traumatic) that I don't feel comfortable sharing.
To prevent these nightmares I take sleeping pills.

Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
I remember a specific nightmare I had a few years back.
In the dream, I was in my bed in my room (but this wasn't my bed or my room, I knew this, but it also felt familiar enough to be mine), and was facing my closet.

And lo and behold, closet door opens and up on the top most shelf in my closet is this little girl, folded up and contorted to fit on the top shelf and just staring at me. I scream and try to get up but I can't. My arms fly to the sides and make like a 'T' shape and then I wake up.

Turns out I was screaming IRL too, and my arms were flung out as well.

Weird ****. Beyond that, I don't have very many memorable nightmares. I'm pretty at peace with everything (EXCEPT LITTLE GIRLS... CLEARLY, THEY'RE ALL THE DEVIL)
The top two I defenantly remember had been
1.) My dad, My little brother, and I were at a friend of my dads(or so I would guess) lakeside house. The house also had a pier, which is where the starting point is. Anyway, my brother and I had been told to be careful while playing around the lake(which just so happened to have jet black colored water. Well, Both my brother and I went out onto the pier. I got curious about the liquid and wanted to see what it really was, so I got down and just about dipped a finger in before literally falling into the water. My brother went to tell our dad but had been told, by our father of course, that he was in the middle of a chat.

2.)We all know how towns look like after a mass explosion. Buildings destroyed, vehicles blown up and what not? Well, this is where my second dream takes place. I happened to be walking along a street wondering to myself, "What happened?' when I noticed what appeared to be another person. I happened to start toward the person when it turned around. It just so happened to be a clown with pure evil in its eyes. It started chasing me until I got to a buss(which had also been demolished). As soon as I got to the back of the bus I had woke up.

And never had I been scared of clowns before or after the second dream.


Vampire Overlord
Dec 17, 2012
Blood Realm
I don't like talking about dreams but ill make an exception. This happened last night. I was walking down the street at night and there was a dead body. I turned around and a body fell with 2 puncture wounds in its neck. I turned around and everything went 3rd person I watched myself get bit by a vampire and die. I watched my body slowly rose and lunge right at my view. I love vampires but this creeped me out a lot I have not slept much since and now I'm paranoid.

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