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New Zelda Games Vs Old Zelda Games


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Jan 13, 2012
I prefer older ones, but I ALSO prefer 3D models as opposed to 2D and/or Sidescrolling.
With a game like Zelda, 3D landscape and models are the best way to go :nod:

But, that doesn't mean the 2D top-down or side-scrolling ones weren't good, but I personally like seeing a vast layout and landscape of Hyrule, over just a side shot or top-down model.
Games like Kirby, however, I think are best as sidescrollers. Whether they have 3D models or not. (Return to Dreamland would be one such example of a side-scrolling with 3D models)

But out of all Zeldas, I LOVE Majora's Mask, so I'm prone to pick the N64 titles over the newer ones.
My favorites are between MM and TP, but I like MM more.

And, I love the N64 graphics, So, I would have to chose older over newer, simply because I like N64 graphics.....
Also, I chose older because I"m a fan of retro and well, older is more "classic" ^^


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Dec 8, 2012
Lake Hylia, Hyrule
I was born two years before OoT came out for N64 (If I'm correct it came out in '98 right?), so I can't really say if I enjoy the older ones more since I haven't played many. The oldest Zelda I played is OoT or OoA. I have to say I love the 3D games the most though, I don't think a 2D game could match them for me personally.


Hello :)

i prefer the old games of Zelda because they were much harder than the new ones :) In my opinion you don't
have to think of anything in new games of Zelda. My most favourite games is Ocarina of time.
Ok, the graphic is not as good as in the new games..of sure..but I think graphic is not the most important
thing in a game.

But I also like playing the new games of Zelda and I am still a Zelda nerd :D a friend ans me also bought
Messesysteme von vispronet.at ( i don't know how to write in english-sorry ;) with a picture of Link on it :)

Nice wishes :)
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Apr 22, 2011
I think both have their flaws but I've found that the older games tend to be a little bit more difficult so I find them more enjoyable to play.

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Dec 8, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
I slightly prefer the newer games but the older ones are fun too.

The newer games have better graphics, better music, more storyline and more characters and sidequests.

The older games are more challenging, allow for more free exploration early on, and don't force you to watch so many cutscenes.
Apr 16, 2010
Both have certain aspects that make them great. For the older games, it's the exploration; you can go anywhere and do practically anything within the game at any time. That's the true spirit of Zelda. Meanwhile, the newer games are much more aesthetically pleasing with smoother controls and better plot and characters. I think this is why OoT and MM are often regarded as the two best games by fans; they bridge the gap between old and new with the best components of each. So I suppose they both have their strengths and weaknesses, and at the end of the day, I'd have to say I love them all for their own respective perks.

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Odd, I always thought OoT and MM were considered modern Zelda games rather than classic Zelda games. I guess they fall right in the middle.

Anyways my hand is for the modern Zelda games, generally speaking. I place a very high importance on the music and visual styles of my games. I want my games to look, sound, and FEEL like nothing else out there (one of the reasons why Okami's one of my all-time favorite games), and in that regard the modern games blow the classic ones out of the water. I know that's because of the techical limitations of the times, you couldn't get a game that looks like SS on the NES, but still I have a hard time going back to those older games now because of the aesthetics. Generally speaking, the 3D worlds are much more impressive than their 2D counterparts.

I also like the higher focus on the story in the modern Zelda games, it's another very large part of why I play them.

For the most part, I like the gameplay and overworld design of the modern games better. Exception being WW's Great Sea, it's just too damn big. While I do like the overworld designs of ALttP and LA, I really don't like that of the two NES games. Admittedly, though, I do like the usage of the items in the overworld and the secrets you can find better in the classic games, I'll give them that.
Sep 25, 2011
Between Hyrule and Termina
At first I thought that I would say older games, given I started back when Zelda II came out. Everything about Zelda games were awesome to me back then. The golden cartridges. The wicked lookin shield on the front, and the gnarly sword on the other. even the font on the game cartridges looked killer to me as a little kid. then the gameplay...it's the reason I never quit loving fantasy games. Zelda had me hooked on fantasy adventure before I had a chance to know what hit me. Fast fwd a couple years, and Alttp comes out, and that blew my mind. Then I think about what I really like about the series lately, and realize...I love where the series has went. I love the new age modern Zelda...so yeah. I love everygame in its own way, but the newer ones are what I like.

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