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New WiiU Controller Leaked?

Jan 25, 2010
Hey, members of the forum o/
Well, recently, a photo of a slightly different WiiU controller leaked:


As you can see, it has traditional analog sticks, while the controller Nintendo has been showing us until now has a different kind of analogs, similar to the one found in the 3DS (called by Nintendo "slide pad"):

WiiU controller.jpg

Personally, I think that the looks of the controller with the Slide Pad is much better. For me, the analog sticks rising up from the tablet controller are just weird and ugly. But when it comes to a pratical standpoint I don't know, since I'm not familiar with the Slide Pad and had just used it a cuple of times. However, if the Analog Stick IS better than the Slide Pad, I think that Nintendo should choose tha Analog Stick over the Slide Pad despite of its looks.

Well, now I ask you is which one do you preffer? Do you think that the 3DS' Slide Pad is good enough to replace the tradicional analog sticks? Or do you think that the analog sticks are much better and more precise and the Slide Pad should only be used in handheld consoles, when space is needed to be saved?
Sep 11, 2011
i really wouldn't mind circle pads so yeah i guess that i would rather prefer the circle pads because the analogs seem like it'd be uncomfortable on a controller like such, maybe a third party could develop the analog ones


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Dec 10, 2011
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I would prefer analog sticks to slide pads most of the time, if only because your fingers slip off them the moment the first microscopic droplet of sweat appears on your fingers.
Also, there are a few other differences between the controllers. The leaked one has it's analog sticks to the side a little, and the + and - buttons have been moved over to where the A,B,X, and Y buttons are.


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Dec 21, 2011
Temple of Time
Personally, I like the analog sticks. Though it will take a little bit to get used too, i would prefer it because the slide pad will cause a problem with your thumb sweating just a wee bit. Yet, it would be nice if Nintendo gave you the option to change the pads.


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Sep 7, 2011
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To me they look exactly the same. It might just be the lighting that makes it look different...or the same. Whichever it is. I don't think they would change the controller because there have already been plenty of demos shown so it doesn't seem logical they would do that.
Dec 23, 2011
I'm glad they chose to go with analog sticks.
I like the circle pads and all, but nothing beats good old analog.

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