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New OoT Speedrun (23:29)

Aug 7, 2011
I've actually found myself watching livestreams of Zelda speedrun attempts on more than one occasion. I thought I really liked Zelda, but there have been a rather sizable community of people who have been speedrunning Zelda games (OoT in particular) for years on a regular basis. The staggering amount of knowledge these people have of every single aspect of the games is quite impressive.

Just don't expect me to be joining them anytime soon :D I don't have the skills to pull off a lot of those very precise tricks or the patience to learn how to quite frankly.
Apr 3, 2012
Tucson AZ
He defeated Ganon before the Deku Tree could even tell Link about him! Upon returning to his time, Link would have quite a bizarre tale to tell the Deku Tree...BEFORE HE DIES

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