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New Majora's Party SU


Fury, Spirit, and Will
Mar 22, 2010
Okay so not long after the events of Majora's Mask, another festival is going on to celebrate the New Year. During the 3 day celebration, some travelers, rogues, and just plain misfits are cursed by a Wizzrobe. But the neither the Wizzrobe, nor the Curses are the really problem. Majora is coming back. Not the Mask. Majora is Coming. And the only thing that can stop him are 8 crystals made by the 4 Giants before they left.

Okay, this RP isn't going to be entirely opened. While RPers who where in the last Majora's Party can come in no problem. But me and the Veterans will decide if a new comer can join (I just wanna keep this as nostalgic as possible)


I'm not entirely sure if I should go as Link again. What do you guys think?


I make my own fate!
Oct 7, 2012
Name: Shade
Gender: Female
Age: looks 20
Race: Half demon, daughter of Demise
Appearance: silky white hair, red eyes. Slim, lithe, beautiful, and flexible. Her demon form is more of a shadow-human (for those that know, think Grima from FE:A)
Personality: A good friend, a good fighter, and will not hesitate to kill. Her demon only comes in dire situations or times of rage.
Curse: Turned into a black Zora
Weapon(s): black and silver katana, black bow with black arrows.
Other: A trained fighter and assassin. And open for shipping if Nagi doesn't come in


One Creepy Salesman
Sep 16, 2013
Name: Rusl
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Race: Ordonian
Appearance: A black mullet, with a matching beard and mustache. He has been blinded in one eye by a Deku Baba. He is rather strong and rather tall.
Personality: Quite kind, but likes to get stuff done. He is never mean and understanding. However, he is far too protective.
Curse: Cursed with the legs of a Goron and the left arm of a Zora.
Weapon(s): Rusl wields an enchanted wooden blade. It is enchanted with forest magic.
Other: Father of Rusl (TP).

Fiery Klongo

I Am Mardric
Mar 19, 2011
Hyrule Castle
Name: Mardric
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Hylian
Appearance: Wears a silver tunic, and carries a light shield with the Hylian crest. Has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a gauntlet to hide something on his right hand. He has brown "leather" boots.
Personality: He is somewhat laidback with respect to strangers and friends (but not jerks!). He knows to get serious when things are bad. He is humorous.
Curse: He has the ability to transform into a Deku Scrub.
Weapon(s): He carries a strange blue sword and a shield. He has a bow and a variety of arrows.
Other: I have always used Mardric as My version of Link.


Twilight Princess Lover
Name: Lilyana Windsor

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Race: Hylian

Appearance: Lilyana is very tall for her age at 5' 5". She has wickedly long, brown hair that she always keeps in a messy bun held up by two small daggers that were given to her by Sophie, her guardian. She wears a simple, yet beautiful white dress with intricate, blue designs on the edges of the dress. She wears golden sandals with small wings to define speed and stamina. She has electric blue eyes, and is very pale, but healthy enough.

Personality: Lilyana has too cute of a face. But she can be fierce and is an amazing warrior, but sometimes she can be too loving. Lilyana can always see the good in people, even after they've done terrible things. She always has a smile on her face and a welcoming warmth in her eyes even though on the inside, she might not feel any at all. But when her friends are in danger, it's like the happy, beautiful Lily is gone and a fierce warrior has taken her place.
Lilyana loves nature. Trees, grass, rain anything at all. Her love for animals is so great, she may even talk to them as if they were people. She has a very vivid imagination.

Curse: Even though Lily may seem like everything in her life is perfect, it is not. As a baby, a curse was placed on her that every night, on the full moon, she will turn into a wolf. It, luckily, only lasts the night.

Weapon(s): The two daggers that hold up her hair and a golden bow that Sophie also gave her. It is always placed on her back alone with her golden quiver filled with arrows that never seem to run out.

Other: She was always trained for a prophecy. Her guardian, Sophie, was killed during the training when their secret hideout had been attacked by Gerudos. Ever since then, Lily tries not to get attached to people for the fear of losing them, but is still kind either way.
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Fury, Spirit, and Will
Mar 22, 2010
Zeldafay, Darklink your accepted, but also, What do you think about HappyMask and Fiery's characters?
Oct 31, 2011
The Boundary
Name: Hircine
Gender: male
Appearance: 6'2", shirtless (he wears pants and boots)he wears a giant boar head with big tusks and deer antlers, physically fit
Personality: somwhat calm, mild-mannered, and loyal. Somtimes easily irritated
Curse: randomly transforms into a wild 10 ft. boar
Weapon(s): close combat, and a spear
Other: Can remove teh helmet but,doesn't particularly like to.

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