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New Horizons Update 2.0

Azure Sage

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The last free title update has been revealed and woah momma is it meaty. A quick rundown of what's in it:

we got the roost with amiibo invites to the cafe
kappn returns with special island tours that can have different seasons and times of day
new types of weeds like vines and stuff
Harv's Island is getting an update with permanent daily shops for special visitors, now adding katrina and hariet back
group stretching at the plaza
Ordinances are back
More exterior options for your house
and more storage up to 5000
cooking and vegetables
improved camera
custom desgins can now be flooring and wallpaper
more hairstyles
more reactions
more nook miles furniture
placeable outdoor storage shed
placeable atm for bells
more k.k. songs
gyriods are back and customizable
a new ladder tool that can place permanent ladders
we can now walk though narrow spaces
residents now can come over your house or send invitations to theirs

That's not even everything I think. There's so much to take in. I'm amazed, man. I have so much planning to do.


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Feb 15, 2021
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Wow... this is, wow. I haven't played ACNH in eons but this is making me sorely tempted to. A lot of the stuff they showed on here are things people wanted, but never even imagined they'd put into the game. What they did with harv's island is sheer genius, they can have those stores and services without cluttering up your island with extra shops.
I was also really excited to see the vegetables and stuff. I have SEVERAL areas on my island that could use a good garden or three. The cooling, while an interesting concept, doesn't seem to add anything to the game you couldn't accomplish with an apple or orange.
Finally, I adore all of the new design options. There was one Japanese house exterior that I AM getting as soon as possible. The accent walls are cool, ceiling fixtures coll, gyroids very good. I can't wait.

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