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Hyrule Warriors New costume for Hyrule Warriors WiiU - Classic Tunic

Oct 14, 2013

Probably a quick update to the game and you'll get it. it's free supposedly.


Sage of Tales
I loved it so much I wrote a short fic for my Hyrule Warriors shorts series ("The Madness of War" for anyone who wants to look it up on fanfiction . net or Archive of Our Own). I enjoy pairing him with either the Magical Sword (because it looks like what he had in Zelda II) and especially the 8-Bit Wooden Sword and Shield. Seeing that appear on my game was a nice little nostalgia-attack for me.
This was a hilarious update, I remember the artwork in the ALttP manual with Link jumping down from ledges while trying to keep his tunic pulled down to hide his modesty... had he only known that a pair of shorts would have worked wonders...

I don't too much care for it, but it was nice to get for free, i like his hair here.

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