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New anti aging clinical trial


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Jul 6, 2011
Not 1000s of years, Proxima_Centauri_b is 4.25 ly away tho the major problem is that star occasionally emitting flares that could kill even UV hardy organisms

That's what I was thinking too..
Deus what do you think?

option a) get married, live the same number of days an average. human can live
option b) don't contribute to population, Live life to the fullest.

I'm pondering over what @Bowsette Plus-Ultra said.
Even recently, a company near me hired people to test their medicine, which was meant to reduce fat content in body. they were paid lakhs and lakhs of Rupees but in the end the result was not good and the people too suffered from heart plaques due to the fat content injected.

Maybe this drug has already been tested in secrecy and now they're holding this test to check the economic viability of this drug?
I said thousands of years to somewhere remotely habitable. As you have pointed out going to our closest star would probably kill us and it looks like there are no planets around it able to support life.

And yes people do usually get paid for these trials. I knew someone who was paid to have his toes amputated and reattached. Still I expect this company wants to make a lot of money and now has the opportunity to do so. Not many people actually want to get old so I am sure people will gladly pay.


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Oct 14, 2007
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This kind of stuff is fascinating. I do think that I'll be long gone before any of those really becomes more of a reality to the masses.

The idea of reverse aging, or a consciousness being transferred is great to think about, but also a scary thought. The ripple effects it could cause are worrisome.

That said... if this just literally means people can live a bit longer and their bodies don't deteriorate as quickly... but will still eventually expire. Great! Hopefully in 30-40 years when I'm in my 60s and 70s, it's something I could take advantage of.

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