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Nemesis System In Zelda?


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Oct 1, 2012
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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was released by Monolith last year, with several features that were best supported by next-gen consoles, one of which was the nemesis system. In the game, there were hundreds of different orcs, all of which had a different name, voice, appearance, and personality. Every single one of these enemies has the potential to become your rival, through several different events that can unfold. For example, the player can be fighting a group of orcs, and one could suffer injuries like a burn or a stab wound, or even fake its death. These orcs often return to settle a grudge, more powerful than before. If an orc kills Talion, the main character of the game, they are promoted and become more powerful, and it drives the player to seek revenge. Another feature of the nemesis system is that the player can also find a certain type of orc that tells information about more powerful ones, like strengths and weaknesses, as well as fears and hatreds. This helps the player to better prepare for a fight with these captains.

I think that a system like this would greatly benefit a zelda game. There are so many different types of enemies, but each enemy of the same type is practically the same. If there is a way for an actual system that allows enemies to gain power and for the player to feel a grudge against an enemy, this could become the "mature" zelda title that so many people want. Of course, it wouldn't stray from the traditional formula of entering dungeons and fighting bosses, but it could have a living, breathing world with enemies that react to the player's actions rather than just attacking mindlessly with a predictable fighting style.

How does a nemesis system sound? Would you like traditional zelda enemies that just blindly attack and have a predictable fighting style, or a world that lives on its own, and is greatly affected by the player's actions and how the player fights?
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